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12023Impacts of 2 and 4°C global warmings on extreme temperatures in TaiwanTsai, I-C. ; P.-R. Hsieh; C.-T. Cheng; Y.-S. Tung; L.-Y. Lin; H.-H. Hsu INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 43(2), 702-719
22021Aerosol impacts on fog microphysics over the western side of Taiwan Strait in April from 2015 to 2017Tsai, I-Chun ; Hsieh, Pei-Rong; Cheung, Hing Cho; Chou, Charles Chung-Kuang Atmospheric Environment 262, 118523
32021Characterization of the vehicle emissions in the Greater Taipei Area through vision-based traffic analysis system and its impacts on urban air qualityTsai, I-C. ; C.-Y. Lee; C. S.-C. Lung ; C.-W. SuScience of The Total Environment 782, 146571
42021Aerosol impacts on fog microphysics over the western side of Taiwan Strait in April from 2015 to 2017Tsai, I-C. ; P.-R. Hsieh; H. C. Cheung; C. C.-K. ChouATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 262, 118523
52020Taiwan Earth System Model Version 1: description and evaluation of mean stateLee, Wei-Liang ; Wang, Yi-Chi; Shiu, Chein-Jung; Tsai, I-chun ; Tu, Chia-Ying ; Lan, Yung-Yao; Chen, Jen-Ping; Pan, Hua-Lu; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Geoscientific Model Development 13(9), 3887-3904
62020Anthropogenic Aerosols Significantly Reduce Mesoscale Convective System Occurrences and Precipitation Over Southern China in AprilZhang, L.; T.-M. Fu; H. Tian; Y. Ma; J.-P. Chen; T.-C. Tsai; I-C. Tsai ; Z. Meng; X. YangGeophysical Research Letters 47(6), e2019GL086204
72019Large-Scale Seasonal Control of Air Quality in TaiwanWu, Chi-Hua ; I. C. Tsai ; P. C. Tsai; Y. S. TungATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 214, 116868
82019Impacts of Dust-Radiation versus Dust-Cloud Interactions on the Development of a Modeled Mesoscale Convective System over North AfricaHuang, C.-C.; S.-H. Chen; Y.-C. Lin; K. Earl; T. Matsui; H.-H. Lee; I-C. Tsai ; J.-P. Chen; C.-T. ChengMonthly Weather Review 147(9), 3301-3326
92019Kinetic mass-transfer calculation of water isotope fractionation due to cloud microphysics in a regional meteorological modelTsai, I.-C. ; Chen, W.-Y.; Chen, J.-P.; Liang, M.-C. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19(3), 1753-1766
102018台灣氣候模擬系統-探索氣候的前世今生與來世許晃雄 ; 李威良; 許乾忠 ; 蔡宜君 ; 杜佳穎 ; 王懌琪; 陳正平科技部自然科學及永續研究發展處 自然科學簡訊 第三十卷第一期,頁18-23
112016Aerosol effects on summer monsoon over Asia during 1980s and 1990sTsai, I-C. ; W.-C. Wang; H.-H. Hsu ; W.-L. Lee Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121(19), 11761–11776