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12022Parallel-Computing Two-Way Grid-Nested Storm Surge Model with a Moving Boundary Scheme and Case Study of the 2013 Super Typhoon HaiyanYu-Lin Tsai; Tso-Ren Wu; Eric Yen ; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Simon C. Lin WATER 14(4), 547-577
22022Simulating nitrate formation mechanisms during PM2.5 events in Taiwan and their implications for the controlling directionChuang, Ming-Tung; Wu, Chang-Fu; Lin, Chuan-Yao ; Lin, Wei-Che; Chou, Charles C.-K. ; Lee, Chung-Te; Lin, Tang-Huang; Fu, Joshua S.; Kong, Steven Soon-KaiAtmospheric Environment 269, 118856
32021Air quality deterioration episode associated with a typhoon over the complex topographic environment in central TaiwanLin, Chuan-Yao ; Sheng, Yang-Fan; Chen, Wan-Chin; Chou, Charles C. K. ; Chien, Yi-Yun; Chen, Wen-MeiAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21(22), 16893-16910
42021Combined exposure to heavy metals in PM2.5 and pediatric asthmaHsieh, C.-Y.; C.-R. Jung; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Bing-Fang HwangThe Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 147(6), 2171-2180.e13
52021Effects of Island Topography on Storm Surge in Taiwan Strait during Typhoon MariaJie Yang; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Haijiang Liu; Linlin Li; Tso-ren Wu; Peitao Wang; Benxia Li; Philip L-F. LiuJournal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering 147(2)
62021Estimating Demand for Good Climate and Air Quality in TaiwanDaigee Shaw; J.-C.; Huang; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Ting-Yu Hsu; Mingche TsaiClimate Change Economics 12(01), 2150003
72021Ambient viral and bacterial distribution during long-range transport in northern TaiwanChen, N.-T.; N.-S. Cheong; Chuan-Yao Lin ; C-C. Tseng; H-J. SuENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 270, 116231
82020Discrepancies on Storm Surge Predictions by Parametric Wind Model and Numerical Weather Prediction Model in a Semi-Enclosed Bay: Case Study of Typhoon HaiyanYu-Lin Tsai; Tso-Ren Wu; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Simon C. Lin ; Eric Yen ; Chun-Wei LinWATER 12(12), 3326
92020The 2018 summer heatwaves over northwestern Europe and its extended-range predictionKueh, M-T.; Chuan-Yao Lin SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10, 19283
102020Why do models perform differently on particulate matter over East Asia? A multi-model intercomparison study for MICS-Asia IIITan, J.; Fu, J. S.; Carmichael, G. R.; Itahashi, S.; Tao, Z.; Huang, K.; Dong, X.; Yamaji, K.; Nagashima, T.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Lee, H.-J.; Lin, C.-Y. ; Ge, B.; Kajino, M.; Zhu, J.; Zhang, M.; Hong, L.; Wang, Z.ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 20(12), 7393-7410
112020Effects of inflow turbulence intensity and turbine arrangements on the power generation efficiency of large wind farmsYu-Ting Wu; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Tsang-Jung ChangWIND ENERGY 23(7), 1640-1655
122020Evaluation and uncertainty investigation of the NO2, CO and NH3 modeling over China under the framework of MICS-Asia IIILei Kong; Xiao Tang; Jiang Zhu; Zifa Wang; Joshua S Fu; Xuemei Wang; Syuichi Itahashi; Kazuyo Yamaji; Tatsuya Nagashima; Hyo-Jung Lee; Cheol-Hee Kim; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Lei Chen; Meigen Zhang; Zhining Tao; Jie Li; Mizuo Kajino; Hong Liao; Kengo Sudo; Yuesi Wang; Yuepeng Pan; Guiqian Tang; Meng Li; Qizhong Wu; Baozhu Ge; Gregory R CarmichaelAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20, 181-202
132019Model evaluation and intercomparison of surface-level ozone and relevant species in East Asia in the context of MICS-ASIA phase III-Part I: overviewJie Li; Tatsuya Nagashima; Lei Kong; Baozhu Ge; Kazuyo Yamaji; Joshua S Fu; Xuemei Wang; Qi Fan; Syuichi Itahashi; Hyo-Jung Lee; Cheol-Hee Kim; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Meigen Zhang; Zhining Tao; Mizuo Kajino; Hong Liao; Meng Li; Jung-Hun Woo; Jun-ichi Kurokawa; Qizhong Wu; Hajime Akimoto; Gregory R Carmichael; Zifa WangAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19,12993-13015
142019MICS-Asia III: Multi-model comparison and evaluation of aerosol over East AsiaLei Chen; Yi Gao; Meigen Zhang; Joshua S. Fu; Jia Zhu; Hong Liao; Jialin Li; Kan Huang; Baozhu Ge; Xuemei Wang; Yun Fat LAM; Chuan Yao Lin ; Syuichi Itahashi; Tatsuya Nagashima; Mizuo Kajino; Kazuyo Yamaji; Zifa Wang; Jun-ichi KurokawaAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19, 11911-11937
152019Epidemiologic features of shigellosis and associated climatic factors in TaiwanChen, C.-C.; C.-Y. Lin ; K.-T. ChenMedicine 98(34), e16928
162019Numerical Analysis of the Mesoscale Dynamics of an Extreme Rainfall and Flood Event in Sri Lanka in May 2016Koralegedara, S.B.; C.-Y. Lin ; Y.-F. ShengJournal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 97(4), 821-839
172019Effects of horizontal resolution and air–sea flux parameterization on the intensity and structure of simulated Typhoon Haiyan (2013)Kueh, M-T.; W.-M. Chen; Y. F. Sheng; Simon C. Lin ; T.-R. Wu; Eric Yen ; Y. L Tsai; C. Y. Lin NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES 19(7), 1509-1539
182019C-Sr-Pb isotopic characteristics of PM2.5 transported on the East-Asian continental outflowsJung, C.-C.; Chou, C. C.-K. ; Lin, C.-Y. ; Shen, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-T.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Yao, P.-H.; Huang, C.-R.; Huang, W.-R.; Chen, M.-J.; Huang, S.-H.; Chang, S.-C.Atmospheric Research 223, 88-97
192019Association of Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Incident Dyslipidaemia: A Longitudinal Cohort StudyYacong Bo; Ly-Yun Chang; Cui Guo; Zilong Zhang; Changqing Lin; Yuan Chieh Chuang; Wun Kai Jiang; Tony Tam; Ta-Chien Chan ; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Alexis KH Lau; Xiang Qian Lao; Eng-Kiong YeohENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 173, 359-365
202019Long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and incident type 2 diabetes: a longitudinal cohort studyLao, X.Q.; Cui Guo; Ly-yun Chang; Yacong Bo; Zilong Zhang; Yuan Chieh Chuang; Wun Kai Jiang; Changqing Lin; Tony Tam; Alexis K.H. Lau; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Ta-Chien Chan Diabetologia 62, 759-769
212019Evaluation of long-range transport air pollutants to Taiwan by using WRF-Chem model during EMeRGe campaigns in AsiaLin, Chuan-Yao ; Yang-Fan Sheng; Win-Mei Chen; Wan-Chin Chen; Yi-Yun Chien
222019Long-range transport of Southeast Asia biomass burning pollutants to Taiwan: Impacts and implicationsLin, C.Y. 
232019Unusual Roles of Discharge, Slope and SOC in DOC Transport in Small Mountainous Rivers, TaiwanLee, Li-Chin; Ting-Chang Hsu; Tsung-Yu Lee; Yu-Ting Shih; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Shih-Hao Jien; Thomas Hein; Franz Zehetner; Fuh-Kwo Shiah ; Jr-Chuan HuangScientific Reports 9, 1574
242018Projecting the impacts of atmospheric conditions under climate change on air quality over the Pearl River Delta regionTong, C.H.M; Yim, S.H.Lam; Rothenberg, D.; Wang, C.; Lin, C.-Y. ; Chen, Y.; Lau, N. C.Atmospheric Environment 193, 79-87
252017Influences of the long-range transport of Biomass burning pollutants on surface air quality during 7-SEAS filed CampaignsLin, C.-C.; W. -N. Chen; A. M. Loftus; C.-Y. Lin ; Y.T Fu; C M Peng; M.-C. YenAEROSOL AND AIR QUALITY RESEARCH 17, 2595-2607
262017Regional Impact of Biomass Burning in Southeast Asia on Atmospheric Aerosols during the 2013 Seven South-East Asian Studies ProjectLi, Jie; Zhang, Yuqia; Wang, Zifa; Sun, Yele; Fu, Pingqing; Yang, Yingchun; Huang, Huili; Li, Jianjun; Zhang, Qiang; Lin, Chuan yao ; Lin, Neng-HueiAerosol and Air Quality Research 17(12), 2924-2941
272016Spatial and temporal analysis of urban heat island and global warming on residential thermal comfort and cooling energy in TaiwanHwang, Ruey-Lung; Lin, Chuan-Yao ; Huang, Kuo-TsangEnergy and Buildings 152, 804-812
282016Impact of an improved WRF-urban canopy model on diurnal air temperature simulation over northern TaiwanLin, C.-Y. ; C-J. Su; H. Kusaka; Y. Akimoto; Y.F. Sheng; J.C. Huang; H.H. Hsu Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16(3), 1809-1822
292013Evaluation of Environmental Fate and Sinks of PCDD/Fs during Specific Extreme Weather Events in TaiwanChi, K.H.; C. Y. Lin ; C.F. O. Yang; S. C. Hsu; Y. F. Chen; S. Luo; S. J. KaoJournal of Asian Earth Sciences 77, 268-280
302013Analysis of the major factors affecting the visibility degradation in two stationsKuo, Chung-Yih; Cheng, Fang-Ching; Chang, Shih-Yu; Lin, Chuan-Yao ; Chou, Charles C.K. ; Chou, Chun-Hung; Lin, Yan-RueiJournal of the Air & Waste Management Association 63(4), 433-441
312013Relationship between heat index and mortality of 6 major cities in TaiwanTzu-I Sung; Pei-Chih Wu; Shih-Chun Lung ; Chuan-Yao Lin ; Mu-Jean Chen; Huey-Jen SuSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 442, 275-281
322011Characteristics of major Secondary ions in typical polluted atmospheric aerosols during autumn in central Taiwan.Fang, Guor-Cheng; Lin, Shih-Chieh; Chang, Shih-Yu; Lin, Chuan-Yao ; Chou, Charles-C. K. ; Wu, Yun-Jui; Chen, Yu-Chieh; Chen, Wei-Tzu; Wu, Tsai-LinJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 92,1520-1527
332010Chemical speciation, transport and contribution of biomass burning smoke to ambient aerosol in Guangzhou, a mega city of ChinaZhang, Z.; Engling, G.; Lin, C.Y. ; Chou, C.C.K. ; Lung, S.C.C. ; Chang, S.Y.; Fan, S.; Chan, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.H.ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 44, 3187-3195