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12022Nickel superoxide dismutase protects nitrogen fixation in TrichodesmiumChen, C.-C.; I. B. Rodriguez; Y.-l. L. Chen; J. P. Zehr; Y.-R. Chen ; S.-T. D. Hsu ; S.-C. Yang; T.-Y. Ho Limnology and Oceanography Letters 7(4), 363-371
22022The effects of Ni availability on H2 production and N2 fixation in a model unicellular diazotroph: The expression of hydrogenase and nitrogenaseLi, H.-T.; S. Tuo; M.-C. Lu; T.-Y. Ho Limnology and Oceanography 67(7), 1566-1576
32022Isotopic evolution of dissolved Ni, Cu, and Zn along the Kuroshio through the East China SeaTakano, S.; W.-H. Liao; T.-Y. Ho ; Y. SohrinMarine Chemistry 243, 104135
42022The effect of aerosol size on Fe solubility and deposition flux: A case study in the East China SeaHsieh, C.-C.; H.-Y. Chen; T.-Y. Ho Marine Chemistry 241, 104106
52021A study of the nitrogen and phosphorus imbalance in East Asia based on the distribution patterns of and stoichiometric variation in global atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorusChen, H.-Y.; L.-M. Huang; T.-Y. Ho ; K.-P. Chiang; W.-C. ChouAtmospheric Environment 266, 118691
62021Zn elemental and isotopic features in sinking particles of the South China Sea: Implications for its sources and sinksLiao, W.-H.; S. Takano; H.-A. Tian; H.-Y. Chen; Y. Sohrin; T.-Y. Ho Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 314, 68-84
72021Lack of Redox Cycling for Nickel in the Water Column of the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Deficient Zone: Insight from Dissolved and Particulate Nickel IsotopesS.-C. Yang; R. L. Kelly; Z. Bian; T. M. Conway; K.-F. Huang ; T.-Y. Ho ; J. A. Neibauer; R. G. Keil; J. W. Moffett; S. G. JohnGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 309, 235-250
82021Sectional distribution patterns of Cd, Ni, Zn, and Cu in the North Pacific Ocean: relationships to Nutrients and importance of scavengingZheng, L.; T. Minami; S. Takano; T.-Y. Ho ; Y. SohrinGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles 35(7), e2020GB006558
92021Determination of Nitrate in Natural Waters by Vanadium Reduction and the Griess Assay: Reassessment and OptimizationPai, S.-C.; Y.-T. Su; M.-C. Lu; Y. Chou; T.-Y. Ho ACS ES&T Water 1(6), 1524-1532
102021Change in rheotactic behavior patterns of dinoflagellates in response to different microfluidic environmentsLi, S.-W.; P.-H. Lin; T.-Y. Ho ; C. Hsieh; C.-l. SunScientific Reports 11, 11105
112020Iron availability modulates the response of endosymbiotic dinoflagellates to heat stressReich, H. G.; W.-C. Tu; I. B. Rodriguez; Y. Chou; E. F. Keister; D. W. Temp; T. C. LaJeunesse; T.-Y. Ho Journal of Phycology 57(1), 3-13
122020Aerosol Fe cycling in the surface water of the Northwestern Pacific oceanWang, B.-S.; T.-Y. Ho Progress in Oceanography 183, 102291
132020Endosymbiotic dinoflagellates pump iron: differences in iron and other trace metal needs among the SymbiodiniaceaeReich, H. G.; I. B. Rodriguez; T. C. LaJeunesse; T.-Y. Ho Coral Reefs 39, 915-927
142020Zn isotope composition in the water column of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean: the importance of external sourcesLiao, W.-H.; S. Takano; S.-C. Yang; K.-F. Huang ; Y. Sohrin; T.-Y. Ho Global Biogeochemical Cycles 34(1), e2019GB006379