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12020An optimized multicopter UAV sounding technique (MUST) for probing comprehensive atmospheric variablesChih-Chung Chang ; Chih-Yuan Chang; Jia-Lin Wang; Xiang-Xu Pan; Yen-Chen Chen; Yu-Jui HoChemosphere 254, 126867
22020Consumption of hydrocarbons and its relationship with ozone formation in two Chinese megacitiesChih-Chung Chang ; Hwa-Kwang Yak; Jia-Lin WangAtmosphere 11(4), 326
32020Characterization of industrial plumes of volatile organic compounds by guided samplingChang-Feng Ou-Yang; Tien-Li Lin; Chih-Chung Chang ; Hsin-Cheng Hsieh; Chieh-Heng Wang; Jia-Lin WangCHEMOSPHERE 241, 124957
42019A study of vertical homogeneity of trace gases in Asian continental outflowChih-Chung Chang ; Chih-Yuan Chang; Jia-Lin Wang; Ming-Ren Lin; Xiang-Xu Pan; Chieh-Hen Wang; Neng-Huei Lin; Chang-Feng Ou-Yang; Yen-Chen Chen; Yu-Jui Ho
520193-Dimensional sampling and observation platforms for probing near-ground atmosphereChih-Chung Chang ; Chih-Yuan Chang; Jia-Lin Wang; Xiang-Xu Pan; Yen-Chen Chen; Yu-Jui Ho; Chang-Feng Ou-Yang; Neng-Huei Lin; Mao-Chang Liang; Wei-Nai Chen
62016A decade of greenhouse gas measurements at Mt. Lulin.Ou-Yang, C.F.; N.H. Lin; J.L. Wang; C.C. Chang ; R.C. Schell4th International Symposium on Atmospheric Observations and Advanced Measuring Techniques in Remote Areas and 2016 Atmospheric Mercury Monitoring Workshop (Taoyuan, Taiwan. : NCU)
72014Seasonal characteristics of biogenic and anthropogenic isoprene in tropical-subtropical urban environmentsChih-Chung Chang ; Jia-Lin Wang; Shih-Chun Candice Lung ; Chih-Yuan Chang; Po-Ju Lee; Clock Chew; Wei-Cheng Liao; Wei-Nai Chen; Chang-Feng Ou-YangAtmospheric Environment 99, 298-308
82014Enhancement of the hygroscopicity parameter kappa of rural aerosols in northern Taiwan by anthropogenic emissionsHui-Ming Hung; Wan-Jung Lu; Wei-Nai Chen ; Chih-Chung Chang ; Charles C.- K. Chou ; Po-Hsiung LinATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 84, 78-87
92014Recent Improvement in Air Quality - Evidenced by the Island-wide Monitoring Network in TaiwanSheng-Po Chen; Chih-Chung Chang ; Jyh-Jian Liu; Charles C.-K. Chou ; Julius S. Chang; Jia-Lin WangAtmospheric Environment 96, 70-77
102009Source characterization of ozone precursors by complementary approaches of vehicular indicator and principal component analysisChang, Chih-Chung ; Wang, Jia-Lin; Lung, Shih-Chun Candice ; Liu, Shaw-Chen ; Shiu, Chein-Jung Atmospheric Environment 43(10), 1771-1778