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12021Future Changes in the Frequency and Destructiveness of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Over East Asia Projected by High‐Resolution AGCMsHsu, Pang‐Chi; Chen, Kuan‐Chieh; Tsou, Chih‐Hua; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Hong, Chi‐Cherng; Liang, Hsin‐Chien; Tu, Chia‐Ying ; Kitoh, AkioEarth's Future 9(3), e2020EF001888
22021GTS v1.0: a macrophysics scheme for climate models based on a probability density functionShiu, Chein-Jung; Wang, Yi-Chi; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Chen, Wei-Ting; Pan, Hua-Lu; Sun, Ruiyu; Chen, Yi-Hsuan; Chen, Cheng-AnGeoscientific Model Development 14(1), 177-204
32021Characteristics of Large-Scale Circulation Affecting the Inter-Annual Precipitation Variability in Northern Sumatra Island during Boreal SummerDarmawan, Yahya; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Yu, Jia-YuhAtmosphere 12(2), 136
42021Observed and Projected Frontal Activities in East AsiaWang, Chia-Chi; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Chen, Ying-TingJournal of Climate 34(8), 3067-3085
52021Extreme Rainfall in Taiwan: Seasonal Statistics and TrendsHenny, Lexi; Thorncroft, Chris D.; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Bosart, Lance F.Journal of Climate 34(12), 4711-4731
62021Tropical Cyclone Footprints in Long-Term Mean State and Multiscale Climate Variability in the Western North Pacific as Seen in the JRA-55 ReanalysisArakane, S.; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Journal of Climate 34(18), 7443-7460
72021Relative contribution of Trend and Interannually varying SST Anomalies to the 2018 Heat Waves in the Extratropical Northern HemisphereeHong, Chi-Cherng; Tseng, Wang-Ling; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Lee, Ming-Ying; Chang, Chi-ChunJournal of Climate 34(15), 6319-6333
82021Extreme Snow Events along the Coast of the Northeast United States: Potential Changes due to Global WarmingChen, Guoxing; Wang, Wei-Chyung; Cheng, Chao-Tzuen; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Journal of Climate 34(6), 2337-2353
92021Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency over the Western North Pacific Based on 20-km HiRAM and MRI ModelsHong, Chi-Cherng; Tsou, Chih-Hua; Hsu, Pang-Chi; Chen, Kuan-Chieh; Liang, Hsin-Chien; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Tu, Chia-Ying; Kitoh, AkioJournal of Climate 34(6), 2235-2251
102021Evaluation and comparison of CMIP6 and CMIP5 model performance in simulating the seasonal extreme precipitation in the Western North Pacific and East AsiaChen, Chao-An; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Liang, Hsin-ChienWeather and Climate Extremes 31, 100303
112020Taiwan Earth System Model Version 1: description and evaluation of mean stateLee, Wei-Liang ; Wang, Yi-Chi; Shiu, Chein-Jung; Tsai, I-chun ; Tu, Chia-Ying ; Lan, Yung-Yao; Chen, Jen-Ping; Pan, Hua-Lu; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Geoscientific Model Development 13(9), 3887-3904
122020Orographic effects on the propagation and rainfall modification associated with the 2007–08 Madden–Julian oscillation (MJO) past the New Guinea HighlandsLin, Yuh-Lang; Agyakwah, William; Riley, Justin G.; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Jiang, Li-ChiangMeteorology and Atmospheric Physics 133, 359-378
132020Compound Effect of Local and Remote Sea Surface Temperatures on the Unusual 2018 Western North Pacific Summer MonsoonTSENG, Wan-Ling; HONG, Chi-Cherng; LEE, Ming-Ying; HSU, Huang-Hsiung ; CHANG, Chi-ChunJournal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 98(6), 1369-1385
142020Large-Scale Environmental Influences on Tropical Cyclone Formation Processes and Development TimeTeng, Hsu-Feng; Done, James M.; Lee, Cheng-Shang; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Kuo, Ying-HwaJournal of Climate 33(22), 9763-9782
152020The Role of Falling Ice Radiative effects on Climate Projections over Arctic under Global WarmingLi, J.-L. F.; W.-L. Lee ; K.-M. Xu; J. H. Jiang; E. Fetzer; C.-A. Chen; Y.-H. Wang; J.-Y. Yu; P.-C. Hsu; H.-H. Hsu Terrestrial, Atmospheric, and Oceanic Sciences 31(6), 633-648
162020A tropical cyclone removal technique based on potential vorticity inversion to better quantify tropical cyclone contribution to the background circulationArakane, Sho; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Climate Dynamics 54, 3201-3226
172020Interdecadal changes of the ISO and the associated TC/submonthly Wave Pattern in the Western North PacificKo, Ken-Chung; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Liu, Jyun-HongTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 31(3), 295-311
182020Simulation and Projection of Circulations Associated with Atmospheric Rivers along the North American Northeast CoastHsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Chen, Ying-TingJournal of Climate 33(13), 5673-5695
192019Rainfall variations in central Indo-Pacific over the past 2,700 yL. Tan; C.-C. Shen; L. Löwemark; S. Chawchai; R. L. Edwards; Y. Cai; S. Breitenbach; H. Cheng; Y.-C. Chou; H. Duerrast; J. W. Partin; W. Cai; A. Chabangborn; Y. Gao; O. Kwiecien; C.-C. Wu; Z. Shi; H.-H. Hsu ; B. WohlfarthProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (35) 17201-17206
202019Improving Diurnal Rainfall Phase Over the Southern Great Plains in Warm Seasons by Using a Convective Triggering DesignY.-C. Wang; H.-H. Hsu International Journal of Climatology 39(13), 5181-5190
212019Impact of 3-D Radiation-Topography Interactions on Surface Temperature and Energy Budget Over the Tibetan Plateau in WinterWei-Liang Lee ; Kuo-Nan Liou; Chia-chi Wang; Yu Gu; Huang-Hsiung Hsu ; Jui-Lin F. LiJournal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124(3), 1537-1549
222019Madden–Julian Oscillation Enhances Phytoplankton Biomass in the Maritime ContinentC. J. Chang; H.-H. Hsu ; W. Cheah; W.-L. Tseng; L.-C. JiangSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 5421
232019Convective Structure Changes over the Equatorial Pacific with Highly Increased Precipitation under Global Warming Simulated in the HiRAMBui, Hien Xuan; Yu, Jia-Yuh; Liu, Hsiao-Wei; Tu, Chia-Ying ; Chiu, Pin-Ging; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung SOLA(Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere) 15, 119-124
242019Dynamical Downscaling Simulation and Future Projection of Extreme Precipitation Activities in Taiwan during the Mei-Yu SeasonsW.-R. Huang; P.-H. Huang; Y.-H. Chang; C.-T. Cheng; H.-H. Hsu ; C.-Y. Tu ; A. KitohJournal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 97(2), 481-499
252019Remote effect of a tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal on a heavy-rainfall event in subtropical East AsiaArakane, Sho; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Tu, Chia-Ying ; Liang, Hsin-Chien; Yan, Zheng-Yu; Lin, Shian-Jiannnpj Climate and Atmospheric Science 2, 25
262019Seasonal precipitation change in the Western North Pacific and East Asia under global warming in two high-resolution AGCMsC.-A. Chen; H.-H. Hsu ; C.-C. Hong; P.-G. Chiu; C.-Y. Tu ; S.-J. Lin; A. KitohCLIMATE DYNAMICS 53, 5583-5605
272019Intensification of the decadal activity in Equatorial Rossby Waves and linkage to changing tropical circulationW.-L. Tseng; S.-Y. S. Wang; H.-H. Hsu ; J. D. D. MeyerTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic sciences 30, 563-574
282019Extreme Snow Events along the Coast of the Northeast United States: Analysis of Observations and HiRAM SimulationsG. Chen; W.-C. Wang; L. Tao; H.-H. Hsu ; C.-Y. Tu ; C.-T. ChengJournal of Climate 32(21), 7561-7574
292019Tropical Cloud Cluster Environments and Their Importance for Tropical Cyclone FormationH.-F. Teng; C.-S. Lee; H.-H. Hsu ; J. Done; G. HollandJournal of Climate 32(13), 4069-4088
302018The influence of single model ensemble on the simulated extratropical interannual variabilityWang, C.-C.; H.-H. Hsu ; Y.-L. Chen; J.-K. Yang; M.-P. HungTerr. Atmos. Ocean 29(6), 679-694
312018Effect of ISO-SSE Interaction on Accelerating the TS to Severe TS Development in the WNP Since the Late 1990sHong, C.-C.; C.-H. Tsou; M.-Y. Lee; C.-C. Chang; H.-H. Hsu ; K.-C. ChenGeophys. Res. Lett. 45(21), 12008-12014
322018Falling Snow Radiative Effects Enhance the Global Warming Response of the Tropical Pacific AtmosphereChen, C.-A.; J.-L. F. Li; M. Richardson; W.-L. Lee ; E. Fetzer; G. Stephens; H.-H. Hsu ; Y.-C. Wang; J.-Y. YuJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES 123(18), 10109-10124
332018Distinct Influences of the ENSO-Like and PMM-Like SST Anomalies on the Mean TC Genesis Location in the Western North Pacific: The 2015 Summer as an Extreme ExampleHong, C.-C.; M.-Y. Lee; H.-H. Hsu ; W.-L. TsengJ. Climate 31(8), 3049-3059
342018台灣氣溫季節循環的長期變遷 (Long-term Trend in Seasonal Cycle of Taiwan Temperature)李庭慧; 許晃雄 ; 黃威凱大氣科學 第46期第3號,頁294-316
352017Projection in snowfall characteristics over the European Alps and its sensitivity to the SST changes: Results from a 50km resolution AGCMFreychet, N.; H.-H. Hsu ; A. Duchez; C.-Y. TuGEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 18(6), 261-267
362017Intraseasonal oscillation enhancing C5 typhoon occurrence over the tropical western North PacificWeng, C.-H.; H.-H. Hsu Geophys. Res. Lett. 44(7), 3339-3345
372017Decadal phytoplankton dynamics in response to episodic climatic disturbances in a subtropical deep freshwater ecosystemKo, C.-Y.; C.-C. Lai; H.-H. Hsu ; F.-K. Shiah Water Research 109, 102-113
382017台灣熱浪特性分析與變遷推估 (Characteristics of Taiwan Heat Wave and Future Projection)李庭慧; 許晃雄 大氣科學 第45期第4號,頁281-304
392017Dynamics of upwelling annual cycle in the equatorial Atlantic OceanWang, Li-Chiao; Jin, Fei-Fei; Wu, Chau-Ron; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Geophysical Research Letters 44(8), 3737-3743
402017Extratropical Forcing Triggered the 2015 Madden–Julian Oscillation–El Niño EventHong, Chi-Cherng; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Tseng, Wan-Ling; Lee, Ming-Ying; Chow, Chun-Hoe; Jiang, Li-ChiangScientific Reports 7, 46692
412017Effects of Surface Orography and Land–Sea Contrast on the Madden–Julian Oscillation in the Maritime Continent: A Numerical Study Using ECHAM5-SITTseng, Wan-Ling; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Keenlyside, Noel; June, Chang, Chiung-Wen; Tsuang, Ben-Jei; Tu, Chia-Ying; Jiang, Li-ChiangJournal of Climate 30(23), 9725-9741
422017Large-scale control of the Arabian Sea monsoon inversion in AugustWu, Chi-Hua; Wang, S.-Y. Simon; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Climate Dynamics 51, 2581-2592
432016Aerosol effects on summer monsoon over Asia during 1980s and 1990sTsai, I-C. ; W.-C. Wang; H.-H. Hsu ; W.-L. Lee Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121(19), 11761–11776
442016The influence of obliquity in the early Holocene Asian summer monsoonChi-Hua Wu ; Shih-Yu Lee; John C. H. Chiang; Huang-Hsiung Hsu GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 43(9), 4524-4530
452016Impact of an improved WRF-urban canopy model on diurnal air temperature simulation over northern TaiwanLin, C.-Y. ; C-J. Su; H. Kusaka; Y. Akimoto; Y.F. Sheng; J.C. Huang; H.H. Hsu Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16(3), 1809-1822
462016Enhanced Influences of Tropical Atlantic SST on WNP–NIO Atmosphere–Ocean Coupling since the Early 1980sChang, T.-C.; H.-H. Hsu Journal of Climate 29(18), 6509-6525
472016Interannual variability of the subtropical countercurrent eddies in the North Pacific associated with the Western-Pacific teleconnection patternChow, C. H.; Y.-H. Tseng; H.-H. Hsu ; C.-C. YoungContinental Shelf Research 143, 175-184
482016Role of the Indochina Peninsula Narrow Mountains in Modulating the East Asian-Western North Pacific Summer MonsoonWu, C.-H.; H.-H. Hsu Journal of Climate 29(12), 4445-4459
492016East Asian presummer precipitation in the CMIP5 at high versus low horizontal resolutionWu, C.-H.; F. Nicolas; C.-A. Chen; H.-H. Hsu Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
502016Extracting the tropospheric short-wave influences on subseasonal prediction of precipitation in the United States using CFSv2Schroeder, M.; Wang, S.-Y.; R. R. Gillies; H.-H. Hsu CLIMATE DYNAMICS 48(11-12), 3967-3974
512016Variability of hydrological extreme events in East Asia and their dynamical control: a comparison between observations and two high-resolution global climate modelsFreychet, N.; A. Duchez; C.-H. Wu; C.-A. Chen; H.-H. Hsu ; J. Hirschi; A. Forryan; B. Sinha; A. L. New; T. Graham; M. B. Andrews; C.-Y. Tu ; S.-J. LinCLIMATE DYNAMICS 48(3-4), 745-766
522016Summer Convective Afternoon Rainfall Simulation and Projection Using WRF Driven by Global Climate Model. Part II: Over South China and LuzonHuang, Wan-Ru; Chang, Ya-Hui; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Cheng, Chao-Tzuen; Tu, Chia-YingTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 27(5), 673-685
532016Compounding factors causing the unusual absence of tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific during August 2014Hong, Chi-Cherng; Lee, Ming-Ying; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Chang, Tao-ChiJournal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121(17), 9964-9976
542016Summer Convective Afternoon Rainfall Simulation and Projection Using WRF Driven by Global Climate Model. Part I: Over TaiwanHuang, Wan-Ru; Chang, Ya-Hui; Cheng, Chao-Tzuen; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Tu, Chia-Ying; Kitoh, AkioTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 27(5), 659-671
552016Changes in tropical cyclone activity offset the ocean surface warming in northwest Pacific: 1981-2014Chang, Chiung-Wen June; Wang, S.-Y. Simon; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Atmospheric Science Letters 17(3), 251-257
562016Decadal Variation of the East Asian Winter Monsoon and Pacific Decadal OscillationKao, Pei-ken; Hung, Chih-wen; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 27(5) 617-624
572015Global impacts of the 1980s regime shiftPhilip C. Reid; Renata E. Hari; Grégory Beaugrand; David M. Livingstone; Christoph Marty; Dietmar Straile; Jonathan Barichivich; Eric Goberville; Rita Adrian; Yasuyuki Aono; Ross Brown; James Foster; Pavel Groisman; Pierre Hélaouët; Huang-Hsiung Hsu ; Richard Kirby; Jeff Knight; Alexandra Kraberg; Jianping Li; Tzu-Ting Lo; Ranga B. Myneni; Ryan P. North; J. Alan Pounds; Tim Sparks; René Stübi; Yongjun Tian; Karen H. Wiltshire; Dong Xiao; Zaichun ZhuGlobal Change Biology 22(2), 682-703
582015Potential impacts of wintertime soil moisture anomalies from agricultural irrigation at low latitudes on regional and global climatesWey, H.-W.; M.-H. Lo; S.-Y. Lee; J.-Y. Yu; H.-H. Hsu GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 42(20), 8605-8614
592015Role of the strengthened El Niño teleconnection in the May 2015 floods over the southern Great PlainsS.-Y. Simon Wang; Wan-Ru Huang; Huang-Hsiung Hsu GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 42(19), 8140-8146
602015Impacts of the triggering function of cumulus parameterization on warm-season diurnal rainfall cycles at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Southern Great Plains siteWang, Y.-C.; H.-L. Pan; H.-H. Hsu JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES 120(20), 10681-10702
612015Impact of atmospheric changes on the low-frequency variations of convective afternoon rainfall activity over TaiwanWan-Ru Huang; Huang-Hsiung Hsu ; Shih-Yu Wang; Jian-Pu ChenJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 120(17), 8743-8758
622015CMIP5 model simulations of the Pacific meridional mode and its connection to the two types of ENSOLin, Chun-Yi; Yu, Jin-Yi; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 35(9),2352-2358
632015Typhoon effects on phytoplankton responses in a semi-closed freshwater ecosystemKo, CY; CC Lai; TY Chen; HH Hsu ; FK Shiah Marine and Freshwater Research 67(5), 546-555
642015A global model simulation for 3-D radiative transfer impact on surface hydrology over the Sierra Nevada and Rocky MountainsLee, W.-L. ; Y. Gu; K. N. Liou; L. R. Leung; H.-H. Hsu Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15(10), 5405-5413
652015Processes leading to double intertropical convergence zone bias in CESM1/CAM5Wang, C.-c.; W.-L. Lee ; Y.-L. Chen; H.-H. Hsu JOURNAL OF CLIMATE 28(7), 2900-2915
662015Asian Summer Monsoon in CMIP5 Projections: A Link between the Change in Extreme Precipitation and Monsoon DynamicsFreychet, Nicolas; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Chou, Chia; Wu, Chi-HuaJournal of Climate 28(4), 1477-1493
672015Linking Emergence of the Central Pacific El Niño to the Atlantic Multidecadal OscillationYu, J.-Y.; P.-k. Kao; H. Paek; H.-H. Hsu ; C.-w. Hung; M.-M. Lu; S.-I. AnJournal of Climate 28(2), 651-662
682015Distribution of Ozone and Related Compounds in the Marine Boundary Layer of the Northern South China Sea in 2010Yung-Yao Lan ; Ben-Jei Tsuang; Neng-Huei Lin; Huang-Hsiung Hsu ; Yung-Ta ChenAerosol and Air Quality Research 15(5), 1990-2008
692015Assessments of surface latent heat flux associated with the Madden–Julian Oscillation in reanalysesGao, Yingxia; P.-C. Hsu; H.-H. Hsu Climate Dynamics 47, 1755-1774
702015建立台灣氣候變遷模擬能力與能量-氣候變遷研究聯盟許晃雄 ; 陳正平; 林沛練; 陳正達自然科學簡訊 第二十七卷第一期,頁36-40
712015The Madden-Julian Oscillation in a warmer worldChang, Chiung-Wen June; Tseng, Wan-Ling; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung ; Keenlyside, Noel; Tsuang, Ben-JeiGeophysical Research Letters 42(14), 6034-6042
722015Compounding effects of warm sea surface temperature and reduced sea ice on the extreme circulation over the extratropical North Pacific and North America during the 2013–2014 boreal winterLee, Ming‐Ying; Hong, Chi‐Cherng; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung Geophysical Research Letters 42(5), 1612-1618
732014Tropical SST forcing on the anomalous WNP subtropical high during July–August 2010 and the record-high SST in the tropical AtlanticHong, C.-C.; M.-Y. Lee; H.-H. Hsu ; N.-H. Lin; B.-J. TsuangClimate Dynamics 45, 633–650
74-Orbital Control of the Western North Pacific Summer MonsoonWu, C.-H; John C. H. Chiang; H.-H. Hsu ; S.-Y. LeeClimate Dynamics 46(3-4), 897-911