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12021Study 3D Endothelial Cell Network Formation under Various Oxygen Microenvironment and Hydrogel Composition Combinations Using Upside-Down Microfluidic DevicesH.-H. Hsu; P.-L. Ko; H.-M. Wu; H.-C. Line; C.-K. Wang; Y.-C. Tung SMALL 17(15), 2006091
22020Evaluation of Nanoparticle Penetration in the Tumor Spheroid Using Two-Photon MicroscopyFeby Wijaya Pratiwi; Chien-Chung Peng; Si-Han Wu; Chiung Wen Kuo; Chung-Yuan Mou; Yi-Chung Tung ; Peilin Chen Biomedicines 9(1), 10
32020Comparison of VEGF-A Secretion from Tumor Cells under Cellular Stresses in Conventional Monolayer Culture and Microfluidic Three-Dimensional Spheroid ModelsS. Sarkar; C.-C. Peng; Y.-C. Tung PLOS ONE 15(11), e0240833
42020Increased vasculogenesis of endothelial cells in hyaluronic acid augmented fibrin-based natural hydrogels - from in vitro to in vivo modelsH.-C. Lin; C.-K. Wang; Y.-C. Tung ; F.-Y. Chiu; Y.-P. SuEUROPEAN CELLS & MATERIALS 40, 133-145
52020Disposable Electrofluidic Pressure Sensor-Embedded Microfluidic Viscometer for Biomedical ApplicationsT.-A. Lee; W.-H. Liao; P.-L. Ko; Y.-C. Tung 
62020Cost-Effective Air Quality Monitoring System Based on an Open- Source Electronics Platform for Three-Dimensional Atmospheric Environmental Data CollectionY.-C. Tung ; D.-M. Chang; C.-Y. Kuo
72020Editorial for the Special Issue on Organs-on-ChipsY. Torisawa; Y.-C. Tung MICROMACHINES 11(4), 369
82020Development of in vitro Microfluidic Circulatory SystemP.-L. Ko; T.-A. Lee; H.-H. Hsu; W.-H. Liao; Y.-C. Tung 
92019Generation and Characterization of Cyclic Oxygen Gradients in Microfluidic Device for Cell CultureD.-M. Chang; Y.-C. Tung 
102019Development of a Microfluidic Device Capable of Generating Oxygen Gradients for Three-Dimensional Cell Culture in HydrogelH.-H. Hsu; P.-L. Ko; H.-M. Wu; T.-A. Lee; H.-C. Lin; Y.-C. Tung 
112019Study Endothelial Cell Networking in Hydrogel under Oxygen Gradients Using Microfluidic DeviceH.-H. Hsu; P.-L. Ko; T.-A. Lee; H.-C. Lin; Y.-C. Tung 
122019MCT-1/miR-34a/IL-6/IL-6R Signaling Axis Promotes EMT Progression, Cancer Stemness and M2 Macrophage Polarization in Triple-Negative Breast CancerY.-S. Weng; H.-Y. Tseng; Y.-A. Chen; P.-C. Shen; A. T. Al Haq; L.-M. Chen; Y.-C. Tung ; H.-L. HsuMOLECULAR CANCER 18, 42
132019Widefield frequency domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FD-FLIM) for accurate measurement of oxygen gradients within microfluidic devicesH.-M. Wu; T.-A. Lee; P.-L. Ko; W.-H. Liao; T.-H. Hsieh ; Y.-C. Tung Analyst 144(11), 3494-3504
142019Epidermal growth factor-like repeats of SCUBE1 derived from platelets are critical for thrombus formationW.-J. Liao; M.-Y. Wu; C.-C. Peng; Y.-C. Tung ; R.-B. YangCardiovascular Research
152019Microfluidic Collective Cell Migration Assay for Study of Endothelial Cell Proliferation and Migration under Combinations of Oxygen Gradients, Tensions, and Drug TreatmentsH.-C. Shih; T.-A. Lee; H.-M. Wu; P.-L. Ko; W.-H. Liao; Y.-C. Tung Scientific Reports 9, 8234
162019Editorial: Medical and Industrial Applications of Microfluidic-Based Cell/Tissue Culture and Organs-on-a-ChipQ Ramadan; M. Albert; M. Dufva; Y.-C. Tung Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7
172019A sheathless inertial focusing technique for optofluidic devicesN. Panwar; P. Song; C. Yang; S. C. Tjin; Y.-C. Tung ; K.-T. YongMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics 23, 107
182019A Low-Power CMOS Microfluidic Pump Based on Travelling-Wave Electroosmosis for Diluted Serum PumpingP.-W. Yen; S.-C. Lin; Y.-C. Huang; Y.-J. Huang; Y.-C. Tung ; S.-S. Lu; C.-T. LinScientific Reports 9, 14794
192019Study Effects of Drug Treatment and Physiological Physical Stimulation on Surfactant Protein Expression of Lung Epithelial Cells Using a Biomimetic Microfluidic Cell Culture DeviceT.-R. Lin; S.-L. Yeh; C.-C. Peng; W.-H. Liao; Y.-C. Tung Micromachines 10(6), 400