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12020Multi-mesh-scale approximation of thin geophysical mass flows on complex topographiesY.-C. Tai; J. V. Vides; B. Nkonga; C. Y. Kuo COMMUNICATIONS IN COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS 29(1), 148-185
22020An idealized landslide failure surface and its impacts on the traveling pathsYih-Chin Tai; Chi-Jyun Ko; Kun-Ding Li; Yu-Chen Wu; Chih-Yu Kuo ; Rou-Fei Chen; Ching-Weei LinFrontiers in Earth Science 8, 313
32020Application assessments of using scarp boundary-fitted, volume constrained, smooth minimal surfaces as failure interfaces of deep-seated landslidesC. Y. Kuo ; P. W. Tsai; Y. C. Tai; Y. H. Chan; R. F. Chen; C. W. LinFrontiers in Earth Science 8, 211
42019福海離岸風場多尺度紊流頻譜模式林韋伶; 郭志禹 ; 張文鎰; 蔡惠峰; 張建成
52019A rapid granular chute avalanche impinging on a small fixed obstacle: DEM modeling, experimental validation and exploration of granular stressChung, Y.C.; Wu, C.W.; Kuo, C.Y. ; Hsiau, S.S.APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 74, 540-568
62019How well can we approximate the failure surface and estimate the amount of landslide mass? An idealized failure surface for predicting its traveling pathYih-Chin Tai; Kun-Ding Li; Yu-Chen Wu; Chih-Yu Kuo ; Rou-Fei Chen; Ching-Weei Lin
72019Modelling deep-seated landslide fracture scarps by topography-fitted minimal surfacesChih-Yu Kuo ; Pi-Wen Tsai; Yih-Chin Tai; Ya-Hsin Chan; Rou-Fei Chen; Ching-Weei Lin; Kuo-Jen Chang
82019Constraining the spatial and depth extent of deep-seated, slow-moving landslides using seismic noise interferometryHsin-Hua Huang; Chun-Te Chen; Ya-Ju Hsu; Ching-Weei Lin; Rou-Fei Chen; Kuo-Lung Wang; Chih-Yu Kuo ; Chien-Chih Chen; Li-Wei Kuo; Meei-Ling Lin; Ching-Ren Lin; Pei-Ying Lin
92019Photonic topological semimetals in bianisotropic metamaterialsYou-Zhong Yu; Chih-Yu Kuo ; Ruey-Lin Chern; C. T. ChanSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 18312
102019福海測風塔高頻率光纖光柵結構監測系統可行性評估郭志禹 ; 黃信樺; 黃安斌; 吳崑瑋; 甯敘堯; 林大程; 蔡碧紋; 詹雅馨中國土木水利工程學刊 第31卷第4期,頁387-394
112019應用崩塌體積與最小平滑曲面法建構三維深層崩塌之近似破壞面郭志禹 ; 詹雅馨; 蔡碧紋; 陳柔妃; 戴義欽; 林慶偉中華水土保持學報 第50卷第4期,頁143-153
122015Identification of co-seismic ground motion due to fracturing and impact of the Tsaoling landslide, TaiwanChih-Yu Kuo ; Kuo-Jen Chang; Pi-Wen Tsai; Shao-Kuan Wei; Rou-Fei Chen; Jia-Jyun Dong; Che-Ming Yang; Yu-Chang Chan ; Yih-Chin TaiENGINEERING GEOLOGY 196, 268-279