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12021Hydrogen Evolution Driven by Photoexcited Entangled Skyrmion on Perovskite Ca2Nan-3NbnO3n+1 NanosheetM. R. Aziza; C.-W. Chang; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12(26), 6244-6251
22021Room-temperature ferromagnetism of single-layer MoS2 induced by antiferromagnetic proximity of yttrium iron garnetS.-P. Tsai; C.-Y. Yang; C.-J. Lee; L.-S. Lu; H.-L. Liang; J. X. Lin; Y.-H. Yu; C.-C. Chen; T.-K. Chung; C.-C. Kaun ; H.-S. Hsu; S.-Y. Huang; W.-H. Chang; L.-C. He; C.-H. Lai; K. L. WangAdvanced Quantum Technologies 4(2), 2000104
32021Efficacious CO2 Photoconversion to C2 and C3 Hydrocarbons on Upright SnS-SnS2 Heterojunction Nanosheet FrameworksC.-Y. Wu; C.-J. Lee; Y.-H. Yu; H.-W. Tsao; Y.-H. Su; C.-C. Kaun ; J.-S. Chen; J.-J. WuACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13(4), 4984-4992
42020Self-organized C70/C60 heterojunction nanowire arrays on Si(110) for Si-based molecular negative differential resistance nanodevicesI.-H. Hong; C.-J. Gao; K.-B. Lin; C.-C. Kaun Applied Surface Science 531, 147338
52020Dion-Jacobson Phase Perovskite Ca2Nan-3NbnO3n+1 - (n = 4-6) Nanosheets as High-κ Photovoltaic Electrode Materials in a Solar Water-Splitting CellM. R. Aziza; C.-W. Chang; A. Mohapatra; C.-W. Chu; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 6367-6375
62020Ab initio and theoretical study on electron transport through polyene junctions in between carbon nanotube leads of various cutsY.-R. Chen; M.-K. Lin; D.-H. Chan; K.-B. Lin; C.-C. Kaun Scientific Reports 10, 8033
72020Decorating a WSe2 monolayer with Au nanoparticles: A study combined first-principles calculation with material genome approachH.-W. Tsao; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuSurface and Coatings Technology 388, 125563
82020Interfacial effects on leakage currents in Cu/α-cristobalite/Cu junctionsK.-B. Lin; Y.-H. Su; C.-C. Kaun Scientific Reports 10, 5303
92020Sr-Doped Cubic In2O3/Rhombohedral In2O3 Homojunction Nanowires for Highly Sensitive and Selective Breath Ethanol Sensing: Experiment and DFT Simulation StudiesL. F. Song; K. P. Dou; R. R. Wang; P. Leng; L. Q. Luo; Y. Xi; C.-C. Kaun ; N. Han; F. Y. Wang; Y. F. ChenACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12(1), 1270-1279
102019Nearly spherical CoP nanoparticle/carbon nanosheet hybrids: a high-performance trifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and water splittingW. J. Zou; K. P. Dou; Q. Jiang; J. D. Xiang; C.-C. Kaun ; H. TangRSC Advances 9, 39951
112019Multi-layer elemental 2D materials: antimonene, germanene and stanene grown directly on molybdenum disulfidesKuan-Chao Chen; Lun-Ming Lee; Hsuan-An Chen; Hsu Sun; Cheng-Lun Wu; Hsin-An Chen; Kuan-Bo Lin; Yen-Chun Tseng; Chao-Cheng Kaun ; Chun-Wei Pao ; Shih-Yen Lin Semiconductor Science and Technology 34(10), 105020
122019GdFe0.8Ni0.2O3: A Multiferroic Material for Low-Power Spintronic Devices with High Storage CapacityS.-J. Chang; M.-H. Chung; M.-Y. Kao; S.-F. Lee; Y.-H. Yu; C.-C. Kaun ; T. Nakamura; N. Sasabe; S.-J. Chiu; Y.-C. TsengACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(34), 31562-31572
132019Gate-Tunable Fano Resonances in Parallel-Polyacene-Bridged Carbon NanotubesK. P. Dou; C.-H. Chang; C.-C. Kaun Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(7), 4605-4609
142018Unconventional order parameter induced by helical chiral molecules adsorbed on a metal proximity coupled to a superconductorT. Shapira; H. Alpern; S. Yochelis; T.-K. Lee ; C.-C. Kaun ; Y. Paltiel; G. Koren; O. MilloPHYSICAL REVIEW B 98, 214513
152017Spin Filtering of a Termination-Controlled LSMO/Alq3 Heterojunction for an Organic Spin ValveT.-N. Lam; Y.-L. Huang; K.-C. Weng; Y.-L. Lai; M.-W. Lin; Y.-H. Chu; H.-J. Lin; C.-C. Kaun ; D.-H. Wei; Y.-C. Tseng; Y.-J. HsuJournal of Materials Chemistry C 5(35), 9128-9137