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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Query-Driven Multi-Instance LearningYen-Chi Hsu; Cheng-Yao Hong; Ming-Sui Lee; Tyng-Luh Liu 
22019One-Shot Object Detection with Co-Attention and Co-ExcitationTing-I Hsieh; Yi-Chen Lo; Hwann-Tzong Chen; Tyng-Luh Liu 
32019See-through-Text Grouping for Referring Image SegmentationDing-Jie Chen; Songhao Jia; Yi-Chen Lo; Hwann-Tzong Chen; Tyng-Luh Liu 
42018SeeTheVoice: Learning from Music to Visual Storytelling of ShotsWen-Li Wei; Jen-Chun Lin; Tyng-Luh Liu ; Yi-Hsuan Yang ; Hsin-Min Wang ; Hsiao-Rong Tyan; Hong-Yuan Mark Liao 
52015Pixel-wise Deep Learning for Contour DetectionJyh-Jing Hwang; Tyng-Luh Liu 
62013A Sparse Linear Model for Saliency-Guided DecolorizationLiu, Chun-Wei; Liu, Tyng-Luh 
72008Improving Local Learning for Object Categorization by Exploring the Effects of RankingChang, Tien-Lung; Liu, Tyng-Luh ; Chuang, Jen-Hui