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12021Influence Maximization Based on Dynamic Personal Perception in Knowledge GraphY.-W. Teng; Y. Shi; D.-N. Yang ; W.-C. Lee; M.-S. Chen
22021Structure-Aware Parameter-Free Group Query via Heterogeneous Information Network TransformerH.-W. Chen; H.-H. Shuai; D.-N. Yang ; W.-C. Lee; C. Shi; P. S. Yu; M.-S Chen
32020Live Multi-Streaming and Donation Recommendations via Coupled Donation-Response Tensor FactorizationH.-C. Lai; H.-H. Shuai; J.-L. Huang; J.-Y. Tsai; W.-C. Lee; D.-N. Yang 
42020Optimizing Item and Subgroup Configurations for Social-Aware VR ShoppingS.-H. Ko; H.-C. Lai; H.-H. Shuai; W.-C. Lee; P. S. Yu; D.-N. Yang 
52020Quality-Aware Streaming Network Embedding with Memory RefreshingH.-W. Chen; H.-H. Shuai; S.-D. Wang; D.-N. Yang 
62020Multicast Traffic Engineering with Segment Trees in Software-Defined NetworksC.-H. Wang; S.-H. Chiang; S.-H. Shen; D.-N. Yang ; W.-T. Chen
72019On Efficient Processing of Group and Subsequent Queries for Social Activity PlanningY.-L. Chen; D.-N. Yang ; C.-Y. Shen; W.-C. Lee; M.-S. ChenIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 31(12), 2364-2378
82017On Finding Socially Tenuous Groups for Online Social NetworksC.-Y. Shen; L.-H. Huang; D.-N. Yang ; H.-H. Shuai; W.-C. Lee; M.-S. ChenACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD)
92016DigitSpace: Designing Thumb-To-Fingers Touch Input Interface for One-Handed and Eyes-Free InteractionsD.-Y. Huang; S. Yang; F. Wang; R.-H. Liang; L. Chan; D.-N. Yang ; Y.-P. Hung; B.-Y. Chen
102015WonderLens: Optical Lenses and Mirrors for Tangible Interactions on Printed PaperR.-H. Liang; C. Shen; Y.-C. Chan; G.-T. Chou; L. Chan; D.-N. Yang ; M. Y. Chen; B.-Y. Chen
112012On Bundle Configuration for Viral Marketing in Social NetworksYang, D. -N. ; Lee, W. -C.; Chia, N. -H.; Ye, M.; Hung, H. -J.
122012GaussSense: Attachable Stylus Sensing Using Magnetic Sensor GridR.-H. Liang; K.-Y. Cheng; C.-H. Su; C.-T. Weng; B.-Y. Chen; D.-N. Yang 
132011Exploring Application-Level Semantics for Data CompressionTsai, H. -P.; Yang, D. -N. ; Chen, M. -S.IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering 23(1), 95-109
14-On Extracting Socially Tenuous Groups for Online Social Networks with k-TrianglesC.-Y. Shen; H.-H. Shuai; D.-N. Yang ; G.-S. Lee; L.-H. Huang; W.-C. Lee; M.-S ChenIEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering (Early Access)
15-Mobile Proxy Caching for Multi-View 3D Videos with Adaptive View SelectionM. Yeh; C.-H. Wang; D.-N. Yang ; J.-T. Lee; W. LiaoIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Early Access)
16-Activity Organization for Friend-Making Optimization in Online Social NetworksC.-Y. Shen; D.-N. Yang ; W.-C. Lee; M.-S. ChenIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering