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12021Evolutionary ORB-based Model with Protective Closing StrategiesWu, ME; Syu, JH; Lin, Jerry CW; Ho, JM Knowledge Based Systems 216, 106769
22020Scheduling for the QOE Optimization of DASH StreamingYu-Chi Liu; Meng-Huang Lee; Shin-Hung Chang; Wei-Chun Chung; Kuan-Jen Wang; Jan-Ming Ho ; Ray-I ChangJournal of Information Science and Engineering 36(6), 1315-1337
32020Portfolio Management System with Reinforcement LearningJia-Hao Syu; Mu-En Wu; Jan-Ming Ho 
42020Neural Network-based ORB Strategies for Threshold Classification on Taiwan Futures MarketHsiang-Chi Chen; Jia-Hao Syu; Jan-Ming Ho 
52020Reinforcement Learning Control for Six-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Position Servo DriveWei-Lun Peng; Yung-Wen Lan; Shih-Gang Chen; Faa-Jeng Lin; Ray-I Chang; Jan-Ming Ho 
62020An optimal scheduling algorithm for DASH video streaming over variable bit rate networksSH Chang; KJ Wang; JM Ho International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 34(2), 74-91
72020Threshold-Adjusted ORB Strategies with Genetic Algorithm and Protective Closing Strategy on Taiwan Futures MarketJia-Hao Syu; Mu-En Wu; Chun-Hao Chen; Jan-Ming Ho 
82020On the Design of Profitable Index Based on the Mechanism of Random TradingsJia-Hao Syu; Mu-En Wu; Shin-Huah Lee; Jan-Ming Ho 
92019A Fund Selection Robo-Advisor with Deep Learning Driven Market PredictionChen-Sheng Gu; Hong-Po Hsieh; Chung-Shu Wu; Ray-I Chang; Jan-Ming Ho 
102019Optimal File Dissemination Scheduling Under a General Binary Tree of Trust RelationshipYun-Pin Tien; Wei-Chen Lin; Jan-Ming Ho ; Wing-Kai Hon
112019SQUAT: a Sequencing Quality Assessment Tool for data quality assessments of genome assembliesLi-An Yang; Yu-Jung Chang; Shu-Hwa Chen; Chung-Yen Lin ; Jan-Ming Ho BMC Genomics 19, 238
122014Using Geometric Structures to Improve the Error Correction Algorithm of High-Throughput Sequencing Data on MapReduce FrameworkWei-Chun Chung; Yu-Jung Chang; D. T. Lee ; Jan-Ming Ho 
132014Comparing Profitability of Day Trading Using ORB Strategies on Index Futures Markets in Taiwan, Hong-Kong and USAYi-Cheng Tsai; Mu-En Wu; Chin-Laung Lei; Chung-Shu Wu; Jan-Ming Ho 
142014CloudDOE: A User-Friendly Tool for Deploying Hadoop Clouds and Analyzing High-Throughput Sequencing Data with MapReduceWei-Chun Chung; Chien-Chih Chen; Jan-Ming Ho ; Chung-Yen Lin ; Wen-Lian Hsu ; Yu-Chun Wang; Der-Tsai Lee ; Feipei Lai; Chih-Wei Huang; Yu-Jung ChangPLoS One 9(6):e98146
152013On the Study of ORB Trading Strategies: The Case of Taiwan Futures IndexTsai, Yi-Cheng; Wu, Mu-En; Ho, Jan-Ming 
162013CloudRS: An Error Correction Algorithm of High-Throughput Sequencing DataChen, Chien-Chih; Chang, Yu-Jung; Chung, Wei-Chun; Lee, Der-Tsai ; Ho, Jan-Ming 
172013Optimizing a MapReduce Module of Preprocessing High-Throughput DNA Sequencing DataWei-Chun Chung; Yu-Jung Chang; Chien-Chih Chen; Der-Tsai Lee ; Jan-Ming Ho 
182004Travel Time Prediction with Support Vector RegressionWu, C. H.; Ho, Jan-Ming ; Lee, D. T. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 5(4), 276-281
192004The UniMarker (UM) method for synteny mapping of large genomesLiao, B. Y.; Chang, Y. J.; Ho, J. M. ; Hwang, M. J. Bioinformatics 20(17), 3156-3165
202003Travel Time Prediction with Support Vector RegressionWu, Chun-Hsin; Wei, Chia-Chen; Su, Da-Chun; Chang, Ming-Hua; Ho, Jan-Ming 
212003數位典藏系統管理分析與設計 - 以故宮書畫為例范紀文; 何建明 ; 李德財 
222002Bi-directional Route Optimization in Mobile IP over Wireless LAN NetworksWu, Chun-Hsin; Cheng, Ann-Tzung; Lee, Shao-Ting; Ho, Jan-Ming ; Lee, Der-Tsai 
232001從典藏資料交換角度探討Metadata設計與標準化問題范紀文; 何建明 ; 李德財 
242000典藏數位化資訊環境之探討 (On creation and management of digital libraries: System environment, human-computer interface and research issues)Ho, Jan-Ming ; Huang, Shih-Kun; Chuang, Tyng-Ruey ; Lee, D. T. Journal of Library and Information Science 26(2), 38-48
252000Information Environment for Archive DigitizationHo, J. M. ; Huang, S. K.; Chuang, T. R.; Lee, D. T. 
262000Content Management of Academia Sinica Digital LibraryHo, J. M. ; Huang, S. K.; Lee, D. T. 
271993Minimum Spanning Trees with Bounded Number of BendsHo, Jan-Ming ; Lee, D. T. ; Wong, C. K.
281991Minimum Diameter Spanning Trees and Related ProblemsHo, Jan-Ming ; Lee, D. T. ; Chang, C. H.; Wong, C. K.SIAM Journal on Computing 20(5), 987-997
291989Minimum Delay NetworksHo, Jan-Ming ; Lee, D. T. 
30-Subject-Keyword Extraction based on Definition-Use ChainHsu, Hung-Min; Chang, Ray-I; Ho, Jan-Ming