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12022Impact of band structure on wave function dissipation in field emission resonanceWei-Bin Su ; Shin-Ming Lu; Ho-Hsiang Chang; Horng-Tay Jeng; Wen-Yuan Chan; Pei-Cheng Jiang; Kung-Hsuan Lin ; Chia-Seng Chang Physical Review B 105(19), 195411
22020Observing quantum trapping on MoS2 through the lifetimes of resonant electrons: revealing the Pauli exclusion principleWei-Bin Su ; Shin-Ming Lu; Horng-Tay Jeng; Wen-Yuan Chan; Ho-Hsiang Chang; Woei Wu Pai; Hsiang-Lin Liu; Chia-Seng ChangNanoscale Advances 2(12), 5848-5856
32020Indirect interactions of metal nanoparticles through grapheneLi-Wei Huang; Horng-Tay Jeng; Wei-Bin Su ; Chia-Seng Chang CARBON 174, 132-137
42020A practical method for fabricating superparamagnetic films and the mechanism involvedPei-Cheng Jiang; Cheng-Hsun-Tony Chang; Chen-Yuan Hsieh; Wei-Bin Su ; Jyh-Shen TsayNanoscale 12(26), 14096
52020Enhancement of ultrafast Photoluminescence from deformed graphene studied by optical localization microscopyEn-Xiang Chen; Hao-Yu Cheng; Zheng-Gang Chen; Wei-Liang Chen; Monika Kataria; Yu-Ming Chang; Yang-Fang Chen; Wei-Bin Su ; Kung-Hsuan Lin NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 22, 013001
62019Enhancing silicide formation in Ni/Si(111) by Ag-Si particles at the interfaceCheng-Hsun-Tony Chang; Pei-Cheng Jiang; Yu-Ting Chow; Hsi-Lien Hsiao; Wei-Bin Su ; Jyh-Shen TsaySCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 8835
72013Determining the Thickness of Pb Film Similar to Bulk with Energy Dispersion Derived from Quantum Well StatesChan, Wen-Yuan; Huang, Hsu-Sheng; Su, Wei-Bin ; Hoffmann, Germar; Lu, Shin-Ming; Chang, Chia-Seng ; Wu, Maw-Kuen ; Tsong, Tien-TzouJAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 52, 035802