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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Constant-rate inflation: primordial black holes from conformal weight transitionsNg, Kin-Wang ; Wu, Yi-PengJournal of High Energy Physics 2021, 76
22021Spherical harmonic analysis of anisotropies in polarized stochastic gravitational-wave background with interferometry experimentsChu, Yu-Kuang; Liu, Guo-Chin; Ng, Kin-Wang Physical Review D 103(6), 063528
32021Constraining the dark-energy equation of state with cosmological dataTeng, Yu-Ping; Lee, Wolung; Ng, Kin-Wang Physical Review D 104(8), 083519
42020Electromagnetic coupling effects in natural inflationH.-T. Cho; K.-W. Ng Classical and Quantum Gravity, 37(16), 165011
52020Thermal loop effects on large-scale curvature perturbation in the Higgs inflationP.-W. Chang; C.-W. Chiang; K.-W. Ng Journal of High Energy Physics 2020, 163
62020Quantum loop effects to the power spectrum of primordial perturbations during ultra slow-roll inflationW.-C. Syu; D.-S. Lee; K.-W. Ng PHYSICAL REVIEW D 101(2), 025013
72020Circularly polarized gamma rays in effective dark matter theoryHuang, Wei-Chih; Ng, Kin-Wang ; Yuan, Tzu-Chiang Physics Letters B 800, 135104
82019Testing the weak equivalence principle by differential measurements of fundamental constants in the Magellanic CloudsLevshakov, S A; Ng, K-W ; Henkel, C; Mookerjea, B; Agafonova, I I; Liu, S-Y ; Wang, W-H Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 487(4), 5175-5187
92019Chaotic inflation on the brane and the swampland criteriaLin, Chia-Min; Ng, Kin-Wang ; Cheung, KingmanPhysical Review D 100(2), 023545
102019Superhorizon curvature perturbation in ultraslow-roll inflationCheng, Shu-Lin; Lee, Wolung; Ng, Kin-Wang Physical Review D 99(6), 063524