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12019Intriguing field-effect-transistor performance of two-dimensional layered and crystalline CrI3R. A. Patil; H.-W. Tu; M.-H. Jen; J.-J. Lin; C.-C. Wu; C.-C. Yang; D. V. Pham; C.-H. Tsai; C.-C. Lai; Y. Liou ; W. B. Jian; Y.-R. MaMaterials Today Physics 12, 100174
22019Temperature-dependent ultraviolet photoluminescence in hierarchical Zn, ZnO and ZnO/Zn nanostructuresH.-S. Chou; K.-D. Yang; S.-H. Xiao; R. A. Patil; C.-C. Lai; W.-C. V. Yeh; C.-H. Ho; Y. Liou ; Y.-R. MaNANOSCALE 11(28), 13385-13396
32019Impact of valence-band-edge lifting on the doping-free bandgap tunability of 1D magneli-phase W18O49 nanorodsG. T. Phan; D. V. Pham; R. A. Patil; C.-C. Lai; Y. Liou ; Y.-R. MaApplied Materials Today 15, 605-613