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12022Correcting the Background Tilt Signal of the Horizontal Seismometer Using a Rotation SensorChin-Jen Lin ; Chin-Shang Ku; Tsung-Chih Chi; Bor-Shouh Huang ; Hsin-Hua Huang ; Chun-Chi Liu SEISMOLOGICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 93(3), 1564-1572
22012Investigation of array-derived rotation in TAIPEI 101Lin, C. J. ; Huang, W. G. ; Huang, H. P.; Huang, B. S. ; Ku, C. S.; Liu, C. C. Journal of Seismology 16, 721-731
31998Moment-tensor inversion for offshore earthquakes east of Taiwan and their implications to regional collisionKao, H.; Jian, P. R.; Ma, K. F.; Huang, B. S. ; Liu, C. C. Geophysical Research Letters 25(19), 3619-3622