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12022Characteristics and impact of environmental shaking in the Taipei metropolitan areaChen, K. H.; T. C. Yeh; Y. Chen; C. W. Johnson; C. H. Lin ; Y. C. Lai; M. H. Shih; P. Gueguen; W. G. Huang ; B. S. Huang ; K. C. Chen ; C. J. Lin ; C. S. KuSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 12, 743
22017Taiwan Mountain Seismic Network and Its Preliminary Implications in Earthquake Source StudyHuang, W. G. ; B. S. Huang
32012Investigation of array-derived rotation in TAIPEI 101Lin, C. J. ; Huang, W. G. ; Huang, H. P.; Huang, B. S. ; Ku, C. S.; Liu, C. C. Journal of Seismology 16, 721-731