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12021Late Mesoproterozoic–early Neoproterozoic quartzite–schist sequences of the Aktau–Mointy terrane (Central Kazakhstan): Provenance, crustal evolution, and implications for paleotectonic reconstructionKanygina, N. A.; Tretyakov, A. A.; Degtyarev, K. E.; Kovach, V. P.; Skuzovatov, S. Yu.; Pang, K.-N.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y.Precambrian Research 354, 106040
22021Ubiquitous post-peak zircon in an eclogite from the Kumdy-Kol, Kokchetav UHP-HP Massif (Kazakhstan): Significance of exhumation-related zircon growth and modification in continental-subduction settingsSkuzovatov, S. Yu.; Shatsky, V. S.; Ragozin, A. L.; Wang, K.‐L. Island Arc 30(1), e12385
32021Zircon and Melt Extraction From a Long-Lived and Vertically Extensive Magma System Underneath Ilopango Caldera (El Salvador)Cisneros de Leon, A.; Schmitt1, A. K.; Kutterolf, S.; Schindlbeck-Belo, J. C.; Hernandez, W.; Sims, K. W. W.; Garrison, J.; Kant, L. B.; Weber, B.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y.; Trumbull, R. B.GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS 22(5), e2020GC009507
42021Early Neoproterozoic crustal growth and microcontinent formation of the north–central Central Asian Orogenic Belt: New geological, geochronological, and Nd–Hf isotopic data on the Mélange Zone within the Zavkhan terrane, western MongoliaKovach, V.; Kozakov, I.; Kröner, A.; Salnikova, E.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. ; Plotkina, J.; Gorokhovsky, B.; Adamskaya, E.; Tolmacheva, E.; Shpakovich, L.Gondwana Research 91, 254-276
52021A history of violence: magma incubation, timing and tephra distribution of the Los Chocoyos supereruption (Atitlán Caldera, Guatemala)Cisneros de León, A.; Schindlbeck-Belo, J.C.; Kutterolf, S.; Danišík, M.; Schmitt, A.K.; Freundt, A.; Pérez, W.; Harvey, J.C.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE 36(2), 169-179
62020Tracking the magmatic response to subduction initiation in the forearc mantle wedge: Insights from peridotite geochemistry of the Guleman and Kızıldağ ophiolites, Southeastern TurkeyLin, Kuan-Yu; Wang, Kuo-Lung ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Bingöl, Ahmet Feyzi; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki ; Lee, Hao-Yang Lithos 376-377, 105737
72020Refined conventional ICP-MS methodology for precisely determining bulk-rock trace-element contents (ppb level) of highly-depleted peridotites.Wang, K.-L. ; Lin, K.-Y.; Lin, F.-L.; Lee, H.-Y.
82020Age and genesis of the Mesozoic granitoids and ophiolitic complexes from the Sabah crystalline basement, NE BorneoChien, Y.-H.; Wang, K.-L. ; Chung, S.-L.; Ghani, A.A.; Iizuk, Y.; Lee, H.-Y.
92020Age of Detrital Zircons and Sources of Terrigenous Deposits of the Olokit Zone (Northern Baikal Region)Kovach, V. P.; Rytsk, E. Yu.; Velikoslavinsky, S. D.; Kuznetsov, A. B.; Wang, K-L. ; Chung, S-L. DOKLADY EARTH SCIENCES 493, 600-603
102020Miocene syn-rift evolution of the North Croatian Basin (Carpathian-Pannonian Region): new constraints from Mts. Kalnik and Požeška gora volcaniclastic record with regional implicationsBrlek, M.; Kutterolf, S.; Gaynor, S.; Kuiper, K.; Belak, M.; Brčić, V.; Holcová, K.; Wang, K.-L. ; Bakrač, K.; Hajek-Tadesse, V.; Mišur, I.; Horvat, M.; Šuica, S.; Schaltegger, U.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 109, 2775-2800
112020Quartzite–Schist Sequences of the Aktau–Mointy Massif (Central Kazakhstan): Structural Position, Provenance, and Formation Stages of the Earth Crust in the PrecambrianKanygina, N. A.; Tretyakov, A. A.; Degtyarev, K. E.; Kovach, V. P.; Plotkina, J. V.; Pang, K.-N. ; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. Geotectonics 54, 212-228
122020The Upper Age Boundary of the Formation of the Olondo Fragment of the Tokko–Khani Greenstone Belt, Aldan Shield: U–Pb (ID-TIMS) Geochronological DataKovach, V. P.; Kotov, A. B.; Salnikova, E. B.; Popov, N. V.; Velikoslavinsky, S. D.; Plotkina, J. V.; Wang, K.-L. ; Fedoseenko, A. M.Doklady Earth Sciences 494, 767-772
132020New insights into source and dispersal of Mediterranean S1 tephra, an early Holocene marker horizon erupted at Mt. Erciyes (Turkey)Friedrichs, B.; Schindlbeck-Belo, J. C.; Danišík, M.; Jenkins, S. F.; Yurteri, E.; Çobankaya, M.; Frische, M.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. ; Atıcı, G.; Schmitt, A. K.; Sparks, R. S. J.Quaternary Science Reviews 249 106606
142019Ages and glass compositions for paired large-volume eruptions from the Acigöl volcanic complex, Cappadocia (Turkey)Atici, G.; Schmitt, A.K.; Friedrichs, B.; Sparks, S.; Danišík, Martin; Yurteri, E.; Gündoğdu, E.A.; Schindlbeck‑Belo, J.; Çobankaya, M.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. Mediterranean Geoscience Reviews 1, 167-178
152019Late Carboniferous ophiolites from the southern Lancangjiang belt, SW China: Implication for the arc–back-arc system in the eastern Paleo-TethysZhai, Qing-Guo; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Tang, Yue; Hu, Pei-Yuan; Jin, Xiao-Chi; Wang, Jun; Wang, Hai-Tao; Wang, Kuo-Lung ; Lee, Hao-YangLithos 344-345, 134-146
162019Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism and granulite metamorphism in the Chu-Kendyktas terrane (Southern Kazakhsten, Central Asian Orogenic Belt): Zircon dating, Nd isotopy and tectono-magmatic evolutionTretyakov, A.A.; Pilitsyna, A.V.; Degtyarev, K.E.; Salnikova, E.B.; Kovach, V.P.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Batanova, V.G.; Wang, K.-L. ; Kanygina, N.A.; Kovalchuk, E.V.Precambrian Research 332, 105397
172019Age and Sources of Terrigenous Rocks of Basal Formation of the Tsagaan-Olom Group of the Dzabkhan Terrane: Results of U–Th–Pb Geochronological, Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd Isotopic StudiesKovach, V. P.; Kozakov, I. K.; Wang, K.-L. ; Plotkina, Yu. V.; Lee, H.-Ya.; Chung, S.-L. Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation 27, 555-572
182019Feedback of mantle metasomatism on olivine micro–fabric and seismic properties of the deep lithosphereKourim, F.; Beinlich, A.; Wang, K.-L. ; Michibayashi, K.; O’Reilly, S.Y.; Pearson, N.J.LITHOS 328-329, 43-57
192019Geochemistry, zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf systematics of high-grade metasedimentary sequences from the South Muya block (northeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt): Reconnaissance of polymetamorphism and accretion of Neoproterozoic exotic blocks in southern SiberiaSkuzovatov, S.; Wang, K.-L. ; Dril, S; Lee, H.-Y.; Iizuka, Y. Precambrian Research 321, 34-53
202019The Arce Tephra: Two subsequent paroxysmal Plinian eruptions from Coatepeque Caldera (El Salvador)Kutterolf, S.; Schindlbeck-Belo, J.C.; Rohr, I.; Rademacher, M.; de León, A. Cisneros; Eisele, S.; Freundt, A.; Hernandez, W.; Wang, K.-L. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 390, 106673
212019LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotope data from the granitic rocks in the Iwakuni area, Southwest Japan: re-evaluation of emplacement order and the source magmaMateen, Tayyaba; Okamoto, Kazuaki; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Wang, Kuo-Lung ; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Abe, Shuhei; Mita, Yuji; Rehman, Hafiz U.; Terabayashi, Masaru; Yamamoto, HiroshiGeosciences Journal 23, 917-931
222019Continental subduction during arc-microcontinent collision in the southern Siberian craton: Constraints on protoliths and metamorphic evolution of the North Muya complex eclogites (Eastern Siberia)Skuzovatov, S.; Shatsky, V.; Wang, K.-L. LITHOS 342-343, 76-96
232019Early Palaeozoic metamorphism of Precambrian crust in the Zheltau terrane (Southern Kazakhstan; Central Asian Orogenic belt): P-T paths, protoliths, zircon dating and tectonic implicationsPilitsyna, A.V.; Tretyakov, A.A.; Degtyarev, K.E.; Salnikov, E.B.; Kotov, A.B.; Kovach, V.P.; Wang, K.-L. ; Batanova, V.G.; Plotkina, Yu.V.; Tolmacheva, E.V.; Ermolaev, B.V.; Lee, H.-Y. LITHOS 324-325, 115-140
242019First Results of Dating Detrital Zircons from the Late Precambrian Quartzite-Schist Sequences of the Chu Block (Southern Kazakhstan)Kanygina, N. A.; Tretyakov, A. A.; Degtyarev, K. E.; Pang, K. N.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H. Y.; Plotkina, J. V.DOKLADY EARTH SCIENCES 489, 1273-1276
252017NO EXCESSIVE CRUSTAL GROWTH IN THE CENTRAL ASIAN OROGENIC BELT: FURTHER EVIDENCE FROM FIELD RELATIONSHIPS AND ISOTOPIC DATAKroener, Alfred; Kovach, Victor; Alexeiev, Dmitriy; Wang, Kuo-Lung ; Wong, Jean; Degtyarev, Kirill; Kozakov, IvanGeodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 503-504
262017Polychronous formation of the ophiolite association in the Tekturmas zone of Central Kazakhstan inferred from geochronological and biostratigraphic dataDegtyarev, K. E.; Tolmacheva, T.Y.; Tretyakov, A.A.; Kotov, A.B.; Yakubchuk, A.S.; Salnikova, E.B.; Wang, K.L. DOKLADY EARTH SCIENCES 472, 26-30
272017Geochemistry, zircon U-Pb geochronology, Nd-Hf isotopic characteristics and tectonic implications of the South Muya block metasediments (northeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt)Skuzovatov, S.Yu; Noskova, Yu.V.; Dril, S.I.; Wang, K.-L. ; Iizuka, Y.Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 565-568
282017Depleted SSZ type mantle peridotites in Proterozoic Eastern Sayan ophiolites in SiberiaWang, K.-L. ; Chu, Z.; Gornova, M.A.; Dril, S.; Belyaev, V.A.; Lin, K.-Y.; O’Reilly, S.Y.Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 583-587
292017Geochemistry and origin of the Eastern Sayan ophiolites, Tuva-Mongolian microcontinent (Southern Siberia)Belyaev, V.A.; Wang, K.-L. ; Gornova, M.A.; Dril’, S.I.; Karimov, A.A.; Medvedev, A.Ya.; Noskova, Yu.V.Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 411-415
302017Early Neoproterozoic crust formaton in the Dzabkhan microcontinent, Central Asian Orogenic BeltKovach, V.P.; Kozakov, I.K.; Kröner, A.; Salnikova, E.B.; Wang, K.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y.; Chung, S.-L.Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 499-501
312017Geochronology and Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of Late Paleozoic collisional granitoids of Undinsky complex (Eastern Transbaikal region)Dril, S.I.; Noskova, Yu.V.; Wang, K.-L. ; Belyaev, V.; Skuzovatov, S.Yu.; Grigoriev, D.A.; Belkov, D.A.Geodynamics & Tectonophysics 8(3), 455-459