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12020Local-time Variabilities of March Equinox Daytime SABER CO2 in the Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere RegionCornelius Csar Jude H. Salinas; Loren C. Chang; Mao-Chang Liang ; Jia Yue; Liying Qian; Quan Gan; Yi-Chung Chiu; James Russell III; Martin MlynczakJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS 125(3), e2019JA027039
22020Utilization of Δ17O for nitrate dynamics in a subtropical freshwater reservoirKaushal, Ritika; Lai, Chao-Chen; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Liang, Mao-Chang Science of The Total Environment 753, 141836
32020A new perspective of probing the level of pollution in the megacity Delhi affected by crop residue burning using the triple oxygen isotope technique in atmospheric CO2Amzad H. Laskar; Abhayanand Singh Maurya; Vishvendra Singh; Bhola R. Gurjar; Mao-Chang Liang ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 263(Part A), 114542
42020Variable thermoregulation of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs inferred by clumped isotope analysis of fossilized eggshell carbonatesLaskar, Amzad H.; Mohabey, Dhananjay; Bhattacharya, Sourendra K.; Liang, Mao-Chang Heliyon 6(10), e05265
52020Ab initio quantum chemical studies of isotopic fractionation during acid digestion reaction of dolomite for clumped isotope applicationPramanik, Chirantan; Ghosh, Prosenjit; Banerjee, Sanchita; Liang, Mao‐Chang Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 34(23), e8926
62020Stratospheric incursion as a source of enhancement of the isotopic ratios of atmospheric N2O at Western PacificTania Guha; Sasadhar Mahata; S.K. Bhattacharya; Bhupendra Bahadur Singh; Sakae Toyoda; Naohiro Yoshida; Mao-Chang Liang EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE 7(11), e2020EA001102
72019Kinetic mass-transfer calculation of water isotope fractionation due to cloud microphysics in a regional meteorological modelTsai, I.-C. ; Chen, W.-Y.; Chen, J.-P.; Liang, M.-C. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19(3), 1753-1766
82014A non-monotonic eddy diffusivity profile of Titan's atmosphere revealed by Cassini observationsLi, Cheng; Zhang, Xi; Kammer, Joshua A.; Liang, Mao-Chang ; Shia, Run-Lie; Yung, Yuk L.Planetary and Space Science 104(Part A), 48-58