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12020Deformation patterns and potential active movements of the Fansipan mountain range, northern VietnamDinh, T.-H.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chang, C.-P; Chen, C.-T.; Hsu, Y.-C.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 110, 35-51
22020The relationship between surface displacement and groundwater level change and its hydrogeological implications in an alluvial fan: case study of the Choshui river, TaiwanLu, C.-Y.; Hu, J.-C.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Su, Y.-F.; Chang, C.-H.REMOTE SENSING 12(20), 3315
32019Thermal History of the Northern Taiwanese Slate Belt and Implications for Wedge Growth During the Neogene Arc‐Continent CollisionChen, C.-T.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Beyssac, O.; Lu, C.‐Y.; Chen, Y.‐G.; Malavieille, J.; Kidder, S. B.; Sun, H.-C.Tectonics 38(9), 3335-3350
42018Geomorphological evolution of landslides near an active normal fault in northern Taiwan, as revealed by lidar and unmanned aircraft system dataChang, K.-J.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chen, R.-F.; Hsieh, Y.-C.NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES 18(3), 709-727
52018Basal accretion, a major mechanism for mountain building in Taiwan revealed in rock thermal historyChen, C.-T.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Lo, C.-H.; Malavieille, J.; Lu, C.-Y.; Tang, J.-T.; Lee, Y.-H.JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 152, 80-90
62018Episodic slow slip events and overlying plate seismicity at the southernmost Ryukyu TrenchChen, S. K.; Wu, Y.-M.; Chan, Y.-C. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 45 (19), 10369-10377
72016Growth of mica porphyroblasts under low-grade metamorphism -- A Taiwanese case using in-situ 40Ar/39Ar laser microprobe datingChen, C.-T.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Lo, C.-H.; Lu, C.-Y.JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 92, 1-11
82016Direct Measurements of Bedrock Incision Rates on the Surface of a Large Dip-slope Landslide by Multi-Period Airborne Laser Scanning DEMsHsieh, Y.-C.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Hu, J.-C.; Chen, Y.-Z.; Chen, R.-F.; Chen, M.-M.REMOTE SENSING 8(11), 900
92016Digital Elevation Model Differencing and Error Estimation from Multiple Sources: A Case Study from the Meiyuan Shan Landslide in TaiwanHsieh, Y.-C.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Hu, J.-C.REMOTE SENSING 8(3), 199:1-20
102015Identification of co-seismic ground motion due to fracturing and impact of the Tsaoling landslide, TaiwanChih-Yu Kuo ; Kuo-Jen Chang; Pi-Wen Tsai; Shao-Kuan Wei; Rou-Fei Chen; Jia-Jyun Dong; Che-Ming Yang; Yu-Chang Chan ; Yih-Chin TaiENGINEERING GEOLOGY 196, 268-279
112015Examining lake-bottomstructures with the resistivity imaging method in Ilan's Da-Hu Lake in Northeastern TaiwanP.-Y. Chang; L.-C. Chang; T.-Q. Lee; Y.-C. Chan ; H.-F. ChenJOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS 119, 170–177
122014Identify Tsaoling landslide fracture and impact in the Chi- Chi earthquakes郭志禹 ; 張國楨; 蔡碧紋; 魏韶寬; 陳柔妃; 董家鈞; 楊哲明; 詹瑜璋 ; 戴義欽; 林聖恩
132014Derivation of strike and dip in sedimentary terrain using 3D image interpretation based on airborne LiDAR dataYeh, C.-H.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chang, K.-J.; Lin, M.-L.; Hsieh, Y.-C.TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 6, 775-790
142014Elucidating the geometry of the active Shanchiao Fault in the Taipei metropolis, northern Taiwan, and the reactivation relationship with preexisting orogen structuresChen, C.-T.; Lee, J.-C.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Lu, C.-Y.; Teng, L. S.-Y.TECTONICS 10.1002/2013TC003502
152014Forecasting landslide hazard by the 3D discrete element method: A case study of the unstable slope in the Lushan hot spring district, central TaiwanLu, Chiao-Yin; Tang, C.-L.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Hu, J.-C.; Chi, C.-C.ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 183, 14-30
162012Constraints from Rocks in the Taiwan Orogen on Crustal Stress Levels and RheologyKidder, S.; Avouac, J.-P.; Chan, Y.-C. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 117, B09408
172012Topographic changes revealed by airborne LiDAR surveys in regions affected by the 2009 Typhoon Morakot, southern Taiwan.Chan, Y.-C. ; Chang, K.-J.; Chen, R.-F.; Liu, J.-K.WESTERN PACIFIC EARTH SCIENCES vol. 12, no.1, p.67-82
182011The arc-continent collision in TaiwanByrne, T; Chan, Y.-C. ; Rau, R.-J.; Lu, C.-Y.; Lee, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.-J.Arc-continent collision(Heidelberg : Springer)
192011Nappe structure revealed by thermal constraints in the Taiwan metamorphic belt. Terra NovaChen, C. T.; Chan, Y. C. ; Lu, C. Y.; Simoes, M.; Beyssac, O.TERRA NOVA 23, 85-91
202011The 1999 Tsao-Ling Rockslide: Source Area, Debris, and Life Cycle of Associated Rockslide-Dammed Lake (Central Taiwan)Chang, K.-J.; Chen, R.-F.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Taboada, A.Natural and Artificial Rockslide Dams (Germany : Springer)
212010Evaluation of Tectonic Activities Using LiDAR Topographic Data: The Nankan Lineament in Northern TaiwanChang, K. J.; Chan, Y. C. ; Chen, R. F.; Hsieh, Y. C.TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 21(3), 463-476
222010Preface to the Special Issue on Potential Geohazards of the Taipei Metropolitan AreaChan, Y. C. ; Song, S. R.; Tsao, S. J.TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 21(3), I-III
232010Cliff Recession and Progressive Development of Talus Deposits around Xiangshan of the Taipei Sishou HillsLo, C. M.; Lin, M. L.; Lee, W. C.; Chan, Y. C. ; Yeh, C. H.TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 21(3), 543-561
242010Orogenic curvature in the northern Taconic allochthon and its relation to footwall geometryCrespi, J. M.; Underwood, H. R.; Chan, Y. C. From Rodinia to Pangea: The Lithotectonic Record of the Appalachian Region: Geological Society of America Memoir 206 (USA : Geological Society of America)
252010Thematic Section: Fluid-rock interaction in the bottom of the inland seismogenic zoneTerabayashi, M.; Okamoto, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Chan, Y. C. ISLAND ARC 19, 1–3
262010Growth normal faulting at the western edge of the metropolitan Taipei basin since the Last Glacial Maximum, northern TaiwanChen, Chih-Tung; Lee, Jian-Cheng ; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Lu, Chia-YuTERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 21(3), 409-428
272009Seismogenic stress field beneath the Tatun Volcano Group, northern TaiwanKonstantinou, K. I.; Lin, C. H.; Liang, W. T.; Chan, Y. C. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH 187, 261-271
282009Effects of realistic surface topography on seismic ground motion in the Yangminshan region of Taiwan based upon the Spectral-Element Method and LiDAR DTMLee, S. J. ; Chan, Y. C. ; Komatitsch, D.; Huang, B. S. ; Tromp, J.BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 99(2A), 681-693
292009Non-Catastrophic landslides induced by the Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquake in central Taiwan as revealed by PIV analysisTseng, C. H.; Hu, J. C; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chu, H. T.; Lee, J. F.; Wei, J. Y.; Lu, C. Y.; Lin, Min-LangTECTONOPHYSICS 466(3), 427-437
302009Anaglyph image: the useful platform for morphotectonic communicationChang, Kuo-Jen; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Chen, Rou-FeiWestern Pacific Earth Sciences 9, 1-13
312009The Tsaoling landslide triggered by the Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan: Insights from a discrete element simulationTang, Chao-Lung; Hu, Jyr-Ching; Lin, Ming-Lang; Angelier, Jacques; Lu, Chia-Yu; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Chu, Hao-TsuENGINEERING GEOLOGY 106, 1-19
322008Detailed surface co-seismic displacement of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in western Taiwan and implication of fault geometry in the shallow subsurfaceHuang, Chung; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Hua, Jyr-Ching; Angelier, Jacques; Lee, Jian-ChengJOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 30, 1167-1176
332008High-pressure metamorphism in Taiwan: from oceanic subductionBeyssac, O.; Negro, F.; Simoes, M.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chen, Y.-G.TERRA NOVA 20, 118-125
342007Characterizing the Hsincheng active fault in northern Taiwan using airborne LiDAR data: detailed geomorphic features and their structural implicationsChan, Y.-C. ; Chen, Y.-G.; Shih, T.-Y.; Huan, C.JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 31, 303-316.
352007Structure of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake rupture and interaction of thrust faults in the active fold belt of western TaiwanLee, J.-C.; Chan, Y.-C. JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 31, 226-239
362007Kinematic analysis of the Pakuashan fault-tip fold, west-central Taiwan: shortening rate and age of folding inceptionSimoes, M.; Avouac, J. P.; Chen, Y.-G.; Singhvi, A. K.; Wang, C.-Y.; Jaiswal, M.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Bernard, SylvainJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 112, B03S14
372007Fault activity and lateral extrusion inferred from velocity field revealed by GPS measurements in the Pingtung area of southwestern TaiwanHu, Jyr-Ching; Hou, Chin-Shyong; Shen, Li-Chung; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Chen, Rou-Fei; Huang, Chung; Rau, Ruey-Juin; Chen, Kate Hui-Hsuan; Lin, Chii-Wen; Huang, Mong-Han; Nien, Pei-FenJOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 31, 287-302
382007Fault geometries illuminated from seismicity in central Taiwan: implications for crustal scale structural boundaries in the northern Central RangeGourley, J. R.; Byrne, T.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Wu, F.; Rau, R. J.TECTONOPHYSICS 445, 168-185
392007Late Cenozoic metamorphic evolution and exhumation of TaiwanBeyssac, O.; Simoes, M.; Avouac, J.-P.; Farley, K.; Chen, Y.-G.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Goffe, B.TECTONICS 26, TC6001
402007Thirty-year land elevation change from subsidence to uplift following the termination of groundwater pumping and its geological implications in the Metropolitan Taipei Basin, Northern TaiwanChen, C. T.; Hu, J. C.; Lu, C. Y.; Lee, J. C. ; Chan, Y. C. ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 95(1-2), 30-47
412006Post-seismic surface processes in the Jiufengershan landslide area, 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake epicentral zone, TaiwanChang, K. J.; Taboada, A.; Chan, Y. C. ; Dominguez, S.ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 86, 102-117
422006Topographical changes revealed by high-resolution airborne LiDAR data: The 1999 Tsaoling landslide induced by the Chi-Chi earthquakeChen, R.-F.; Chang, K.-J.; Angelier, J.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Deffontaines, B.; Lee, C.-T.; Lin, M.-L.ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 88, 160-172
432006航照影像正射處理的軟體簡介及其應用(Orthorectification of aerial photographs and its geological applications)周素卿; 詹瑜璋 地質(Ti-Chih) 第25卷第1期,頁66-71
442005Fossil fluid reservoir beneath a duplex fault structure within the Central Range of Taiwan: implications for fluid leakage andlubrication during earthquake rupturing processChan, Yu-Chang ; Okamoto, Kazuaki; Yui, Tzen-Fu; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki; Chu, Hao-TsuTERRA NOVA 17, 493-499
452005Geological and morphological study of the Jiufengershan landslide triggered by the Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquakeChang, Kuo-Jen; Taboada, Alfredo; Chan, Yu-Chang GEOMORPHOLOGY 71, 293-309
462005見樹又見地:雷射測距掃描 (Light Detection and Ranging)詹瑜璋 科學發展(Science Development) 第390期,頁24-29
472005Large earthquake-triggered landslides and mountain belt erosion: The Tsaoling case, TaiwanChen, Rou-Fei; Chan, Yu-Chang ; Angelier, Jacques; Hu, Jyr-Ching; Huang, Chung; Chang, Kuo-Jen; Shih, Tian-YuanCOMPTES RENDUS GEOSCIENCE 337, 1164-1172
482004空載雷射掃描數值高程模型簡介(Introduction to the digital elevation model derived from airborne light detection and ranging)黃鐘; 胡植慶; 陳于高; 詹瑜璋 ; 李建成 ; 史天元地質(Ti-Chih) 第23卷第1期,頁43-54
492004Quantitative analysis of movement along an earthquake thrust scarp: a case study of a vertical exposure of the 1999 surface rupture of the Chelungpu fault at Wufeng, Western TaiwanLee, J. C. ; Rubin, C.; Mueller, K.; Chen, Y. G.; Chan, Y. C. ; Sieh, K.; Chu, H. T.; Chen, W. S.JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 23, 263-273
502003GPS衛星測量應用於屏東平原活動構造之研究(GPS Measurements of Active Structure in Pingtung Area, Southwestern Taiwan)沈里俊; 侯進雄; 胡植慶; 詹瑜璋 ; 黃鐘; 賴典章; 林啟文經濟部中央地質調查所特刊(Taiwan Central Geological Survey Special Publication) 第14期,頁181-192
512003臺南台地的地表變形與地震潛能(Surface Deformation and Earthquake Potential of Tainan Tableland, Southwestern Taiwan)饒瑞鈞; 景國恩; 謝宗訓; 余致義; 侯進雄; 李元希; 胡植慶; 詹瑜璋 ; 李建成 經濟部中央地質調查所特刊(Taiwan Central Geological Survey Special Publication) 第14期 第14期,頁161-171
522003Reply to “Comment on ‘A Vertical Exposure of the 1999 Surface Rupture of the Chelungpu Fault at Wufeng, Western Taiwan: Structural and Paleoseismic Implications for an Active Thrust Fault,’ by Jian-Cheng Lee, Yue-Gau Chen, Kerry Sieh, Karl Mueller, Wen-Shan Chen, Hao-Tsu Chu, Yu-Chang Chan, Charles Rubin, and Robert Yeats,” by Yuan-Hsi Lee, Shih-Ting Lu, Tung-Sheng Shih, and Wei-Yu WuLee, J. C. ; Rubin, C.; Mueller, K; Chan, Y. C. ; Chu, H. T.; Chen, Y. G; Sieh, K.; Chen, W. S.; Yeats, R.BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 93(2), 969-972
532002The 1999 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake and basement impact thrust kinematicsLu, C. Y.; Chu, H. T.; Lee, J. C.; Chan, Y. C. ; Chang, K. J.; Mouthereau, F.Western Pacific Earth Sciences 2(2), 183-192
542002Active Continental Growth and Transpressional Tectonics – Example from Southeastern TaiwanLu, C.-Y.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Lee, J.-C.; Chu, H.-T.Western Pacific Earth Sciences 2(1), 37-46
552002Geometry and structure of northern surface ruptures of the 1999 Mw=7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake: influence from inherited fold belt structuresLee, J. C. ; Chu, H. T.; Angelier, J.; Chan, Y. C. ; Hu, J. C.; Lu, C. Y.; Rau, R. J.JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 24(1), 173-192
562001Structural evolution of the southern Central Range, TaiwanLu, C.-Y.; Chang, K. J.; Malavielle, J.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Chang, C.-P.; Lee, J.-C.Western Pacific Earth Sciences 1(2), 213-226
572001The Chichi earthquake, 1999, and its role in the Taiwan orogenAngelier, J; Lee, JC; Chu, HT; Hu, JC; Lu, CY; Chan, YC ; Lin, TJ; Font, Y; Deffontaines, B; Tsai, YBCOMPTES RENDUS DE L ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES SERIE II FASCICULE A-SCIENCES DE LA TERRE ET DES PLANETES 333(1), 5-21
582001Post-earthquake response, 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake: Evidence for past earthquakesRubin, C.; Sieh, K.; Chen, Y.-G.; Lee, J.-C.; Chu, H. -T.; Yeats, R.; Mueller, K.; Chan, Y.-C. EOS 82(47), 565-569
592001A Vertical Exposure of the 1999 Surface Rupture of the Chelungpu Fault at Wufeng, Western Taiwan: Structural and Paleoseismic Implications for an Active Thrust FaultLee, J. C. ; Chen, Y. G.; Sieh, K.; Chu, H. T.; Mueller, K.; Chan, Y. C. ; Rubin, C.; Yeats, R.; Chen, W. S.BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 91(5), 914-929
602000Dating cleavage formation in slates and phyllites with the 40Ar/39Ar laser microprobe: an example from the western New England Applachians, USAChan, Y.-C. ; Crespi, J. M.; Hodges, K. V.TERRA NOVA 12(6), 264-271
611999Albite porphyroblasts with sigmoidal inclusion trails and their kinematic implications: an example from the Taconic Allochthon, west-central VermontChan, Y.-C. ; Crespi, J. M.JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 21, 1407-1417
621996Synorogenic extension and exhumation of the Taiwan hinterlandCrespi, J. M.; Chan, Y.-C. ; Swaim, M. S.GEOLOGY 3(24), 247-250
631996Vein reactivation and some complex vein intersection geometriesCrespi, J. M.; Chan, Y.-C. JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 18(7), 933-939