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12020Crustal Motion of Active Plate Convergence in Eastern Taiwan: Agglomerative Clustering based on Dynamic Time WarpingUtpal Kumar; Cédric. P. Legendre; Jian-Cheng Lee; Benjamin Fong Chao 
22020What Causes the Common‐Mode Error in Array GPS Displacement Fields: Case Study for Taiwan in Relation to Atmospheric Mass LoadingKumar, Utpal; Chao, Benjamin Fong ; Chang, Emmy T. Y.Earth and Space Science 7(11), e2020EA001159
32020Variation of the equatorial moments of inertia associated with a 6-year westward rotary motion in the EarthChao, B.F. ; Yu, Y.Earth and Planetary Science Letters 542, 116316
42020Variation of Earth's Oblateness J2 on Interannual‐to‐Decadal TimescalesChao, B. F. ; Yu, Y.; Chung, C. H.Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 125(6), e2020JB019421
52020Inner Core and Its Libration Under Gravitational Equilibrium: Implications to Lower‐Mantle Density AnomalyShih, S. A.; Chao, B. F. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126(1), e2020JB020541
62019GPS crustal motions along Taiwan's east coast: EOF analysisUtpal Kumar; Benjamin Fong Chao 
72019Crustal fluid and afterslip drive transient postseismic deformation associated with the 2016 Meinong earthquake (Mw 6.4)Utpal Kumar; Changyi Charles Xu; Benjamin Fong Chao ; Tai Liu
82019What Does Space Geodesy Say About LLSVP (Large Low-Shear-Velocity Provinces)?Benjamin F. Chao 
92019A 6-year Geophysical Westward Rotary Motion in the Earth: Kinematics and DynamicsBenjamin F. Chao ; Yao Yu
102019Gravity Changes Due to Large Earthquakes Detected in GRACE Satellite Data via Empirical Orthogonal Function AnalysisChao, B. F. ; Liau, J. R.Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124(3), 3024-3035
112019On Estimating the Cross Correlation and Least Squares Fit of One Data Set to Another With Time ShiftChao, B. F. ; Chung, C. H.Earth and Space Science 6(8), 1409-1415
122017Variation of Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its intensification in relation to the Southern Annular Mode detected in the time-variable gravity signals by GRACE satelliteLiau, J. R.; B. F. Chao EARTH PLANETS AND SPACE 69, 93
132017Coseismic changes of gravitational potential energy induced by global earthquakes based on spherical-Earth elastic dislocation theoryXu, C. Y.; B. F. Chao JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH 122(5), 4053-4063
142017A meteor shockwave event recorded at seismic and infrasound stations in northern TaiwanKumar, Utpal; Chao, Benjamin F. ; Hsieh, Yikai; Chang, Emmy T. Y.Geoscience Letters 4, 13
152017Decadal Polar Motion of the Earth Excited by the Convective Outer Core From Geodynamo SimulationsKuang, W.; Chao, B. F. ; Chen, J.JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH 122(10), 8459-8473
162017On rotational normal modes of the Earth: Resonance, excitation, convolution, deconvolution and all thatChao, Benjamin Fong Geodesy and Geodynamics 8(6), 371-376
172017Resistivity mapping in the Tatun Volcano Group, Northern Taiwan, revealed by VLF-MT surveysKomori, Shogo; Utsugi, Mitsuru; Kagiyama, Tsuneomi; Yoshikawa, Shin; Chen, Chang Hwa; Chao, Benjamin Fong TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 28(6), 833-842