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12021Fermi resonance switching in KrH+Rg and XeH+Rg (Rg = Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe)Jake A Tan; Jer-Lai Kuo The Journal of Chemical Physics 154(13):134302
22021Size of the hydrogen bond network in liquid methanol: a quantum cluster equilibrium model with extensive structure searchSoon Teh; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23, 9166-9175
32021Hydrogen enhancing Ga doping efficiency and electron mobility in high-performance transparent conducting Ga-doped ZnO filmsAnh Tuan Thanh Pham; Dung Van Hoang; Truong Huu Nguyen; Oanh Kieu Truong Le; Deniz P Wong; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Kuei-Hsien Chen ; Thang Bach Phan; Vinh Cao TranJournal of Alloys and Compounds 860:158518
42021Dipole moment enhanced π–π stacking in fluorophenylacetylenes is carried over from gas-phase dimers to crystal structures propagated through liquid like clustersSumitra Singh; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; G Naresh PatwariPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23, 9938-9947
52021Anharmonic Coupling Revealed by the Vibrational Spectra of Solvated Protonated Methanol: Fermi Resonance, Combination Bands, and Isotope EffectChih-Kai Lin; Qian-Rui Huang; Ying-Cheng Li; Ha-Quyen Nguyen; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Asuka FujiiThe Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125(9), 1910-1918
62021Vibrational Signature of Dynamic Coupling of a Strong Hydrogen BondShukang Jiang; Mingzhi Su; Shuo Yang; Chong Wang; Qian-Rui Huang; Gang Li; Hua Xie; Jiayue Yang; Guorong Wu; Weiqing Zhang; Zhaojun Zhang; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Zhi-Feng Liu; Dong H Zhang; Xueming Yang; Ling JiangThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12(9), 2259-2265
72021Collision-induced dissociation of xylose and its applications in linkage and anomericity identificationHock-Seng Nguan; Shang-Ting Tsai; Jien-Lian Chen; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23, 3485-3495
82021Understanding Fermi resonances in the complex vibrational spectra of the methyl groups in methylaminesQian-Rui Huang; Tomoya Endo; Saurabh Mishra; Bingbing Zhang; Li-Wei Chen; Asuka Fujii; Ling Jiang; G Naresh Patwari; Yoshiyuki Matsuda; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23(6), 3739-3747
92021Strong Fermi Resonance Associated with Proton Motions Revealed by Vibrational Spectra of Asymmetric Proton‐Bound DimersQian-Rui Huang; Ryunosuke Shishido; Chih-Kai Lin; Chen-Wei Tsai; Jake A Tan; Asuka Fujii; Jer-Lai Kuo Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60(4), 1936-1941
102021Deconstructing Vibrational Motions on the Potential Energy Surfaces of Hydrogen-Bonded ComplexesBingbing Zhang; Shuo Yang; Qian-Rui Huang; Shukang Jiang; Rongjun Chen; Xueming Yang; Dong H Zhang; Zhaojun Zhang; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Ling JiangCCS Chemistry 3(1), 829-835
112020Mechanistic Insight on the Formation of a Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) by an Acetonitrile-Based Superconcentrated [Li][TFSI] Electrolyte near Lithium MetalHarender S Dhattarwal; Yun-Wen Chen; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Hemant K KashyapThe Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124(50), 27495-27502
122020Unveiling the crystallographic facet dependence of the photoelectrochemical glycerol oxidation on bismuth vanadateTruong-Giang Vo; Chi-Chang Kao; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Cheng-chau Chiu; Chia-Ying ChiangApplied Catalysis B: Environmental 278:119303
132020Hydrogen adsorption mechanism of MOF-74 metal–organic frameworks: an insight from first principles calculationsTrang Nguyen-Thuy; Phong Le-Hoang; Nam Hoang Vu; Thong Nguyen-Minh Le; Tan Le Hoang Doan; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Toan T Nguyen; Thang Bach Phan; Duc Nguyen-ManhRSC Advances 10, 43940-43949
142020Vibrational spectroscopic signatures of hydrogen bond induced NH stretch–bend Fermi-resonance in amines: The methylamine clusters and other N–H⋯ N hydrogen-bonded complexesSaurabh Mishra; Ha-Quyen Nguyen; Qian-Rui Huang; Chih-Kai Lin; Jer-Lai Kuo ; G Naresh PatwariThe Journal of Chemical Physics 153(19):194301
152020Vibrational Coupling in Solvated H3O+: Interplay between Fermi Resonance and Combination BandQian-Rui Huang; Ying-Cheng Li; Tomoki Nishigori; Marusu Katada; Asuka Fujii; Jer-Lai Kuo The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(23), 10067-10072
162020IR–VUV spectroscopy of pyridine dimers, trimers and pyridine–ammonia complexes in a supersonic jetJun-Ying Feng; Yuan-Pern Lee ; Chao-Yuan Zhu; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Takayuki EbataPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(37), 21520-21534
172020The electronic structures and magnetic properties of mixed-valence Fe-based metal–organic VNU-15 frameworks: a theoretical study from linear response DFT+ U calculationsDiem Thi-Xuan Dang; Hieu Cao Dong; Yoshiyuki Kawazoe; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Duc Nguyen-ManhRSC Advances 10, 34690-34701
182020Structure and Vibrational Spectra of ArnH+ (n = 2–3)Jake A Tan; Jer-Lai Kuo The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124(38), 7726-7734
192020Vibrational spectroscopy of protonated amine–water clusters: tuning Fermi resonance and lighting up dark statesChih-Kai Lin; Ryunosuke Shishido; Qian-Rui Huang; Asuka Fujii; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 22035-22046
202020Anharmonic coupling behind vibrational spectra of solvated ammonium: lighting up overtone states by Fermi resonance through tuning solvation environmentsChih-Kai Lin; Qian-Rui Huang; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 24059-24069
212020Effects of mixing between short-chain and branched-chain alcohols in protonated clustersPo-Jen Hsu; Takahiro Shinkai; Pei-Han Tai; Asuka Fujii; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(23), 13223-13239
222020Improved agreement between experimental and computational results for collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry of cation-tagged hexosesCheng-chau Chiu; Chih-Kai Lin; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(13), 6928-6941
232020From the perspectives of DFT calculations, thermodynamic modeling, and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations: the interaction between hydrogen and Sc2C monolayersThong Nguyen-Minh Le; Cheng-chau Chiu; Jer-Lai Kuo Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 4387-4401
242019Mechano-chemical stability and water effect on gas selectivity in mixed-metal zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: a systematic investigation from van der Waals corrected density functional theoryDiem Thi-Xuan Dang; Huong Thi-Diem Nguyen; Nam Thoai; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Nhung Tuyet Thi Nguyen; Duc Nguyen-ManhPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(3), 1598-1610
252019Toward Closing the Gap between Hexoses and N-Acetlyhexosamines: Experimental and Computational Studies on the Collision-Induced Dissociation of HexosaminesCheng-chau Chiu; Hai Thi Huynh; Shang-Ting Tsai; Hou-Yu Lin; Po-Jen Hsu; Huu Trong Phan; Arya Karumanthra; Hayden Thompson; Yu-Chi Lee; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123(31), 6683-6700
262019A Liquid Crucible Model for Aggregation of Phenylacetylene in the Gas PhaseSaurabh Mishra; Dipak Kumar Sahoo; Po-Jen Hsu; Yoshiyuki Matsuda; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Himansu S Biswal; G Naresh PatwariPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 13623-13632
272019Unexpected Dissociation Mechanism of Sodiated N-Acetylglucosamine and N-AcetylgalactosamineCheng-Chau Chiu; Shang-Ting Tsai; Po-Jen Hsu; HaiThi Huynh; Jien-Lian Chen; HuuTrong Phan; Shih-Pei Huang; Hou-Yu Lin; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123(16), 3441-3453
282019A theoretical study on the infrared signatures of proton-bound rare gas dimers (Rg–H+–Rg), Rg = {Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe}Jake A Tan; Jer-Lai Kuo The Journal of Chemical Physics 150(12):124305
292019Infrared spectra of neutral dimethylamine clusters: An infrared-vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopic and anharmonic vibrational calculation studyBingbing Zhang; Qian-Rui Huang; Shukang Jiang; Li-Wei Chen; Po-Jen Hsu; Chong Wang; Ce Hao; Xiangtao Kong; Dongxu Dai; Xueming Yang; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Ling JiangThe Journal of chemical physics 150(6):064317