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12021Collision-induced dissociation of xylose and its applications in linkage and anomericity identificationHock-Seng Nguan; Shang-Ting Tsai; Jien-Lian Chen; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23, 3485-3495
22021Temperature Dependence of Desorbed Ions and Neutrals and Ionization Mechanism of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/IonizationLin, Hou-Yu; Dyakov, Yuri A.; Lee, Yuan Tseh; Ni, Chi-Kung Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 32(1), 95-105
32020Fluorescence quantum yields of matrices used in ultraviolet matrix‐assisted laser desorption/ionizationLin, Hou-Yu; Song, Botao Farren; Ni, Chi-Kung Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 34(18):e8846
42020Logically derived sequence tandem mass spectrometry for structural determination of Galactose oligosaccharidesHuang, Shih-Pei; Hsu, Hsu Chen; Liew, Chia Yen; Tsai, Shang-Ting; Ni, Chi-Kung Glycoconjugate Journal 38, 177-189
52019Gas-phase Chemical Kinetics Unveil Carbohydrate StructureChi-Kung Ni 
62019HPLC Online Full Structural Determination of Free Oligosaccharides in Bovin Milk via Logically Derived Sequence Tandem Mass SpectrometryChi-Kung Ni 
72019Triplet vs πσ* state mediated N–H dissociation of anilineJhang, Wan Ru; Lai, Hsin Ying; Lin, Yen-Cheng; Lee, Chin; Lee, Shih-Huang; Lee, Yin-Yu; Ni, Chi-Kung ; Tseng, Chien-MingThe Journal of Chemical Physics 151(14):141101
82019Automatic Full Glycan Structural Determination through Logically Derived Sequence Tandem Mass SpectrometryTsai, Shang‐Ting; Liew, Chia Yen; Hsu, Chen; Huang, Shih‐Pei; Weng, Wei‐Chien; Kuo, Yu‐Hsiang; Ni, Chi‐Kung ChemBioChem 20(18), 2351-2359
92019Discovery of new oligosaccharides in bovine milk and full glycan structural determination with logically derived sequence (LODES) tandem mass spectrometry. ACS National Meeting & ExpositionChi-Kung Ni 
102019NEXAFS spectra and specific dissociation of oligo-peptide model moleculesChiang, Yu-Ju; Huang, Wan-Chou; Ni, Chi-Kung ; Liu, Chen-Lin; Tsai, Cheng-Cheng; Hu, Wei-PingAIP Advances 9:085023
112019Soft Matrix–Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization for Labile GlycoconjugatesLee, Chuping; Ni, Chi-Kung Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry 30(8), 1455-1463
122019Toward Closing the Gap between Hexoses and N-Acetlyhexosamines: Experimental and Computational Studies on the Collision-Induced Dissociation of HexosaminesCheng-chau Chiu; Hai Thi Huynh; Shang-Ting Tsai; Hou-Yu Lin; Po-Jen Hsu; Huu Trong Phan; Arya Karumanthra; Hayden Thompson; Yu-Chi Lee; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123(31), 6683-6700
132019De novo structural determination of mannose oligosaccharides by using a logically derived sequence for tandem mass spectrometryHsu, Hsu Chen; Huang, Shih-Pei; Liew, Chia Yen; Tsai, Shang-Ting; Ni, Chi-Kung Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 411, 3241-3255
142019New mass spectrometry method for structural determination of oligosaccharidesChi-Kung Ni 
152019Unexpected Dissociation Mechanism of Sodiated N-Acetylglucosamine and N-AcetylgalactosamineCheng-Chau Chiu; Shang-Ting Tsai; Po-Jen Hsu; HaiThi Huynh; Jien-Lian Chen; HuuTrong Phan; Shih-Pei Huang; Hou-Yu Lin; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Chi-Kung Ni The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123(16), 3441-3453
162019Mass spectrometry-based identification of carbohydrate anomeric configuration to determine the mechanism of glycoside hydrolasesShen, Yu-Hsuan; Tsai, Shang-Ting; Liew, Chia Yen; Ni, Chi-Kung Carbohydrate Research 476, 53-59
172019Toward understanding the ionization mechanism of matrix‐assisted ionization using mass spectrometry experiment and theoryLee, Chuping; Inutan, Ellen D.; Chen, Jien Lian; Mukeku, Mutanu M.; Weidner, Steffen M.; Trimpin, Sarah; Ni, Chi‐Kung Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 35(S1):e8382
182018A simple MSn Sequence in Tandem Mass Spectrometry for De Novo Structural Determination of Glucose- Galactose- Mannose- OligosaccharidesChi-Kung Ni 
192017Does Low-Energy Collision-Induced Dissociation of Lithiated and Sodiated Carbohydrates Always Occur at Anomeric Carbon of Reducing End?Shang-Ting Tsai; Jien-Lian Chen; Chi-Kung Ni RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY 31(21), 1835-1844
202017Laser Pulse Width Dependence and Ionization Mechanism of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/IonizationSheng-Ping Liang; I-Chung Lu; Shang-Ting Tsai; Jien-Lian Chen; Yuan Tseh Lee; Chi-Kung Ni JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY 28(10), 2235-2245
212017Simple methods for de novo structural determination of glucose-containing underivatized oligosaccharidesChi-Kung Ni 
222017Advantage of spatial map ion imaging in the study of large molecule photodissociationChin Lee; Yen-Cheng Lin; Shih-Huang Lee; Yin-Yu Lee; Chien-Ming Tseng; Yuan-Tseh Lee; Chi-Kung Ni JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 147:013904
232015Highly Selective Dissociation of a Peptide Bond Following Excitation of Core ElectronsY. S. Lin; C. C. Tsai; H. Ru Lin; T. L. Hsieh; J. L. Chen; W. P. Hu; Chi-Kung Ni ; C. L. LiuJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 119(24), 6195-6202