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12021Surprisingly long lifetime of methacrolein oxide, an isoprene derived Criegee intermediate, under humid conditionsLin, Yen-Hsiu; Yin, Cangtao; Takahashi, Kaito ; Lin, Jim Jr-Min Communications Chemistry 4, 12
22020Kinetics of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) reactions with isoprene-derived Criegee intermediates studied with direct UV absorptionMei-Tsan Kuo; Isabelle Weber; Christa Fittschen; Luc Vereecken; Jim Jr-Min Lin ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 20(1), 12983-12993
32020Kinetics of Unimolecular Decay of Methyl Vinyl Ketone Oxide, an Isoprene-Derived Criegee Intermediate, under Atmospherically Relevant ConditionsYen-Hsiu Lin; Chung-Hsin Yang; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 124(45), 9375-9381
42020Temperature‐dependent kinetics of the simplest Criegee intermediate reaction with dimethyl sulfoxideYu-Lin Li; Chun-Yu Lin; Yen-Hsiu Lin; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY 67(9), 1563-1570
52020Reactions of Criegee Intermediates are Enhanced by Hydrogen-atom Relay Through Molecular DesignMei-Tsan Kuo; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin CHEMPHYSCHEM 21(18), 2056-2059
62020The role of the iodine-atom adduct in the synthesis and kinetics of methyl vinyl ketone oxide—a resonance-stabilized Criegee intermediateYen-Hsiu Lin; Yu-Lin Li; Wen Chao; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 22(24), 13603-13612
72020Direct kinetic measurements and theoretical predictions of an isoprene-derived Criegee intermediateR. L. Caravan; M. F. Vansco; K. Au; M. A. H. Khan; Y.-L. Li; F. A. F. Winiberg; K. Zuraski; Y.-H. Lin; W. Chao; N. Trongsiriwat; P. J. Walsh; D. L. Osborn; C. J. Percival; J. J.-M. Lin ; D. E. Shallcross; L. Sheps; S. J. Klippenstein; C. A. Taatjes; M. I. LesterPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 117(18), 9733-9740
82020Unimolecular decomposition rates of a methyl-substituted Criegee intermediate syn-CH3CHOOYu-Lin Li; Mei-Tsan Kuo; Jim Jr-Min Lin RSC ADVANCES 10(14), 8518-8524
92019Effects of Water Vapor on the Reaction of CH2OO with NH3Wen Chao; Cangtao Yin; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21(40), 22589-22597
102019Hydrogen-Bonding Mediated Reactions of Criegee Intermediates in the Gas Phase: Competition between Bimolecular and Termolecular Reactions and the Catalytic Role of WaterWen Chao; Cangtao Yin; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 123(39), 8336-8348
112019Temperature and isotope effects in the reaction of CH3CHOO with methanolWen Chao; Yen-Hsiu Lin; Cangtao Yin; Wei-Hong Lin; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21(25), 13633-13640
122019Temperature-dependent Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of CH3SH with the Simplest Criegee intermediateYu-Lin Li; Yen-Hsiu Lin; Cangtao Yin; Kaito Takahashi ; Che-Yu Chiang; Yuan-Pin Chang; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 123(19), 4096-4103
132019Water Vapor Does Not Catalyze the Reaction between Methanol and OH RadicalsWen Chao; Jim Jr-Min Lin ; Kaito Takahashi ; Alexandre Tomas; Lu Yu; Yoshizumi Kajii; Sebastien Batut; Coralie Schoemaecker; Christa FittschenAngewandte Chemie International Edition 131(15), 5067-5071
142019Synergy of Water and Ammonia Hydrogen Bonding in a Gas-Phase ReactionWen Chao; Cangtao Yin; Yu-Lin Li; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 123(7), 1337-1342
152017Reactivity of Criegee Intermediates toward Carbon DioxideYen-Hsiu Lin; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 9(1), 184-188
162017Structure-dependent reactivity of Criegee intermediates studied with spectroscopic methodsLin, Jim Jr-Min ; Chao WenChemical Society Reviews 46(24), 7483-7497
172017Temperature-Dependent Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of CH2OO with Hydrogen SulfideSmith, Mica C.; Chao, Wen; Kumar, Manoj; Francisco, Joseph S.; Takahashi, Kaito; Lin, Jim Jr-Min The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121(5), 938-945
182016Absolute UV absorption cross sections of dimethyl substituted Criegee intermediate (CH3)2COOYuan-Pin Chang; Chun-Hung Chang; Kaito Takahashi ; Jim Jr-Min Lin CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 653, 155-160