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12021AuPd Nanoicosahedra: Atomic-Level Surface Modulation for Optimization of Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Energy ConversionChen-Rui Kao; Yu-Cheng Huang; Biva Talukdar; Brian T. Sneed; Yu-Chun Chuang; Ying-Rui Lu; Hung-Min Lin; Wu-Ching Chou; David A. Cullen; Chung-Li Dong; Chun-Hong Kuo ACS Applied Energy Materials 4(3), 2652-2662
22020Flexible and free-standing polyvinyl alcohol-reduced graphene oxide-Cu2O/CuO thin films for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxideAnjaiah Sheelam; Adil Muneeb; Biva Talukdar; Rini Ravindranath; Song-Jeng Huang; Chun-Hong Kuo ; Raman Sankar Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 50, 979-991
32020Ultrathin Octahedral CuPt Nanocages Obtained by Facet Transformation from Rhombic Dodecahedral Core-Shell NanocrystalsChin-Sheng Kuo; Lian-Ming Lyu; Ruo-Fang Sia; Hung-Min Lin; Brian T. Sneed; Ching-Feng Chen; Te-Wei Chiu; Yu-Chun Chuang; Chun-Hong Kuo ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING 8(28), 10544-10553
42020NiCo2O4/graphene quantum dots (GQDs) for use in efficient electrochemical energy devices: An electrochemical and X-ray absorption spectroscopic investigationChang, Han-Wei; Fu, Ji-Xuan; Huang, Yu-Cheng; Lu, Ying-Rui; Kuo, Chun-Hong ; Chen, Jeng-Lung; Chen, Chi-Liang; Lee, Jyh-Fu; Chen, Jin-Ming; Tsai, Yu-Chen; Chou, Ching Wu; Dong, Chung-LiCatalysis Today 348, 290-298
52020Investigating Lattice Strain Impact on the Alloyed Surface of Small Au@PdPt Core-Shell NanooctahedraBenjamin P. Williams; Momo Yaguchi; Wei-Shang Lo; Chen-Rui Kao; Leo K. Lamontagne; Brian T. Sneed; Casey N. Brodsky; Lien-Yang Chou; Chun-Hong Kuo ; Chia-Kuang TsungNANOSCALE 12(16), 8687-8692
62020Strain-Enhanced Metallic Intermixing in Shape-Controlled Multilayered Core-Shell Nanostructures: Toward Shaped IntermetallicsBenjamin P. Williams; Allison P. Young; Ilektra Andoni; Yong Han; Wei-Shang Lo; Matthew Golden; Jane Yang; Lian-Ming Lyu; Chun-Hong Kuo ; James W. Evans; Wenyu Huang; Chia-Kuang TsungANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 59(26), 10574-10580
72020Electronic structures associated with enhanced photocatalytic activity in nanogap-engineered g-C3N4/Ag@SiO2 hybrid nanostructuresYu-Cheng Huang; K. Thanigai Arul; Chi-Liang Chen; Jeng-lung Chen; Jie Chen; Shaohua Shen; Ying-Rui Lu; Chun-Hong Kuo ; Chung-Li Dong; Wu-Ching ChouAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 514, 145907
82020Effect of Fe2O3 coating on ZnO nanowires in photoelectrochemical water splitting: A synchrotron x-ray spectroscopic and spectromicroscopic investigationYing-Rui Lu; Yu-Fu Wang; Han-Hsiang Chang; Jeng-Lung Chen; Chi-Liang Chen; Yan-Gu Lin; Way-Faung Pong; Takuji Ohigashi; Nobuhiro Kosugi; Chun-Hong Kuo ; Wu-Ching Chou; Chung-Li DongSOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS 209, 110469
92019Au-BINOL Hybrid Nanocatalysts: Insights into the Structure-Based Enhancement of Catalytic and Photocatalytic PerformancePatlolla, Shashank Reddy; Kao, Chen-Rui; Chen, Guan-Wei; Huang, Yu-Cheng; Chuang, Yu-Chun; Sneed, Brian T.; Chou, Wu-Ching; Ong, Tiow-Gan ; Dong, Chung-Li; Kuo, Chun-Hong Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58(14), 5479-5489
102017Spiny Rhombic Dodecahedral CuPt Nanoframes with Enhanced Catalytic Performance Synthesized from Cu Nanocube TemplatesLian-Ming Lyu; Ya-Chuan Kao ; David A. Cullen; Brian T. Sneed; Yu-Chung Chuang; Chun-Hong KuoCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 29(13), 5681-5692
11-Enhancement of NH3 Production in Electrochemical N2 Reduction by the Cu-Rich Inner Surfaces of Beveled CuAu NanoboxesBiva Talukdar; Tung-Chun Kuo; Lian-Ming Lyu; Hung-Min Lin; Yu-Chun Chuang; Brian T. Sneed; Mu-Jeng Cheng; Chun-Hong Kuo ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES