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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019Active learning with simultaneous subject and variable selectionsYuan-chin Ivan Chang ; Ray-Bing ChenNeurocomputing 329, 495-505
22019Greedy Active Learning Algorithm for Logistic Regression ModelsHsiang-Ling Hsu; Yuan-chin Ivan Chang ; Ray-Bing ChenCOMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS 129, 119-134
32018Sample size determination and treatment screening in two-stage Phase II clinical trials via ROC curve,Wong-Shian Huang; Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang PHARMACEUTICAL STATISTICS 17(5), 504-514
42016Multiple-class classification: ordinal and categorical labelsYuan-Chin Ivan Chang Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation
52015Assessing the diagnostic power of variables measured with a detection limitB. Jia; Z. Wang; Y-c. Ivan Chang Computational Statistics 31, 1287-1303
62015Assessing the predictive power of newly added biomarkersZ. Wang; X. Luo; Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL
72013Maximizing an ROC-type measure via linear combination of markers when the gold reference is continuousChang, Yuan-chin Ivan STATISTICS IN MEDICINE 32, 11, 1893 -1903
82013A modified area under the ROC curve and its application to marker selection and classificationYu, Wenbao; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan ; Park, EunsikJournal of the Korean Statistical Society 0
92013Multiple-stage sampling procedure for covariate-adjusted response-adaptive designsPark, Eunsik; Chang, Y-c. I. STATISTICAL METHODS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH  
102013Sequential estimation for covariate-adjusted response-adaptive designsPark, E.; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan Journal of the Korean Statistical Society 42, 105-116
112013Sequential estimate for linear regression models with uncertain number of effective variablesWang, Zhanfeng; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan METRIKA  
122012Identifying Differential Gene Sets using the Linear Combination of Genes with Maximum AUCWang, Zhanfeng; Tsai, Chen-An; Chang, Y-c. I. Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics 5, 3, 073 -- 083
132011Sequential estimate of partial area under ROC curve with $\beta $-protection and optimal ratio of cases to controlsChen, Shih-Chia; Wang, Charlotte; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PLANNING AND INFERENCE 141, 3356-3366
142011Optimal sampling in retrospective logistic regression via two-stage methodChien, C-Y.; Chang, Y-c. I. ; Hsueh, H-M.Biometrical Journal 53, 5-18
152011Sequential Estimation in Generalized Linear Models When Covariates Are Subject to ErrorsChang, Yuan-chin Ivan Metrika 73, 93-120
162011Markers selection via maximizing the partial area under ROC curve of linear risk scoresWang, Zhan-Feng; Chang, Y-c. I. Biostatistics 12, 386-398
172010Online Calibration Via Variable Length Computerized Adaptive TestingChang, Y-c. I ; Lu, Hung-YiPsychometrika 140 -- 157
182010Sequential analysis of longitudinal data in a prospective nested  case-control studyPark, Eunsik; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan Biometrics 1034 -- 1042
192010Early stopping of L2Boosting, Computational Statistics and Data AnalysisChang, Yuan-chin Ivan ; Huang, Y; Huang, Y.Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 54, 2203 -- 2213
202009Constructing the best linear combination of diagnostic markers via sequential samplingChang, Yuan-chin I. ; Park, EunsikSTATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS 1921-1927
212009Meta-learning for Imbalanced Data and Classification Ensemble in Binary ClassificationLin, Sung-Chiang; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan ; Yang, W-LNEUROCOMPUTING 484-494
222008Data Visualization via Kernel MachinesChang, Yuan-chin Ivan ; Lee, Yuh-Jye; Pao, Hsing-Kuo; Lee, Mei-Hsien; Huang, Su-YunHandbook of Computational Statistics (Volumn III)- Data Visualization 3, 539-559
232007A parsimonious threshold-independent protein feature selection method through the area under receiver operating characteristic curveWang, Zhanfeng; Chang, Yuan-Chin Ivan ; Ying, Zhiliang; Zhu, Liang; Yang, YaningBioinformatics 23(20), 2788-2794
242007A stochastic approximation view of boostingTsao, C. Andy; Chang, Yuan-Chin Ivan Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 52(1), 325-334
252005Application of sequential interval estimation methods to adaptive mastery testingChang, Yuan-Chin Ivan Psychometrika 685-713
262004Kernel-based discriminant techniques for educational placement.Lin, M. H.; Huang, S. Y. ; Chang, Y. -C. I. Journal of educational and behavioral statistics 29(2), 219-240
272004Application of sequential probability ratio test to computerized criterion-referenced testing.Chang, Y. -C. I. Sequential analysis 23(1), 45-61
282004Synergy of logistic regression and support vector machine in multiple-class classificationChang, Y. -C. I. ; Lin, S. -C.Lecture Notes in Computer Science 132-141
292004Sequential Estimation in variable length computerized adaptive testing.Chang, Y. -C. I. ; Ying, Z.Journal of Statistical planning and inference 121(Issue 2), 249-264
302004Building an Organ-Specific Carcinogenetic Database for SAR Analysis.Young, J. F.; Tong, W.; Fang, H.; Xie, Q.; Pearce, B.; Hashemi, R.; Beger, R. D.; Cheeseman, M. A.; Chen, J. J.; Chang, Y. -C. I. ; Kodell, R. L.JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH-PART A-CURRENT ISSUES 249-264