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12021Revealing Ionization Conditions of Sz 102 with Spatially Resolved [Ne III] MicrojetsLiu, C-F ; Shang, H; Herczeg, GJ; Walter, FMThe Astrophysical Journal 909(2), 196
22020A Unified Model for Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: The Interplay of Magnetized Wide-angle Winds and Isothermal ToroidsShang, H; Krasnopolsky, R; Liu, C-F ; Wang, L-YThe Astrophysical Journal 905(2), 116
32020Possible Time Correlation between Jet Ejection and Mass Accretion for RW Aur ATakami, Michihiro ; Beck, Tracy L.; Schneider, P. Christian; Günther, Hans Moritz; White, Marc; Grankin, Konstantin; Karr, Jennifer L.; Ohyama, Youichi ; Coffey, Deirdre; Liu, Hauyu Baobab ; Galván-Madrid, Roberto; Liu, Chun-Fan ; Fukagawa, Misato; Manset, Nadine; Chen, Wen-Ping; Pyo, Tae-Soo; Shang, Hsien ; Ray, Thomas P.; Otsuka, Masaaki; Chou, Mei-YinThe Astrophysical Journal 901(1), 24
42014Velocity-Resolved [Ne iii] from X-Ray Irradiated Sz 102 MicrojetsLiu, C-F ; Shang, H; Walter, FM; Herczeg, GJThe Astrophysical Journal 786(2), 99
52012RW Aur A from the X-Wind Point of View: General FeaturesLiu, C-F ; Shang, HASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 761(2), 94 (15pp)
62012Is FS Tau B Driving an Asymmetric Jet?Liu, Chun-Fan ; Shang, Hsien; Pyo, Tae-Soo; Takami, Michihiro; Walter, Frederick M.; Yan, Chi-Hung; Wang, Shiang-Yu; Ohashi, Nagayoshi; Hayashi, MasahikoASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 749(1), 62-67