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12021Presolar Silicate and Oxide Grains Found in Lithic Clasts from Isheyevo and the Fine-grained Matrix of Northwest Africa 801Manish N Sanghani; Kuljeet Kaur Marhas; Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao ; Zan Peeters; Hsien Shang; Der-Chuen Lee; Martin BizzarroThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 253(2), 41
22020Assessment of indium toxicity to the model plant Arabidopsis.H.-F. Chang; S.-L. Wang; D.-C. Lee ; S. S.-Y. Hsiao ; Y. Hashimoto; K.-C. Yeh JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 387, 121983
32019Metagenomic, phylogenetic, and functional characterization of predominant endolithic green sulfur bacteria in the coral Isopora paliferaShan-Hua Yang; Kshitij Tandon; Chih-Ying Lu; Naohisa Wada; Chao-Jen Shih; Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao ; Wann-Neng Jane; Tzan-Chain Lee; Chi-Ming Yang; Chi-Te Liu; Vianney Denis; Yu-Ting Wu; Li-Ting Wang; Lina Huang; Der-Chuen Lee ; Yu-Wei Wu; Hideyuki Yamashiro; Sen-Lin Tang Microbiome 7, 3
42018Isotope record of mineralogical changes in a spectrum of aqueously altered CM chondritesvan Kooten, Elishevah M.M.E.; Cavalcante, Larissa L.; Nagashima, Kazuhide; Kasama, Takeshi; Balogh, Zoltan I.; Peeters, Zan; Hsiao, Silver Sung-Yun ; Shang, Hsien; Lee, Der-Chuen ; Lee, Typhoon; Krot, Alexander N.; Bizzarro, MartinGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 237, 79-102
52018Assimilation of nitrogen and carbon isotopes from fish diets to otoliths as measured by nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometryJen-Chieh Shiao; Kotaro Shirai; Kentaro Tanaka; Naoto Takahata; Yuji Sano; Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao ; Der-Chuen Lee ; Yung-Che Tseng RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY 32(15), 1250-1256
62018Fractionation of otolith nitrogen stable isotopes measured by peroxodisulfate oxidation-bacterial conversion and isotope ratio mass spectrometryCheng, Li-Chi; Shiao, Jen-Chieh; Hsiao, Silver Sung-Yun ; Wang, Pei-LingRapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 32(22), 1905-1910
72018Correction to: Integrating isotopic, microbial, and modeling approaches to understand methane dynamics in a frequently disturbed deep reservoir in TaiwanMasayuki Itoh; Hisaya Kojima; Pei-Chi Ho; Chun-Wei Chang; Tzong-Yueh Chen; Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao ; Yuki Kobayashi; Megumu Fujibayashi; Shuh-Ji Kao; Chih-hao Hsieh; Manabu Fukui; Noboru Okuda; Takeshi Miki; Fuh-Kwo ShiahEcological Research 33(5), 1083-1084
82017Effects of temperature and particles on nitrification in a eutrophic coastal bay in southern ChinaZheng, Zhen-Zhen; Wan, Xianhui; Xu, Min Nina; Hsiao, Silver Sung-Yun ; Zhang, Yao; Zheng, Li-Wei; Wu, Yanhua; Zou, Wenbin; Kao, Shuh-JiJournal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 122(9), 2325-2337
92016Summer profundal hypoxia determines the coupling of methanotrophic production and the pelagic food web in a subtropical reservoir.Ho, PC; N Okuda; T Miki; M Itoh; FK Shiah ; CW Chang; SY Hsiao ; SJ Kao; M Fujibayashi; CH HsiehFRESHWATER BIOLOGY 61(10), 1694-1706
102016Isotopic evidence of nitrogen sources and nitrogen transformation in arsenic-contaminated groundwaterWeng, Tsung-Nan; Liu, Chen-Wuing; Kao, Yu-Hsuan; Hsiao, Silver Sung-Yun Science of The Total Environment 578, 167-185
112015Isotopic composition and speciation of sedimentary nitrogen and carbon in the Okinawa Trough over the past 30 kaZheng, Li‐Wei; Hsiao, Silver Sung‐Yun ; Ding, Xiao‐Dong; Li, Dawei; Chang, Yuan‐Pin; Kao, Shuh‐JiPaleoceanography 30(10), 1233-1244
122014Isotopic composition of water-soluble nitrate in bulk atmospheric deposition at Dongsha Island: sources and implications of external N supply to the northern South China Sea.Yang, J.Y.T.; Hsu, S.C. ; Dai, M.; Hsiao, S.S.Y. ; Kao, S.J.BIOGEOSCIENCES 11, 1833-1846
132014Diversity and distribution of amoA-type nitrifying and nirS-type denitrifying microbial communities in the Yangtze River estuaryZhang, Y.; Xie, X.; Jiao, N.; Hsiao, S. S.-Y. ; Kao, S.-J.Biogeosciences 11(8), 2131-2145
142014Nitrification and its oxygen consumption along the turbid Chang Jiang River plumeHsiao, S. S.-Y. ; Hsu, T.-C.; Liu, J.-w.; Xie, X.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, J.; Wang, H.; Yang, J.-Y. T.; Hsu, S.-C.; Dai, M.; Kao, S.-J.Biogeosciences 11(7), 2083-2098