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12019OSSOS. XVIII. Constraining Migration Models with the 2:1 Resonance Using the Outer Solar System Origins SurveyChen, Ying-Tung; Gladman, Brett; Volk, Kathryn; Murray-Clay, Ruth; Lehner, Matthew J. ; Kavelaars, J. J.; Wang, Shiang-Yu ; Lin, Hsing-Wen; Lykawka, Patryk Sofia; Alexandersen, Mike; Bannister, Michele T.; Lawler, Samantha M.; Dawson, Rebekah I.; Greenstreet, Sarah; Gwyn, Stephen D. J.; Petit, Jean-MarcThe Astronomical Journal 158(5), 214
22019The Contribution of Dwarf Planets to the Origin of Jupiter Family CometsMuñoz-Gutiérrez, M. A.; Peimbert, A.; Pichardo, B.; Lehner, M. J. ; Wang, S-Y. The Astronomical Journal 158(5), 184
32019OSSOS. XII. Variability Studies of 65 Trans-Neptunian Objects Using the Hyper Suprime-CamAlexandersen, Mike; Benecchi, Susan D.; Chen, Ying-Tung; Eduardo, Marielle R.; Thirouin, Audrey; Schwamb, Megan E.; Lehner, Matthew J. ; Wang, Shiang-Yu ; Bannister, Michele T.; Gladman, Brett J.; Gwyn, Stephen D. J.; Kavelaars, JJ.; Petit, Jean-Marc; Volk, KathrynThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 244(1), 19
42019Col-OSSOS: The Colors of the Outer Solar System Origins SurveySchwamb, Megan E.; Fraser, Wesley C.; Bannister, Michele T.; Marsset, Michaël; Pike, Rosemary E.; Kavelaars, J. J.; Benecchi, Susan D.; Lehner, Matthew J. ; Wang, Shiang-Yu ; Thirouin, Audrey; Delsanti, Audrey; Peixinho, Nuno; Volk, Kathryn; Alexandersen, Mike; Chen, Ying-Tung; Gladman, Brett; Gwyn, Stephen D. J.; Petit, Jean-MarcThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 243(1), 12
52019Occultations by Small Non-spherical Trans-Neptunian Objects. I. A New Event Simulator for TAOS IICastro-Chacón, J. H.; Reyes-Ruiz, M.; Lehner, M. J. ; Zhang, Z. -W.; Alcock, C.; Guerrero, C. A.; Hernández-Valencia, B.; Hernández-Águila, J. B.; Nuñez, J. M.; Salinas-Luna, J.; Silva, J. S.; Alexandersen, M.; Alvarez-Santana, F. I.; Chen, W. -P.; Chu, Y. -H. ; Cook, K. H.; García-Díaz, Ma. T.; Geary, J. C.; Huang, C. -K.; Kavelaars, Jj. Norton, T.; Szentgyorgyi, A.; Carvajal, J. C.; Sánchez, E.; Yen, W. -L.; TAOS II CollaborationPublications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 131(1000), 064401
62019Col-OSSOS: Color and Inclination Are Correlated throughout the Kuiper BeltMarsset, Michaël; Fraser, Wesley C.; Pike, Rosemary E.; Bannister, Michele T.; Schwamb, Megan E.; Volk, Kathryn; Kavelaars, J. J.; Alexandersen, Mike; Chen, Ying-Tung ; Gladman, Brett J.; Gwyn, Stephen D. J.; Lehner, Matthew J. ; Peixinho, Nuno; Petit, Jean-Marc; Wang, Shiang-Yu The Astronomical Journal 157(3), 94