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12018The U.S. Securitization of the 1992 Consensus—Security Speech Acts and Threat Inflation, 2011-2012 (美國,安全化與九二共識:安全論述與誇大威脅,2011-2012)Wei, Chi-hung EurAmerica 48(3), 387-427
22017From Wealth to Power: State-Business Relations and Chinese Economic StatecraftWei, Chi-hung International Studies Review 19(3), 526-528
32017Identities, rationality, and Taiwan’s China policy: The dynamics of cross-strait exchangesWei, Chi-hung ; Lai, Christian J.Asian Studies Review 41(1), 136-154
42016Oil, urbanization, and ‘pacted’ ethnic politics: Indigenous movements in Latin AmericaWei, Chi-hung International Political Science Review 37(2), 230-245
52016China-Taiwan relations and the 1992 consensus, 2000−2008Wei, Chi-hung International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 16(1), 67-95
62015Producing and reproducing the 1992 consensus: The sociolinguistic construction of the political economy of China-Taiwan relationsWei, Chi-hung Asian Security 11(1), 72-88
72015Engaging a state that resists sanctions pressure: U.S. policy toward China, 1992−1994Wei, Chi-hung Millennium: Journal of International Studies 43(2), 429-449
82013China’s economic offensive and Taiwan’s defensive measures: Cross-strait fruit trade, 2005–2008Wei, Chi-hung China Quarterly 215, 641-662