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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Achieving equity with predictive policing algorithms: A social safety net perspectiveYen, Chun-ping; Hung, Tzu-wei Science and Engineering Ethics 27, 36
22021Nonhuman Rationality: A Predictive Coding PerspectiveHung, Tzu-wei Cognitive Processing 22, 353-362
32020Engineering equity: how AI can help reduce the harm of implicit biasLin, Ying-Tung; Hung, Tzu-wei ; Huang, Linus Ta-LunPhilosophy & Technology 34(Suppl 1), S65-S90
42020On the Person-Based Predictive Policing of AIHung, Tzu-wei ; Yen, Chun-pingEthics and Information Technology 23, 165-176
52019New data on the linguistic diversity of authorship in philosophy journalsYen, Chun-Ping; Hung, Tzu-wei Erkenntnis 84(4), 953-974
62019How did language evolve? Some reflections on the language parasite debateHung, Tzu-wei Biological Theory
72018On the Sit-chûn Scholars of Taiwanese PhilosophyHung, Tzu-wei Philosophy East and West
82016Rationality: Constraints and contextsHung, Tzu-wei ; Lane, Timothy Joseph London
92016Rationality and escherichia coliHung, T. -W. Rationality: Constraints and contexts (New York : Elsevier Academic Press)
102016化解社會對立?—海特的認知模型及其批判洪子偉 政治與社會哲學評論 58, 129-173
112016存在交涉:日治時期的臺灣哲學洪子偉 臺北
122016日治時期臺灣哲學系譜與分期洪子偉 存在交涉:日治時期的臺灣哲學 (臺北 : 中央研究院/聯經出版社)
132015How sensorimotor interactions enable sentence imitationHung, T. -W. Minds and Machines 25 (4), 321-338