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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Against the low periphery as phrase markers: Two types of contrastive dislocations in Mandarin ChineseWang, Yuyun; Liao, Wei-wen Roger STUDIA LINGUISTICA 75(1), 97-127
22019論漢語的(非)限定結構與類祈使成分的關係廖偉聞 第七屆現代漢語句法語義前沿研討會 (中國廣州 : 廣東外語外貿大學)
32019Speaker-anchoring, Attitudes, and Finiteness in MandarinWang, Yuyun; Wei-wen Roger Liao 12th Workshop of Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (Macau, China : University of Macau)
42019Embedded Imperatives and Finiteness in Mandarin ChineseWang, Yuyun; Wei-wen Roger Liao Person and Perspective: A Workshop honoring the work of Maria Luisa Zubizarreta (Los Angeles : University of Southern California)
52019Syntactic structures of Mandarin purposivesLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Tzong-hong Jonah LinLinguistics 57(1), 87-126
62018When even meets only: A dissection of EVEN in Mandarin ChineseLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
72018The Asymmetry of Topicalization: a View from Mandarin ChineseLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
82018Adjunct topicalization and movement-merger asymmetry: A view from MCPLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
92018Bare numeral phrases in Mandarin and the minimalist mapping hypothesisLiao, Wei-wen Roger International Journal of Chinese Linguistics 5(1), 33-58
102017Adjunct fronting in Chinese and the movement-merger asymmetryLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
112017Argumenthood, MCP, and Chinese topicalizationLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Grant Kao
122017Beyond the temporal scale of sentence-final le in Mandarin ChineseLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Chih-hsiang Shu
132017"們" 的語法語意限制考察林若望; 湯志真 ; 張永利; 舒志翔; 廖偉聞 
142017Remarks on the final-over-final condition: A view from Chinese head-final structuresLiao, Wei-wen Roger Studies in Chinese Linguistics 38(2), 93-118
152016Remark on the word order constraint: A view from Chinese head-final structuresLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
162016The up and down of EVENLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
172015A tale of two EVEN'sLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Wei-cheng Jheng
182015The syntax-semantics of durative phrases in Chinese: The Archimedes’ principle in linguistics.Liao, Wei-wen Roger Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics 8(2), 301-318
192015The Syntax of Quantifier Phrases in Chinese: Comparative Syntax of Mandarin, Taiwanese, and CantoneseLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Tommi Leung科技部
202015Grammatical RelationsLiao, Wei-wen Roger The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition, Vol.10 (Oxford : Elsevier)
212015Once upon an invisible TIME: On Frequentative Phrases in ChineseLiao, Wei-wen Roger Studies in Chinese Linguistics 36(1), 21-34
222014On certain Syntax-LF mismatches and the scope parallelism principleLiao, Wei-wen Roger 
232013On Merge-Markers and Nominal StructuresLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Vergnaud, Jean-RogerPrimitive Elements of Grammatical Theory: Papers by Jean-Roger Vergnaud and his collaborators (New York : Routledge)
242013On differences of the same the same reference to DLiao, Wei-wen Roger ; Wang, Yuyun