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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Lexicographic Strong Belief and Perfect Extensive-form RationalizabilityYang. Chih-Chun ACADEMIA ECONOMIC PAPERS 48(1), 1-31
22018Perfect Forward InductionYang, C-C ECONOMICS LETTERS 170, 113-116
32017Rationality and Common Belief of RationalityYang, C-C 
42017Subjective Coalition-Proof EquilibriumYang, C-C 
52017Subjective Correlated Ex ante Coalition-Proof EquilibriumYang, C-C 
62017Strategic Motives Drive Proposers to Offer Fairly in Ultimatum Games: An fMRI StudyChen, Y-H; Chen, Y-C; Kuo, W-J; Kan, K ; Yang, C-C ; Yen, N-SScientific Reports 7(1), 527
72016Strong Belief and Weak AssumptionYang, C-C 
82016Weak Robust (Virtual) ImplementationYang, C-C 
92015Strong Belief and Weak AssumptionYang, C-C 
102015An Experimental Study on Dividing Gains through PoliticsLi-Che Hsu; Kamhon Kan ; C.C. Yang ; Chun-Lei YangSCOTTISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 62(5), 546-566
112015Weak Assumption and Iterative AdmissibilityYang, C-C Journal of Economic Theory 158(Part A), 87-101
122013Networks of Favor ExchangeYang, C-C 
132012Weak Assumption and Iterative AdmissibilityYang, C-C 
142012Subjective Coalitional Equilibria and Coalitional RationalizabilityYang, C-C 
152011Epistemic Conditions for Bayesian Coalitional RationalizabilityLuo, X; Yang, C-C 
162010Weak Assumption and Iterative AdmissibilityYang, C-C 
172009Bayesian Coalitional RationalizabilityLuo, Xiao; Chih-Chun Yang JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY 144(1), 248-263
182006Adverse Selection and the Employment Effect of Minimum WagesLin, C-C ; Yang, C-C 
192002Shirking Bonding, and Social CustomLin, C-C ; Yang, C-C 
201993Avoidence, Micromotive and Macrobehavior:  A Dynamic Model of Crime and PunishmenYang, C-C ; Chen, B-L