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12017金融機構集中度與金融網路穩定之分析 (Analysis on Concentration and Stability in Financial Networks)袁國芝; 莊委桐 臺灣銀行季刊 第68卷第2期,頁46-53
22016A Game Theoretical Analysis of Student Assignment Mechanisms under the 12-year Compulsory Education Program in TaiwanYuan, K-C; Wang, T-H; Juang, W-T TAIWAN ECONOMIC REVIEW(經濟論文叢刊) 44(2), 215-255
32015The Political Protest on the Social NetworkLin, J-F; Juang, W-T 
42015Evolutionarily Stable Preferences against Multiple MutationsTu, Y-S; Juang, W-T 
52015A Folk Theorem for Stochastic Evolutionary Game TheoryJuang, W-T 
62015A Folk Theorem for Stochastic Evolutionary Game TheoryJuang, W-T 
72015銀行放款緊縮決策分析林正峯; 袁國芝; 莊委桐 臺灣銀行季刊 第66卷第3期,頁132-164
82009Heterogeneous Learning Rules in Competitive EnvironmentsWang, T-H; Juang, W-T 
92008Forward Induction Network Equilibrium and Heterogeneous Job Contact NetworksWu, S-Y; Juang, W-T 
102008A Dynamic Analysis of Internet Auctions with Reputation EffectHuang, C-Y; Juang, W-T 
112008Education, Social Mobility and WelfareWu, J-C; Juang, W-T 
122008The Rate of Profit Sharing after Expensing: A Study on High-Tech Firms in TaiwanWu, C-C; Juang, W-T 
132007Evolutionary Game Theory: Why Equilibrium and Which EquilibriumJuang, Wei-Torng ; Sabourian, HamidFoundations of the Formal Sciences V, Infinite Games (London : College Publications)
142007Stochastic Stability: An Algorithmic AnalysisJuang, W-T 
152007Stochastic Stability: an Algorithmic AnalysisLiu, C-S; Juang, W-T 
162007A Dynamic Analysis of Auction with Reputation EffectsHuang, C-Y; Juang, W-T 
172006Ultimatum: Evolution of Heterogeneous Preferences for FairnessWong, T. H.; Juang, W. T. 
182006Ultimatum: Evolution of Heterogeneous Preferences for FairnessWong, T. H.; Juang, W. T. 
192005Learning through Aspiration to Play the Mixed Equilibrium in Zero-Sum GamesWong, T. H.; Juang, W. T. 
202005Learning through Aspiration to Play the Mixed Equilibrium in Zero-Sum GamesWang, T-H; Juang, W. T. 
212005A Folk Theorem on Equilibrium SelectionWong, T. H.; Juang, W. T. 
222004Stability and Equilibrium Selection in Evolutionary Game TheoryJuang, W-T ; Sabourian, H
232004A Folk Theorem on Equilibrium SelectionJuang, W-T ; Sabourian, H
242004歧視現象之穩定性分析Juang, W-T 
252003男女性別比率、夫妻年齡差距與社經角色關係之研究Juang, W-T 
262003The Economics of Physiognomy and PhrenologyChu, C-Y Cyrus; Juang, W-T ; Sabourian, H
272003On Spousal Age Gap: An Evolutionary ExplanationHuang, C-Y; Juang, W-T 
282002Rule Evolution and Equilibrium SelectionJuang, W-T GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR 39(1), 71-90
292002When Stricter Evaluation Criteria Induce Poorer PerformanceJuang, W-T ACADEMIA ECONOMIC PAPERS 30(2), 183-205
302002Speculative and Inside TradingJuang, W-T 
312001Learning from PopularityJuang, W-T ECONOMETRICA 69(3), 735-747
322001A Folk Theorem on Equilibrium Selection in Knowledgeable GamesJuang, W-T 
332000Strategic Inside Trading with Uncertain Status of the InsiderJuang, W-T 
341999Folk Theorem on Equilibrium Selection in Coordination GamesJuang, W-T 
351999Revelation of Private Information in Sequential TradingJuang, W-T 
361999Learning from PopularityJuang, W-T 
371998Essays on Learning, Evolution and Equilibrium Selection in Economic SystemsJuang, W-T University of Cambridge, Faculty of Economics and Politics, 200 p.
381997Evolution of Response Rules and Equilibrium SelectionJuang, W-T 
39-How Birds of a Feather Flock Together: A Segregation Analysis of NetworksLee, K-C; Juang, W-T