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12023Labor Share Dynamics and Factor ComplementarityChang, Juin-Jen ; Chun-Hung KuoB E Journal of Macroeconomics 23(1), 27-55
22022Inflation and Inequality in a Growing Economy with Cash and Credit GoodsChang, Juin-Jen ; Hsieh-Yu Lin; David W. Savitski; Hsueh-Fang TsaiMacroeconomic Dynamics 26(3), 579-612
32022Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Optimum, and the Environment-growth TradeoffChang, Juin-Jen ; Jhy-Hwa Chen; Ming-Fang TsaiRESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS 69, 101311
42022Consumption Indivisibility and the Optimal Tax MixLu, Chun-Hui; K. L. Glen Ueng; Juin-Jen Chang ECONOMIC MODELLING 112, 1058
52022Trade, Emissions, and Regulatory (Non-)compliance: Implications of Firm HeterogeneityChang, Juin-Jen ; Yi-Ling Cheng; Shin-Kun Peng Review of International Economics 30(1), 57-82
62021Tax Policy Implications for a Two-engine Growing EconomyWang, Wei-Neng; Chia-Ying Liu; Juin-Jen Chang Southern Economic Journal 87(3), 979-1009
72021On Endogenous Business Cycles under Increasing Returns to Variety and Sector-Specific ExternalityChang, Juin-Jen ; Jang-Ting Guo; Wei-Neng WangEconomic Inquiry 59(1), 532-548
82021Cross-border Casino Competition, Externalities and Optimal Tax Policy: A Unified Theory with Quantitative AnalysisChang, Juin-Jen ; Fiedler Ingo; Ching-Chong Lai ; Ping WangRegional Science and Urban Economics 88, 103653
92021Fiscal Consolidation and Public WagesChang, Juin-Jen ; Hsieh-Yu Lin; Nora Traum; Shu-Chun Susan YangJOURNAL OF MONEY CREDIT AND BANKING 53(2-3), 503-533
102021Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Social Status Seeking and Liquidity ConstraintsChang, Juin-Jen ; Hsieh-Yu Lin; Jhy-Yuan ShiehInternational Journal of Economic Theory 17(2), 151-168
112021Inflation, Market Structure, and Innovation-driven Growth with Distinct Cash ConstraintsHuang, Chien-Yu; Juin-Jen Chang ; Lei JiOXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS-NEW SERIES 73(3), 1270-1303
122020Consumption Aspirations in Dirty and Clean Goods and Economic GrowthChen, Jhy-Hwa; Chih-Yu Yang; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Juin-Jen Chang Economic Modelling 87, 254-266
132020Progressive Tax and Inequality in a Unionized EconomyHuang, Chun-Chieh; Juin-Jen Chang ; Hsiao-Wen HungSCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 122(1), 38-80
142019經濟學門學術期刊評比更新:2019年林明仁; 林常青 ; 張俊仁 ; 曹添旺; 楊浩彥經濟論文叢刊 第47卷第4期,頁503-542
152019Growth Effects and Welfare Costs in an Innovation-driven Growth Model of Money and BankingMao, Sheng-Zhi; Chien-Yu Huang; Juin-Jen Chang JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 62, 103049
162019Endogenous Debt-Equity Ratio And Balance‐Sheet Channel: Implications For Growth And WelfareShaw, Ming-Fu; Juin-Jen Chang ; Chih-Ping FanBULLETIN OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 71(3), 219-239
172019Sectoral Composition of Government Spending, Distortionary Income Taxation, and Macroeconomic (In)stabilityChang, Juin-Jen ; Jang-Ting Guo; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Wei-Neng WangInternational Journal of Economic Theory 15(1, SI), 95-107
182019觀光外匯收入波動之總體經濟效果張俊仁 ; 林雪瑜; 蘇芷嫺; 楊淑珺經濟論文 第47卷第2期,頁163-207
192019Optimal Dynamic Taxation with Distinctive Forms of Social Status AttainmentChang, J-J ; Tsai, H-F; Tsai, T-SThe Scandinavian Journal of Economics 121(2), 808-842
202019Inflation Targeting, Pattern of Trade, and Economic DynamicsChang, J-J ; Chang, W-Y; Tsai, H-F; Wang, PMacroeconomic Dynamics 23(7), 2748–2786
212018Environmental Rebounds/Backfires: Macroeconomic Implications for the Promotion of Environmentally-Friendly ProductsChang, J-J ; Wang, W-N; Shieh, J-YJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 88, 35-68
222018Interest Rate Rules and Equilibrium (In)determinacy in a Small Open Economy: The Role of Internationally Traded CapitalChang, Wen-Ya; Hsueh-Fang Tsai; Juin-Jen Chang ; Hsieh-Yu LinB E Journal of Macroeconomics 18(2), 20160128
232018Conspicuous Consumption and Trade UnionismChang, Juin-Jen ; Chia-Ying Liu; Wei-Neng WangJOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 57, 350-366
242018Do Status-Seeking Motives Enhance Economic Growth? A Small Open Growth ModelChang, J-J ; Wang, W-N; Chen, Y-AMacroeconomic Dynamics 22(2), 199-224
252018Fiscal Stimulus and Endogenous Firm Entry in a Monopolistic Competition Marcoeconomic ModelChang, C-W; Lai, C-C ; Chang, J-J JAPANESE ECONOMIC REVIEW 69(2), 207-225
262017Social Comparisons in Consumption, International Capital Flows and Tax CompetitionChang, J-J ; Cheng, Y-L; Peng, S-K International Journal of Economic Theory 13, 47-71
272017薪資停滯?事實陳述與亞洲跨國比較林常青 ; 張俊仁 ; 盧姝璇人文及社會科學集刊 第29卷第1期,頁87-125
282016Inflation, Capital-Money Allocation, and InequalityChang, J-J ; Hung, H-W; Lin, H-Y; Savitski, D
292016Social Comparisons in Consumption, International Capital Flows and Tax CompetitionChang, J-J ; Cheng, Y-L; Peng, S-K 
302016Trade Unions, Unemployment, Economic Growth, and Income InequalityChang, J-J ; Hung, H-WMACROECONOMIC DYNAMICS 20(1), 404-428
312016Unionization, Market Structure and Economic GrowthJi, L; Chang, J-J ; Huang, C-YSOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 82(3), 935-951
322016Great Ratios and International OpennessChang, J-J ; Lin, C-C ; Lin, H-YInternational Review of Economics & Finance 41, 110-121
332015Cash-In-Advance Constraints in a Schumperian model with Endogenous Market StructureChang, J-J 
342015Environmental Policy and Economic Growth: The Macroeconomic Implications of the Health EffectChen, J-H; Shieh, J-Y; Chang, J-J B E Journal of Macroeconomics 15(1), 223-253
352015Consumption Tax, Seigniorage Tax and Tax Switch in a Cash-in-advance Economy of Endogenous GrowthChang, W-Y; Tsai, H-F; Chang, J-J ; Lee, K-HJOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 114(1), 23-42
362015Optimal Government Spending in an Economy with Imperfectly Competitive Goods and Labor MarketsChang, Shu-Hua; Juin-Jen Chang SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 82(2), 385-407
372015Sectoral Composition of Government Spending and Macroeconomic (In)stabilityChang, Juin-Jen ; Jang-Ting Guo; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Wei-Neng WangECONOMIC INQUIRY 53(1), 23-33
382015Corruption, growth, and increasing returns to production specializationChang, Juin-Jen ; Huei-Chung Lu; Hsueh-Fang TsaiInternational Journal of Economic Theory 11(3), 329-345
392015On the Employment, Investment and Current Account Effects of Inflation: A RevisitChang, W-A; Tsai, H-F; Chu, M-L; Chang, J-J JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 46, 278-294
402014Trade Union, Economic Growth, and Income InequalityChang, J-J 
412014Trade union, economic growth, and income inequalityChang, J-J 
422014Keeping up with the Joneses and Exchange Rate Volatility in a Redux ModelChang, Ming-Jen; Juin-Jen Chang ; Jhy-Yuan ShiehInternational Review of Economics & Finance 29, 569-584
432013Infaltion Targeting, Pattern of Trade and Economic Dynamics in a Heckscher-Olin Monetary EconomyChang, J-J 
442013Growth and Welfare Effects of Monetary Policy with Endogenous FertilityChang, Wen-Ya; Ying-An Chen; Juin-Jen Chang JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 35, 117-130
452013Search for a Theory of Organized CrimesChang, Juin-Jen ; Huei-Chung Lu; Ping WangEUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW 62, 130-153
462013經濟學門學術期刊評比更新陳宜廷; 曹添旺; 王泓仁; 林明仁; 張俊仁 ; 黃粲堯經濟論文 第41卷第3期,頁327-361
472013Capital Adequacy and the Bank Lending Channel: Macroeconomic ImplicationsShaw, Ming-Fu; Juin-Jen Chang ; Hung-Ju ChenJOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 36, 121-137
482013Does Performance-Based Compensation Boost Economic Growth or Lead to More Income Inequality?Juin-Jen Chang ; Chia-Ying Liu; Hsiao-wen HungECONOMIC RECORD 89(284), 72-82
492012Macroeconomic Instability and Stabilization Policy: How Should a Government Use Its Expenditure?Chang, J-J 
502012First-best Fiscal Policy with Social StatusChang, Juin-Jen ; Jang-Ting GuoJAPANESE ECONOMIC REVIEW 63, 546-556
512012Consumption Externalities, Market Imperfections, and Optimal TaxationChang, Juin-Jen ; Jhy-Hwa Chen; Jhy-Yuan ShiehInternational Journal of Economic Theory 8(4), 345-359
522011Keeping up with the Joneses, Consumer Ethnocentrism, and Optimal TaxationLiu, Chia-Ying; Juin-Jen Chang ECONOMIC MODELLING 28(4), 1519-1525
532011Macroeconomic Implications of a Sharing Compensation Scheme in a Model of Endogenous GrowthLiu, Chia-Ying; Juin-Jen Chang JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 102(1), 57-75
542011Congestion Externalities of Tourism, Dutch Disease and Optimal Taxation: Macroeconomic ImplicationsChang, Juin-Jen ; Lee-Jung Lee; Shih-Wen HuECONOMIC RECORD 87(276), 90-108
552011Interest Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stability with Transaction CostsChang, Wen-Ya; Hsueh-Fang Tsai; Juin-Jen Chang INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE 20(4), 744-749
562011Monopoly Power, Increasing Returns to Variety, and Local IndeterminacyChang, Juin-Jen ; Hsiao-Wen Hung; Chun-Chieh HuangREVIEW OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS 14(2), 384-388
572010Social Status and Optimal Income TaxationChang, J-J 
582010Casino Regulations and Economic WelfareChang, Juin-Jen ; Ching-Chong Lai ; Ping WangCANADIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS-REVUE CANADIENNE D ECONOMIQUE 43(3), 1058-1085
592009Employment Effect of Dismissal Pay in the Presence of Judicial MistakesHuang, Chun-Chieh; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ching-Chong Lai INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF LAW AND ECONOMICS 29(1), 38-45
602009Optimal Tax Policy, Market Imperfections, and Environmental Externalities in a Dynamic Optimizing Macro ModelChang, Juin-Jen ; Jhy-Hwa Chen; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Ching-Chong Lai JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY 11(4), 623-651
612009Growth, welfare and transitional dynamics in an endogenously growing economy with abatement laborChen, Jhy-Hwa; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ching-Chong Lai JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 31(3), 423-437
622008Organized Crime, Unemployment, and the Optimal Law EnforcementChang, J-J 
632008Volatility Trade-offs in Exchange Rate Target ZonesLai, Ching-Chong ; Chung-rou Fang; Juin-Jen Chang INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE 17(3), 366-379
642008Interest-rate Rules and Transitional Dynamics in an Endogenously Growing Open EconomyChen, Shu-Hua; Ming-Fu Shaw; Ching-Chong Lai ; Juin-Jen Chang JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MONEY AND FINANCE 27(1), 54-75
652008Profit Sharing, Risk Sharing, and Firm Size: Implications of Efficiency WagesChang, J-J SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS 27(2/3), 261-273
662007A “Managerial” trade union and economic growthChang, Juin-Jen ; Ming-Fu Shaw; Ching-Chong Lai EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW 51(2), 365-384
672007Equilibrium Dynamics in an Endogenous Growth Model of Money and BankingChang, Juin-Jen ; Wen-Ya Chang; Ching-Chong Lai ; Ping WangJOURNAL OF MONEY, CREDIT AND BANKING 39(7), 1683-1710
682007Optimal Fiscal Policies, Congestion and Over-entryChang, Juin-Jen ; Hsiao-Wen Hung; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Ching-Chong Lai SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 109(1), 137-151
692007Working Hours Reduction and Wage Contracting Style in a Dynamic Model with Labor Adjustment CostsChang, Juin-Jen ; Chun-Chieh Huang; Ching-Chong Lai JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS AND CONTROL 31(3), 971-993
702006(Non)Optimality of the Friedman Rule and Optimal Taxation in a Growing Economy with Imperfect CompetitionShaw, Ming-Fu; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ching-Chong Lai ECONOMICS LETTERS 90(3), 412-420
712005Productive Public Expenditure and Imperfect Competition with Endogenous Price MarkupChen, Jhy-Hwa; Jhy-Yuan Shieh; Ching-Chong Lai ; Juin-Jen Chang OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS 57(3), 522-544
722005Organized Crime or Individual Crime? Endogenous Size of a Criminal Organization and the Optimal Law EnforcementChang, Juin-Jen ; Huei-Chung Lu; Ming-Shen ChenECONOMIC INQUIRY 43(3), 661-675
732005工會、財政政策與經濟成長:一個均衡失業的內生成長模型蕭明福; 陳淑華; 張俊仁 經濟論文 第33卷第3期,頁323-350
742005Are More Alternatives Better for Decision-makers? A Note on the Role of Decision CostLu, Huei-Chung; Mingshen Chen; Juin-Jen Chang THEORY AND DECISION 58, 283-304
752005Terrorist Threats and Transitional Dynamics in an Overlapping Generations ModelShieh, Jhy-Yuan; Jhy-Hwa Chen; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ching-Chong Lai DEFENCE AND PEACE ECONOMICS 16(6), 415-425
762004Collaborative Tax Evasion and Social Norms: Why Deterrence Does Not WorkChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS 56(2), 344-368
772004The Money-Creation Model: Graphic IllustrationLai, Ching-Chong ; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ming-Ruey KaoJOURNAL OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION 35(1), 79-88
782003Environmental Regulations and Social NormsLai, Ching-Chong ; Chih-Yu Yang; Juin-Jen Chang INTERNATIONAL TAX AND PUBLIC FINANCE 10(1), 63-75
792003Profit Sharing, Worker Effort, and Double-Sided Moral Hazard in an Efficiency Wage ModelChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ; Lin, C-C JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS 31(1), 75-93
802002Is the Efficiency Wage Efficient? The Social Norm and Organizational CorruptionChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 104(1), 27-47
812002Is the Efficiency Wage Efficient when Workers Decide on the Working Time?Chang, Juin-Jen ; Chun-Chieh Huang; Ching-Chong Lai JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 77(3), 267-281
822002Worker Productivity, Working Time Reduction, And The Short–Run And Long–Run Employment EffectsHuang, Chun-Chieh; Juin-Jen Chang ; Ching-Chong Lai ; Chung-Cheng Lin SCOTTISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 49(4), 357-368
832002Profit Sharing as a Worker Discipline DeviceLin, C-C ; Chang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ECONOMIC MODELLING 19(5), 815-828
842001A Note on Inflation TargetingLai, C-C ; Chang, J-J JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION 32(4), 369-380
852001Is It Worthwhile to Pay Referees?Chang, J-J ; Lai, C-C SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 68(2), 457-463
862001Mundell命題:文獻的回顧與綜合陳昭南; 賴景昌 ; 張俊仁 經濟論文叢刊 第29卷第4期,頁365-401
872001Currency Devaluation in an Open-Shop UnionLai, Ching-Chong ; Juin-Jen Chang ; Wen-Ya ChangINTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS 10(1), 61-74
882001Employment Policy, Crowding-out Effect, and Imperfect CompetitionChang, Juin-Jen ; Ching-Chong Lai ; Chia-Lih Liao; Wen-Ya ChangLABOUR-REVIEW OF LABOUR ECONOMICS AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 15(4), 625-640
892000Causal Police Corruption and the Economics of Crime: Further ResultsChang, Juin-Jen ; Ching-Chong Lai ; C.C. YangINTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF LAW AND ECONOMICS 20(1), 35-51
901999The Unemployment and Wage Effects of Shifting to an Indirect Tax in an Efficiency Wage ModelChang, J-J ; Lin, C-C ; Lai, C-C ECONOMIC RECORD 72(2), 156-166
911999Carrots or Sticks? A Social Custom Viewpoint on Work EffortChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 15(2), 297-310
921999Imperfect Competition and Tax EvasionChang, Wen-Ya; Ching-Chong Lai ; Juin-Jen Chang PUBLIC FINANCE REVIEW 27(3), 371-381
931999The Mundell Proposition with Efficient Wage-employment BargainingChang, Juin-Jen ; Ching-Chong Lai ; Wen-Ya ChangJOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 21(4), 765-784
941998A Dynamic Model of Union Membership and Employment: A CommentChang, Juin-Jen ; Ching-Chong Lai ; Wen-Ya ChangECONOMICA 65(257), 145-151
951997Union Membership and Employment Dynamics with Endogenous Union DensityChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ECONOMICS LETTERS 57(1), 119-125
961996Efficient Bargains and Currency DevaluationLai, Ching-Chong ; Juin-Jen Chang ; Wen-Ya ChangECONOMIC RECORD 72(219), 313-318
971995Tax Evasion and Efficient BargainsLai, Ching-Chong ; Juin-Jen Chang ; Wen-Ya ChangPUBLIC FINANCE 50(1), 96-105
98-Share Buybacks and Corporate Tax CutsChang, Juin-Jen ; Chun-Hung Kuo; Hsieh-Yu Lin; Shu-Chun S. YangJOURNAL OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS & CONTROL