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12019Inflation Targeting, Pattern of Trade, and Economic DynamicsChang, J-J ; Chang, W-Y; Tsai, H-F; Wang, PMacroeconomic Dynamics 23(7), 2748–2786
22019Optimal Dynamic Taxation with Distinctive Forms of Social Status AttainmentChang, J-J ; Tsai, H-F; Tsai, T-SThe Scandinavian Journal of Economics 121(2), 808-842
32018Environmental Rebounds/Backfires: Macroeconomic Implications for the Promotion of Environmentally-Friendly ProductsChang, J-J ; Wang, W-N; Shieh, J-YJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 88, 35-68
42018Fiscal Stimulus and Endogenous Firm Entry in a Monopolistic Competition Marcoeconomic ModelChang, C-W; Lai, C-C ; Chang, J-J JAPANESE ECONOMIC REVIEW 69(2), 207-225
52018Do Status-Seeking Motives Enhance Economic Growth? A Small Open Growth ModelChang, J-J ; Wang, W-N; Chen, Y-AMacroeconomic Dynamics 22(2), 199-224
62017Social Comparisons in Consumption, International Capital Flows and Tax CompetitionChang, J-J ; Cheng, Y-L; Peng, S-K International Journal of Economic Theory 13, 47-71
72016Inflation, Capital-Money Allocation, and InequalityChang, J-J ; Hung, H-W; Lin, H-Y; Savitski, D
82016Social Comparisons in Consumption, International Capital Flows and Tax CompetitionChang, J-J ; Cheng, Y-L; Peng, S-K 
92016Great Ratios and International OpennessChang, J-J ; Lin, C-C ; Lin, H-YInternational Review of Economics & Finance 41, 110-121
102016Unionization, Market Structure and Economic GrowthJi, L; Chang, J-J ; Huang, C-YSOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 82(3), 935-951
112016Trade Unions, Unemployment, Economic Growth, and Income InequalityChang, J-J ; Hung, H-WMACROECONOMIC DYNAMICS 20(1), 404-428
122015Cash-In-Advance Constraints in a Schumperian model with Endogenous Market StructureChang, J-J 
132015Consumption Tax, Seigniorage Tax and Tax Switch in a Cash-in-advance Economy of Endogenous GrowthChang, W-Y; Tsai, H-F; Chang, J-J ; Lee, K-HJOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 114(1), 23-42
142015Environmental Policy and Economic Growth: The Macroeconomic Implications of the Health EffectChen, J-H; Shieh, J-Y; Chang, J-J B E Journal of Macroeconomics 15(1), 223-253
152015On the Employment, Investment and Current Account Effects of Inflation: A RevisitChang, W-A; Tsai, H-F; Chu, M-L; Chang, J-J JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS 46, 278-294
162014Trade Union, Economic Growth, and Income InequalityChang, J-J 
172014Trade union, economic growth, and income inequalityChang, J-J 
182013Infaltion Targeting, Pattern of Trade and Economic Dynamics in a Heckscher-Olin Monetary EconomyChang, J-J 
192012Macroeconomic Instability and Stabilization Policy: How Should a Government Use Its Expenditure?Chang, J-J 
202010Social Status and Optimal Income TaxationChang, J-J 
212008Organized Crime, Unemployment, and the Optimal Law EnforcementChang, J-J 
222008Profit Sharing, Risk Sharing, and Firm Size: Implications of Efficiency WagesChang, J-J SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS 27(2/3), 261-273
232004Collaborative Tax Evasion and Social Norms: Why Deterrence Does Not WorkChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS 56(2), 344-368
242003Profit Sharing, Worker Effort, and Double-Sided Moral Hazard in an Efficiency Wage ModelChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ; Lin, C-C JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS 31(1), 75-93
252002Is the Efficiency Wage Efficient? The Social Norm and Organizational CorruptionChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 104(1), 27-47
262002Profit Sharing as a Worker Discipline DeviceLin, C-C ; Chang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ECONOMIC MODELLING 19(5), 815-828
272001A Note on Inflation TargetingLai, C-C ; Chang, J-J JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION 32(4), 369-380
282001Is It Worthwhile to Pay Referees?Chang, J-J ; Lai, C-C SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL 68(2), 457-463
291999Carrots or Sticks? A Social Custom Viewpoint on Work EffortChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 15(2), 297-310
301999The Unemployment and Wage Effects of Shifting to an Indirect Tax in an Efficiency Wage ModelChang, J-J ; Lin, C-C ; Lai, C-C ECONOMIC RECORD 72(2), 156-166
311997Union Membership and Employment Dynamics with Endogenous Union DensityChang, J-J ; Lai, C-C ECONOMICS LETTERS 57(1), 119-125