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12023中共政治法規的本質:辯證邏輯與制度化視野蔡文軒 中國大陸研究 第66卷第1期,頁109-130
22023China's Hong Kong Affairs Bureaucracy: Factional Politics and Policy ConsistencyTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Chih-We YuChina: An International Journal 21(1), 70-87
42023Agent Politics of Chinese Think Tanks and Cultural Industry Governance in China’s “New Era”Tsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Gang Li; Weiqing SongCritical Asian Studies 55(1), 20-39
52023The Recruitment Process for Grassroots Cadres in a Chinese County: The CCP Organization Department and Its Alarm FunctionTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Gang TianModern China 49(1), 63-92
62023“Beautiful Countryside Construction,” Policy Inspection Teams, and Grassroots Political Participation in ChinaTian, Gang; Wen-Hsuan Tsai Journal of Contemporary China 32(144), 951-962
72022/8/3Central-Local Relations and Party Politics in China under Xi JinpingTsai, Wen-Hsuan Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs 8, 9-13
82022China’s Beautiful Countryside Construction, Policy Inspection Group, and Grassroots Political Participation蔡文軒 ; Gang Tian
92022「黨政融合」與習近平中國的集權化領導蔡文軒 一個人或一個時代:習近平執政十週年的檢視 (臺北市 : 五南)
112022The Role of China’s County-level Research Offices in Policy AdaptationTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Gang TianJournal of Chinese Political Science 27, 661-679
122022A Supplement to Heilmann’s “Experimentation Under Hierarchy”: The Politics of Chinese Industrial Innovation in the Xi EraLin, Ruihua; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Perspectives 2022/3, 43-52
142022框構『科創』:習近平中國對臺統戰的敘事分析林瑞華; 蔡文軒 
162022Fast Track Promotion for Grassroots Cadres: The Xuandiaosheng System in Xi Jinping’s ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoIssues & Studies 58(1), 2150018
172022China’s Cloud Governance: The Big Data Bureau and COVID-19 Crisis ManagementLin, Ruihua; Hsin-Hsien Wang; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Review 22(1), 135-158
182022Contemporary Chinese Martial Arts and the Manipulation of Cultural PositioningLin, Zhengwei; Wen-Hsuan Tsai Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 11(1), 107-123
192022The Chinese Communist Party Celebrates Its Centennial: Xi Jinping Asserts His Authority over Cadres and the MassesTsai, Wen-Hsuan Past as Prologue: Studying Party History for Xi’s New Era (Party Watch Annual Report 2021) (Washington, DC, USA : Center for Advanced China Research)
212021The Institutional Changes of Communist Youth League, Critical Juncture, and the China’s Political Development蔡文軒 
222021領導調研、政策行銷,與習近平『系統觀念』的建構蔡文軒 ; 魏嬿婨
232021Institutional Changes, Influences and Historical Junctures in the Communist Youth League of ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoThe China Quarterly 248(Supplement S1), 161-180
242021The Dual Elite Recruitment Logic in Xi Jinping’s ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
262021The Chinese Communist Party’s Control of Online Public Opinion: Towards Networked AuthoritarianismTsai, Wen-Hsuan The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Studies (London : Routledge)
272021How Policies Are Adapted: The Roles of Local Think Tanks in China’s New EraTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Ruihua LinChina Review 2(2), 153-176
282021Ideological Education and Practical Training at a County Party School: Shaping Local Governance in Contemporary ChinaTian, Gang; Wen-Hsuan Tsai The China Journal 85, 1-25
292021Hobbling Big Brother: Top-level Design and Local Discretion in China’s Social Credit SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Hsin-Hsien Wang; Ruihua LinThe China Journal 86, 1-20
302021Dual Elite Recruitment Logic and Political Manipulation under Xi JinpingKou, Chien-Wen; Wen-Hsuan Tsai Issues & Studies 57(04), 2150015
312020Reserve Cadres 2.0 and the Xuandiaosheng System During the Xi Jinping PeriodTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
332020Process Tracing of Policy Diffusion: An Analysis of “Institutional Isomorphism” in the Context of Chinese GovernanceTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
342020How to Formulate Policies with Adaptability: The Roles and Functions of Local Think Tanks in the Xi Jinping EraTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Ruihua Lin
352020中央行政體制:國務院與全國人大蔡文軒 中國大陸概論 (臺北市 : 五南)
362020Strengthening China’s Powerful Commission for Discipline Inspection under Xi Jinping, with a Case Study at the County LevelLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Journal 84, 29-50
382020A Mechanism of Coded Communication: Xinwen Lianbo and CCP PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoModern China
392020Penetrating the Grassroots: First-Secretaries-in-Residence and Rural Politics in Contemporary ChinaLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai ; Zheng-Wei LinProblems of Post-Communism 67(2), 169-179
402020Mobilizing Cadre Incentives in Policy Implementation: Poverty Alleviation in a Chinese CountyTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoChina Information 34(1), 45-67
412019揉合於區域研究與學科導向的中國研究:以當代東亞所學術社群的英文著作為例蔡文軒 ; 寇健文從一所看一學科:政大東亞所與臺灣的中國大陸研究 (台北市 : 五南)
422019The Impending Rise of the “Tsinghua Clique”: Cultivation, Transfer, and Relationships in Chinese Elite PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoJournal of Contemporary China 28(120), 948-964
432019Intermediate Agents in the Resistance Process: Petition Brokers and Social Governance in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu Liao; Chen, Chien-MinChina: An International Journal 17(4), 155- 167
442019Xi Jinping’s Personality and Political Manipulation: The Dual Elite Recruitment Logic in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Chien-wen Kou; Jiun-yao Shih
462019Social Constructionism and the Significance of Political Rumors in Contemporary China: Weapons of the WeakTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Zheng-Wei LinAsian Survey 59(5), 870-888
472019Integrated Fragmentation and the Role of Leading Small Groups in Chinese PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Wang ZhouThe China Journal 82, 1-22
492019The Efficient Promotion of Policy Implementation: Institutionalized Mobilization and a Case of Poverty Alleviation in China’s H CountyTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
502019A Mechanism of Coded Communication: Xinwen Lianbo and CCP Politics蔡文軒 
522019Intermediate Agents in the Resistance Process: Petition Brokers and Social Governance in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu Liao
532019Managing Irregular Petitions in China: Two Types of Social Control Strategy within the Authoritarian RegimeLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai Journal of East Asian Studies 19(1), 1-18
542019Clientelistic State Corporatism: The United Front Model of “Pairing-up” in the Xi Jinping EraLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Review 19(1), 31-56
572018揉合區域研究與學科導向的中國研究:以當代東亞所學術社群的英文著作為例蔡文軒 ; 寇健文東亞研究 第49卷第2期,頁53-82
602018Penetrating the Grassroots: First Secretaries-in Residence and Rural Politics in Contemporary蔡文軒 
612018抗爭過程的仲介行為者:上訪掮客與當代中國的社會治理蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
622018Thriving of the ‘Tsinghua Clique’: The System of Cultivation/Transfer and Relationship MaintainingTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu Liao
632018The CCP’s Strategies for Managing Irregular Petitions and Sporadic TotalitarianismTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
642018The Authority, Functions, and Political Intrigues of the General Office of the Chinese Communist PartyTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoThe China Journal 80, 46-67
652018Medical Politics and the CCP’s Healthcare System for State LeadersTsai, Wen-Hsuan Journal of Contemporary China 27(14), 942-955
662018How ‘Networked Authoritarianism’ was Operationalized in China: Methods and Procedures of Public Opinion ControlTsai, Wen-Hsuan Chinese Authoritarianism in the Information Age: Internet, Media, and Public Opinion (Abingdon, UK : New York, USA)
672017Controlled Fragmented Authoritarianism: Operations of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Deliberation and Coordination Agencies” and Xi Jinping’s Centralization Mechanism”Tsai, Wen-Hsuan 
682017「清華幫」興盛的制度解釋:栽培/輸送體系與關係維繫蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
692017侍從型國家統合主義:習近平時期「結對子」的統戰模式蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
702017Enabling China’s Voice to Be Heard by the World: Ideas and Operations of the Chinese Communist Party’s External Propaganda SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan Problems of Post-Communism 64(3-4), 203-213
712017Medical Politics of the Chinese Communist Party: The Operation of Biopower and the Healthcare System for Senior Cadres蔡文軒 
722017Framing the Funeral: Death Rituals of Chinese Communist Party LeadersTsai, Wen-Hsuan The China Journal 77, 51-71
732017A Model of Adaptive Mobilization: Implications of the CCP’s Diaoyan PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Yen-lin ChungModern China 43(4), 397-424
742016中國改革過程的風險調控:領導調研與政策擴散蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
752016派系視角下的中共將領流動:以習近平時期為例蔡文軒 ; 王國臣2016中共解放軍研究學術論文集 (台北 : 國防大學政治作戰學院)
762016尋找兩岸民主轉型的制度性因素:幹部預備軍的觀點蔡文軒 ; 陳蓉怡民主理論與中國政治發展 (上海 : 上海社會科學院出版社)
782016The Mechanism of Policy diffusion among Local Governments in China: Implications of the CCP’s Diaoyan PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
792016Delicacies for a Privileged Class in a Risk Society: The Chinese Communist Party’s Special Supplies Food SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan Issues & Studies 52(2), 1650005(29 pp)
802016Delicacies for Privileged Class in a Risk Society: The Chinese Communist Party’s Special Supplies Food SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
822016中國大陸幹部任命制下的年齡困境及其解決途徑寇健文; 蔡文軒 中國政治科學年度評論 (中國上海 : 復旦大學出版社)
832016Concentrating Power to Accomplish Big Things: the CCP’s Pishi System and Operation in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoJournal of Contemporary China 26, 297-310
842016How ‘Networked Authoritarianism’ was Operationalized in China: Methods and Procedures of Public Opinion ControlTsai, Wen-Hsuan Journal of Contemporary China 25, 731-744
872015中共「十八大」以來的政權調適:「學習型列寧體制」的運作與意涵蔡文軒 中共「十八大」菁英甄補與治理挑戰 (台北 : 印刻出版)
892015The CCP’s Neican/Pishi Model: A Unique Pattern of Policy-Making in an Authoritarian RegimeTsai, Wen-Hsuan Asian Survey 55(6) 1093-1115
902014How the ‘Networked Authoritarianism’ was Operated in China: The Amalgamation of the CCP’s Historical Legacy and Internet TechnologyTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
912014Xi Jinping’s Political Agenda of the ‘Chinese Dream’ and Priority Domestic Problems in ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
922013Secret Codes of Political Propaganda: The Unknown System of Writing TeamsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Kao, Peng-HsiangThe China Quarterly 214, 394-410
932013Experimentation under Hierarchy in Local Conditions: Cases of Political Reform in Guangdong and SichuanTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
952013The CCP's Learning System: Thought Unification and Regime AdaptationTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Dean, NicolaThe China Journal 69(1), 87-107
962013Experimentation under Hierarchy in Local Conditions: Cases of Political Reform in Guangdong and SichuanTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Dean, NicolaThe China Quarterly  
972013Sprinting with Small Steps' towards Promotion: Solutions for the Age Dilemma in the CCP Cadre Appointment SystemKou, Chien-Wen; Tsai, Wen-Hsuan The China Journal  
982012The Dynamic Programs of Political Succession and Reform at the 18th National Party CongressTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
992012‘Sprinting with Small Steps’ towards Promotion: Solutions for the Age Dilemma in the CCP Cadre Appointment System寇健文; 蔡文軒 
1002012The Party’s Disciples: CCP Reserve Cadres and the Perpetuation of a Resilient Authoritarian Regime蔡文軒 
101-The Policy Implementation Strategies of County Cadres: Political Instrument and Flexible Local GovernanceTian, Gang; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Information