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12020Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in Western Hunan during the Modern Era: The Dao among the Miao?Paul R. Katz Oxfordshire
22020溫州民間信仰綜述康豹 溫州民间信仰研究,“溫州通史”專題研究叢書 (北京 : 人民出版社)
32020The Fifty Years that Changed Chinese Religion: 1898-1948Paul R. Katz ; Vincent GoossaertAssociation of Asian Studies
42020Book Reviews: Paradigm Shifts in Early and Modern Chinese Religion: A History, written by John Lagerwey, 2018Paul R. Katz T'oung Pao 105(5-6), 649-652
52020溫州民间信仰研究康豹 ; 祁剛北京
62019The "Dao" among the "Miao"? Ritual Specialists in Western HunanPaul R. Katz 
72019Festivals in the Field -- A Social Historical PerspectivePaul R. Katz Fieldwork in Modern Chinese History. A Research Guide (London : Routledge)
82019Review of Kuo Cheng-tien, ed. Religion and Nationalism in Chinese SocietiesPaul R. Katz 漢學研究 第37卷3期,頁291-300
92019A Motley Phoenix? On the Diversity of Spirit-writing Temples in Modern TaiwanPaul R. Katz 
102019On the Importance of the Term “祭 (Sacrifice)” in Chinese Religious CulturePaul R. Katz 
112019On the Judicial Continuum and the Study of Chinese Legal CulturePaul R. Katz Concepts and Methods for the Study of Chinese Religions III: Key Concepts in Practice (Berlin : Verlag Walter de Gruyter GmbH)
122019Chen Hailiang’s Vision of Family Life: A Preliminary StudyPaul R. Katz Journal of Chinese Religions 47(1), 33-60
132019Concepts and Methods for the Study of Chinese Religions III: Key Concepts in PracticePaul R. Katz ; Stefania TravagninBerlin
142019Tying a ‘Pure’ Knot? Buddhicized Weddings in Modern Chinese Family LifePaul R. Katz 
152018Religion and Refugee Relief in Wartime Shanghai: A Case Study of the Society for Universal AffinitiesPaul R. Katz 
162018Daoism and Ritual Specialist Traditions in Western Hunan: Preliminary ObservationsPaul R. Katz 
172018Preserving “Religion”: Classifying Temple Cults as “Historical Monuments” and “Folklore” during the Republican EraPaul R. Katz 
182018Review of Chang Hsun & Benjamin Penny, eds., Religion in Taiwan and China: Locality and TransmissionPaul R. Katz Journal of Chinese Religions 46(2), 197-199
192018Dogs of Grain, Dogs of Rain: Canine Fertility Cults in Southwest ChinaPaul R. Katz 
202018近代中國的宗教康豹 台北市
212018The Buddhist Family and Community Engagement in Republican ChinaPaul R. Katz 
222017Preserving “Religion”: Classifying Temple Cults as “Historical Monuments” and “Folklore” during the Republican EraPaul R. Katz 
232017Chen Hailiang’s Vision of Buddhist Family Life -- A Pilot StudyPaul R. Katz 
242017Incense Dancing (跳香) -- A Multifaceted Western Hunan FestivalPaul R. Katz 
252017Dances of the Doomed -- Ritual and Resistance among the Western Hunan Miao during the Republican EraPaul R. Katz Asia Major 30(2)
262017Weapons of the Strong: Gender and Religion in Western HunanPaul R. Katz 
272017New Spaces, Edifices: Sacred Sites in Shanghai during the Late Qing and Republican ErasPaul R. Katz 
282017Religious Life in Western Hunan during the Modern Era: Some Preliminary ObservationsPaul R. Katz Cahiers d'Extreme Asie 25
292017近代中國寺廟破壞運動的空間特徵──以江南都市為重心康豹 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊 第95期,頁1-37
302017Review of Mark Meulenbeld, Demonic Warfare: Daoism, Territorial Networks, and the History of a Ming NovelPaul R. Katz The Journal of Asian Studies 76(1), 216-218
312017Review of Meir Shahar, Oedipal God: The Chinese Nezha and His Indian OriginsPaul R. Katz Reading Religion 2, 1-2
322016Perpetual Change? State Policies and their Impact on Religious Life in Miao Areas of Western Hunan during the Twentieth CenturyPaul R. Katz 
332016Setting the Stage: Trends in the Study of Chinese Religions as Seen in Special Issues of The Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore [民俗曲藝]Paul R. Katz 
342016The Miao Village Duet in Western HunanPaul R. Katz 
352016Miao Ritual Specialists in Western Hunan -- Preliminary ObservationsPaul R. Katz 
362016Review of Anthony E. Clark, Heaven in Conflict: Franciscans and the Boxer Uprising in ShanxiPaul R. Katz American Historical Review 121(3), 920-921
372016Temple Destruction Campaigns in Modern China: An Assessment of their ImpactPaul R. Katz 
382015Spirit-writing and the Dynamics of Elite Religious Life in Republican-era ShanghaiPaul R. Katz 近代中國的宗教發展論文集 (台北 : 國史館)
392015Religion and Resistance in Colonial Taiwan: A Case Study of the Ta-pa-ni IncidentPaul R. Katz 臺南文獻 8, 196-239
402015New Trends in the Study of Modern Chinese Urban Religious LifePaul R. Katz 
412015近代中國之寺廟破壞運動:以江浙地區為討論中心康豹 改變中國宗教的五十年,1898-1948 (台北 : 中央硏究院近代史研究所)
422015Review of Yen-zen Tsai, ed., Religious Experience in Contemporary Taiwan and ChinaPaul R. Katz Journal of Chinese Religions, 43(2), 216-219
432015改變中國宗教的五十年,1898-1948康豹 ; 高萬桑合編台北
442015Religious Life in Western Hunan during the Modern Era: Some Preliminary ObservationsPaul R. Katz 
452015Review of Jinhua Jia, Xiaofei Kang, and Ping Yao, eds. Gendering Chinese Religion: Subject, Identity, and BodyPaul R. Katz Journal of Chinese Studies, 61, 283-287
462015Bridging the Gaps: Methodological Challenges in the Study of Taiwanese Popular ReligionPaul R. Katz 
472015Journal of Chinese Religions, 43.1, Mutations and Adaptations of Chinese Communal Religious StructuresPaul R. Katz Leeds, UK
482015Review of Robert Ford Campany, Signs from the Unseen Realm: Buddhist Miracle Tales from Early Modern ChinaPaul R. Katz Asian Studies Review, 39(2), 338-339
492015民俗曲藝,第187、188期,「中國西南宗教文化」專輯康豹 ; 康詩瑀台北
502014Spirit-writing and the Dynamics of Elite Religious Life in Republican-era ShanghaiPaul R. Katz 
512014The Spatial Impact of Temple Destruction Campaigns in Modern Chinese CitiesPaul R. Katz 
522013"Superstition" and its Discontents: On the Impact of Temple Destruction Campaigns in China, 1898-1948Katz, Paul R. 信仰、實踐與文化調適:第四屆漢學會議論文集.宗教篇 (台北 : 中央研究院、聯經出版事業股份有限公司)
54201303.知識饗宴系列09電子書丘成桐; 陳竹亭; 牟中原; 陳培哲; 劉扶東 ; 陳仲瑄; 謝建台; 李遠川; 吳俊傑; 康豹 ; 黃克武 ; 蕭高彥
552013信仰、實踐與文化調適:第四屆漢學會議論文集.宗教篇康豹 ; 劉淑芬 台北
562013Review of Randall L. Nadeau, ed., The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Chinese ReligionsKatz, Paul R. The China Quarterly, 213, 218-219
572013Religion in China and its Modern FateKatz, Paul R. Lebanon, NH
582013鸞堂與近代臺灣的地方社群 -- 埔里的個案研究康豹 十九世紀以來中國地方道教的變遷 (香港 : 三聯書店)
59201201.故院長講座. 胡適院長講座「當『宗教』遇上『迷信』:中國廟產興學運動面面觀,1898-1948」康豹 
602012An Unbreakable Thread? Preliminary Observations on the Interaction between Chinese and Taiwanese Religious Traditions under Japanese Colonial RuleKatz, Paul R. 臺灣宗教研究 11(2), 39-70
612012Repaying a Nuo Vow (還儺願) in Western Hunan (湘西) – A Rite of Trans-Hybridity?Katz, Paul R. 
622012Review of David A. Palmer, Glenn Shive, and Philip L. Wickeri, eds., Chinese Religious LifeKatz, Paul R. The Journal of Asian Studies, 71(3), 784-787
632012'Superstition' and its Discontents – On the Impact of Temple Destruction Campaigns in China, 1898-1948Katz, Paul 
642012An Unbreakable Thread? Preliminary Observations on the Interaction between Chinese and Taiwanese Religious Traditions under Japanese Colonial RuleKatz, Paul 
652012西方學界研究中國社區宗教傳統的主要動態康豹 中國民間信仰研究述評 (上海 : 上海人民出版社)
662012Broadcasting the Tao: Religion and the Mass Media in Modern ChinaKatz, Paul 
672011Spirit-writing Halls and the Development of Local Communities -- A Case Study of Puli 埔里 (Nantou 南投 County)Katz, Paul R. 民俗曲藝 174, 103-184
682011Review of Avron Boretz, Gods, Ghosts, and Gangsters: Ritual Violence, Martial Arts, and Masculinity on the Margins of Chinese SocietyKatz, Paul The China Quarterly, 207
692011Spirit-writing and Hakka Migration in Taiwan – A Case Study of the Canzan Tang 參贊堂 in Puli 埔里, Nantou 南投 County.Katz, Paul 中國地方宗教儀式論集 (香港 : 中文大學出版社)
702011民俗曲藝第172、173期,「救世團體與現代中國的新興宗教運動」專輯Katz, Paul 台北
712011Writing a Place for Rites -- Visions of “Old Customs” in Wenzhou during the Great Leap ForwardKatz, Paul 
722011日治時期烏牛欄庄的人口結構與族群關係康豹 ; 邱正略中央研究院近代史研究所集刊 第71期,頁89-155
732011中國帝制晚期以降寺廟儀式在地方社會的功能康豹 中國史新論‧宗教分冊 (台北 : 聯經出版事業股份有限公司)
742011Review of Yoshiko Ashiwa & David L. Wank, eds., Making Religion, Making the State: The Politics of Religion in Modern ChinaKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 37, 96-99
762010The Rise of Postmortem Retribution in China and the WestKatz, Paul ; Bernstein, AlanThe Medieval History Journal 13.2, 199-257
772010Wang Yiting and the Enchantment of Chinese ModernityKatz, Paul 
782010Review of James Robson, Power of Place: The Religious Landscape of the Southern Sacred Peak (Nanyue 南嶽) in Medieval ChinaKatz, Paul 漢學研究, 28(17), 331-337
792010Spirit-writing Halls and the Development of Local Communities -- A Case Study of Puli (Nantou County)Katz, Paul 
802010一個著名上海商人與慈善家的宗教生活——王一亭康豹 從城市看中國的現代性 (南港 : 中央研究院近代史研究所)
812010從城市看中國的現代性巫仁恕 ; 康豹 ; 林美莉主編台北市
822010多面相的神仙──永樂宮的呂洞賓信仰康豹 濟南
832010Divine Justice? Judicial Rituals and Official Legitimacy Chinese Legal CultureKatz, Paul 
842009「精魂拘閉,誰之過乎?」——道教與中國法律文化的建構初探康豹 文化與歷史的追索:余英時教授八秩壽慶論文集 (台北 : 聯經出版事業股份有限公司)
852009從地獄到仙境-漢人民間信仰的多元面貌(康豹自選集)康豹 台北
862009Review of Brigitte Baptandier, The Lady of Linshui. A Chinese Female CultKatz, Paul 近代中國婦女史研究, 17, 257-267
882009臺灣大百科全書宗教民俗卷神明信仰篇康豹 ; 林美容台北
892009Puli's Modern History as Seen through its Phoenix Halls -- A Progress ReportKatz, Paul 
902009Divine Justice and Martial Power in Taoist ExorcismKatz, Paul 
912009田野的問題:一些方法論的淺見(點評)康豹 宗教人類學 第1輯,頁131-141
922009Review of Cheng-tian Kuo, Religion and Democracy in Taiwan and Richard Madsen, Democracy's Dharma: Religious Renaissance and Political Development in TaiwanKatz, Paul The China Quarterly, 199, 809-812
932009Review of Vincent Goossaert, The Taoists of Peking, 1800-1949. A Social History of Urban ClericsKatz, Paul American Historical Review, 114(1), 155-156
942009Punitive Yet Not Legal? Representations of Underworld Justice in Late Imperial ChinaKatz, Paul 
952009Review of Tonio Andrade, How Taiwan Became Chinese: Dutch, Spanish, and Han Colonization in the Seventeenth CenturyKatz, Paul The International Journal of Asian Studies, 6(1), 126-129
962009Review of Timothy Brook, Jérôme Bourgon, Gregory Blue, Death by a Thousand CutsKatz, Paul China Perspectives, 4, 128-130
972009Divine justice : religion and the development of Chinese legal culture (神聖的正義--宗教與中國司法體系的發展)Katz, Paul London and New York
982009Ritual? What Ritual? Secularization in the Study of Chinese Legal History, From Colonial Encounters to Modern ScholarshipKatz, Paul Social Compass 56(3), 328-344
992009西方學界研究中國社區宗教傳統的主要趨勢Katz, Paul 文史哲 第310期,頁58-74
1002009Banner Worship and Human Sacrifice in Chinese Military HistoryKatz, Paul The Scholar's Mind: Essays in Honor of F. W. Mote (Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press)
1012009Religion, Recruiting and Resistance in Colonial Taiwan: A Case Study of the Xilai An Incident, 1915Katz, Paul The People and the Dao: New Studies of Chinese Religions in Honour of Prof. Daniel L. Overmyer (Sankt Augustin : Institut Monumenta Serica)
1022008民俗曲藝第162、163期,「佛教與華人民間信仰」專輯Katz, Paul 台北
1032008鸞務再興—戰後初期埔里地區鸞堂練乩、著書活動康豹 ; 邱正略
1042008Review of Meir Shahar, The Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, and the Chinese Martial ArtsKatz, Paul H-Buddhism, URL:
1052008Review of Barend J. ter Haar, Telling Stories: Witchcraft and Scapegoating in Chinese HistoryKatz, Paul 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊, 61, 185-192
1062008Trial by Power – Some Preliminary Observations on the Judicial Roles of Taoist Martial DeitiesKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions 36, pp. 54-83
1072008Spirit-writing and Hakka Migration in Taiwan – A Case Study of the Canzan Tang 參贊堂 in Puli 埔里, Nantou 南投 CountyKatz, Paul 
1082008Trial by Power: On the Judicial Roles of Taoist Martial DeitiesKatz, Paul 
1092007The Religious Life of a Renowned Shanghai Businessman and Philanthropist, Wang Yiting 王一亭Katz, Paul 
1102007Ritual? What Ritual? Why Scholars of Chinese Law Have Not Had More to Say about Judicial RitualsKatz, Paul 
1112007'Their Own Oaths They Hold as Sacred': Judicial Rituals in Western-ruled Chinese CommunitiesKatz, Paul 
1122007Temple Cults and the Formation of Chinese CommunitiesKatz, Paul 
1132007Judicial Rituals in Postwar TaiwanKatz, Paul 
1142007Indictment Rituals and the Judicial Continuum in Late Imperial ChinaKatz, Paul Writing and Law in Late Imperial China. Crime, Conflict, and Judgment (Seattle : University of Washington Press)
1152007Orthopraxy and Heteropraxy Beyond the State: Standardizing Ritual in Chinese SocietyKatz, Paul Modern China 33(1), 72-90
1162007Review of Richard Belsky, Localities at the Center: Native-Place, Space, and Power in Late Imperial BeijingKatz, Paul 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊, 55, 201-207
1172006Judicial Rituals and Legitimation in Chinese SocietyKatz, Paul 
1182006“It is Difficult to be Indifferent to One's Roots” – Taizhou 台州 Sojourners and Flood Relief during the 1920sKatz, Paul 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊 54, 1-58
1192006民俗曲藝,第153-154期(「神職人員與地方社會」專輯)Katz, Paul 台北市
1202006染血的山谷——日治時期的噍吧哖事件康豹 台北
1212006Review of Vincent Goossaert, L'Interdit du boeuf en Chine. Agriculture, éthique et sacrificeKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 34, 96-101
1222006Quantifying the Colonized: The History and Significance of Demographic Sources from Colonial TaiwanKatz, Paul ; Chiu, Cheng-luehPositive or Preventive? Reproduction in Taiwan and the Netherlands (Amsterdam : Askant)
1232005Governmentality and its Consequences in Colonial Taiwan: A Case Study of the Ta-pa-ni Incident of 1915Katz, Paul The Journal of Asian Studies 64(2), 387-424
1242005Festivals and the Recreation of Identity in South China: A Case Study of Processions and Expulsion Rites in Pucheng, ZhejiangKatz, Paul Journal of Ritual Studies 19(1), 57-86
1252005民俗曲藝,第147期(「廟會與地方社會」專輯)Katz, Paul 台北市
1262005When Valleys Turned Blood Red: The Ta-pa-ni Incident in Colonial TaiwanKatz, Paul USA
1272005平陽縣、蒼南縣傳統民俗文化研究康豹 ; 徐宏圖北京
1282005天台縣傳統經濟社會文化調查康豹 ; 連曉鳴北京
1292004民俗曲藝,第143期(「天災與宗教」專輯)Katz, Paul ; 吳秀玲台北市
1302004武裝抗爭與地方社會——以西來庵事件對於沙仔田等十五村庄人口結構的影響為例康豹 ; 邱正略台灣殖民地史學術研討會論文集 (台北 : 海峽學術出版社)
1312004Review of Guo Qitao, Exorcism and Money: The Symbolic World of the Five-Fury Spirits in Late Imperial ChinaKatz, Paul China Review International, 11(1), 105-112
1322004Review of Richard von Glahn, The Sinister Way, The Divine and the Demonic in Chinese Religious CultureKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 32, 262-271
1332004Review of Robert Hymes, Way and Byway: Taoism, Local Religion, and Models of Divinity in Sung and Modern ChinaKatz, Paul Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies, 34, 159-170
1342004Fowl Play -- Chicken-beheading Rituals and Dispute Resolution in TaiwanKatz, Paul The Minor Arts of Daily Life: Popular Culture in Taiwan (Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press)
1352004Daoism and Local Cults -- A Case Study of the Cult of Marshal WenKatz, Paul Heterodoxy in Late Imperial China (Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press)
1362004Divine Justice in Late Imperial China: A Preliminary Study of Indictments, Oaths, and OrdealsKatz, Paul Religion and Chinese Society (Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press)
1372003Religion and the Formation of Taiwanese IdentitiesKatz, Paul ; Rubinstein, Murray A.New York
1382003台灣王爺信仰研究的回顧與展望康豹 台灣本土宗教研究的新視野和新思維 (台北 : 南天書局有限公司)
1392003Identity Politics and the Study of Popular Religion in Postwar TaiwanKatz, Paul Religion and the Formation of Taiwanese Identities (New York : Palgrave Macmillan)
1402003Review of Allessandro Dell'Orto, Place and Spirit in Taiwan: Tudi Gong in the Stories, Strategies, and Memories of Everyday LifeKatz, Paul The China Quarterly, 175, 839-841
1412003Review of Barend ter Haar, Ritual and Mythology of the Chinese Triads: Creating an IdentityKatz, Paul 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊, 40, 271-284
1422003Social Structure and Marriage Patterns in East Haven: A Preliminary AnalysisKatz, Paul 無聲之聲 (II):近代中國的婦女與社會(1600-1950) (台北 : 中央研究院近代史研究所)
1432003The Cult of the Royal Lords in Postwar TaiwanKatz, Paul Religion in Modern Taiwan: Tradition and Innovation in a Changing Society (Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press)
1442003Religion and the State in Postwar TaiwanKatz, Paul The China Quarterly 174, 395-412
1452003元代全真道士的史觀與宗教認同——以《玄風慶會圖》為例Katz, Paul 燕京學報 第15期,頁95-107
1462003Local Elites and Sacred Sites in Hsin-chuang – The Growth of the Ti-tsang An during the Japanese OccupationKatz, Paul 信仰、儀式與社會:第三屆國際漢學會議論文集 (台北 : 中央研究院民族學研究所)
1472003Review of Marc L. Moskowitz, The Haunting Fetus: Abortion, Sexuality, and the Spirit World in TaiwanKatz, Paul Journal of the American Oriental Society, 123(1), 231-234
1482002民俗曲藝,第137-138期(「宗教與地方社會」專輯)Katz, Paul 台北市
1492002Review of Stephen Little and Shawn Eichman, eds., Taoism and the Arts of ChinaKatz, Paul Journal of the American Oriental Society, 122(1), 141-143
1502002Review article on recent books by Wang Chien-ch'uan 王見川 and Li Shih-wei 李世偉Katz, Paul Studies in Central & East Asian Religions, 12 & 13, 209-219
1512002Review of Edward L. Davis, Society and the Supernatural in Song ChinaKatz, Paul Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 62(2), 449-462
1522002Introduction: New Perspectives on Quanzhen 全真Taoism: The Formation of a Religious IdentityKatz, Paul ; Goossaert, VincentJournal of Chinese Religions 29, 91-94
1532002Writing History, Creating Identity―A Case Study of the Xuanfeng qinghui tu 玄風慶會圖Katz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions 29, 161-178
1542002Recent Developments in the Study of Chinese Ritual Dramas: An Assessment of Xu Hongtu 徐宏圖's Research on ZhejiangKatz, Paul Ethnography in China Today: A Critical Assessment of Methods and Results (台北 : 源流出版社)
1552002道教與地方信仰——以溫元帥信仰為個例Katz, Paul 臺灣宗教研究通訊 第4期,頁1-30
1562002Images of Lü Dongbin in Ming LiteratureKatz, Paul 壁之光——慶祝徐步奎(朔方)教授從事教學科研五十五周年學術研討會論文集 (杭州 : 浙江大學出版社)
1572002Review of Poul Andersen, The Demon Chained under Turtle Mountain: The History and Mythology of the Chinese River Spirit WuzhiqiKatz, Paul Journal of the American Oriental Society, 122(3), 628-629
1582001Review of Stephan Feuchtwang, Popular Religion in China. The Imperial MetaphorKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 29, 354-355
1592001Review of Donald S. Lopez, Jr., ed., Religions of China in PracticeKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 28, 226-228
1602001Festival Systems and the Division of Ritual Labor: A Case Study of the An-fang 暗訪 at Hsin-chuang's Ti-tsang An 地藏庵Katz, Paul 民俗曲藝 130, 57-124
1612001Divine Justice: Chicken-beheading Rituals in Japanese Occupation Taiwan and their Historical AntecedentsKatz, Paul 社會、民族與文化展演國際研討會論文集 (台北 : 漢學研究中心)
1622000漢人社會的神判儀式初探——從斬雞頭說起Katz, Paul 中央研究院民族學研究所集刊 第88期,頁173-202
1632000Review of Meir Shahar, Crazy Ji: Chinese Religion and Popular LiteratureKatz, Paul 漢學研究, 18(2), 441-447
1641999呂洞賓信仰與全真教的關係——以山西永樂宮為例康豹 遺跡崇拜與聖者崇拜 (台北 : 允晨)
1651999Review of Kenneth Dean, Lord of the Three in One: The Spread of a Cult in Southeast ChinaKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions, 27, 93-104
1661999Review of Terry F. Kleeman, Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millenial KingdomKatz, Paul China Review International, 6(1), 161-165
1671999Temple Cults and the Creation of Hsin-chuang Local SocietyKatz, Paul Papers from the Seventh Conference on Chinese Maritime History (Nankang : Sun Yat-sen Institute of Social Sciences)
1681999Morality Books and Taiwanese Identity―The Texts of the Palace of GuidanceKatz, Paul Journal of Chinese Religions 27, 69-92
1691999Images of the Immortal. The Cult of Lü Dongbin at the Palace of Eternal JoyKatz, Paul Honolulu
1701998新莊地藏庵的大眾爺崇拜Katz, Paul 人文學報 第16卷,頁123-159
1711998The Problem of 'Localization' of Popular Religion in Taiwan. A Case Study of the Cult of the Royal LordsKatz, Paul 台灣與四鄰論文集 (台北 : 南天書局)
1721997台灣的王爺信仰Katz, Paul 台北
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