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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023The Changing Face of Intimate Premarital Relationships in TaiwanYen-hsin Alice Cheng Journal of Marriage and Family 85(4), 987-1001
22021An East–West dichotomy? Shifting marriage age patterns in Taiwan and Sweden over two centuriesYen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Martin KolkThe History of the Family 26(3), 434-465
32021Continuity and Changes in Attitudes toward Marriage in Contemporary TaiwanYen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Chih-lan Winnie YangJournal of Population Research 38, 139-167
42020Demographic Change and Increasing Late Singlehood in East Asia, 2010–2050Albert Esteve; Ridhi Kashyap; Joan García-Román; Yen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Setsuya Fukuda; Wanli Nie; Hyun Ok LeeDEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH 43, 46, 1367-1398
52020No More Babies without Help for Whom? Education, Division of Labor, and Fertility IntentionsYen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Chen-Hao HsuJournal of Marriage and Family 82(4), 1270-1285
62020Ultra-low Fertility in East Asia: Confucianism and its discontentsYen-hsin Alice Cheng Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 18, 83-120
72018Feminising the Workforce in Ageing East Asia? The Potential of Skilled Female Labour in Four Advanced EconomiesElke Loichinger; Yen-hsin Alice Cheng Journal of Population Research 35(2), 187-215
82017Ethnic Variations in Characteristics of First Unions among Asian American Young AdultsYen-hsin Alice Cheng Euramerica(歐美研究) 47(2), 177-214
92016Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality in Taiwan, 1995-2012Yen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Fen-Chieh Felice Wu; Amy AdamczykChinese Sociological Review 48(4), 317-345
102016More Education, Fewer Divorces? Shifting Education Differentials of Divorce in Taiwan from 1975 to 2010Yen-hsin Alice Cheng Demographic Research 34(33), 927-942
112016Going It Alone and Adrift: The Socioeconomic Profile and Parental Involvement of Single-Father and Single-Mother Families in Post-Industrial TaiwanYen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Fen-Chieh Felice WuJournal of Population Research 33, 147-172
122016The Future Labor Force of an Aging Taiwan: The importance of education and female labor supplyYen-hsin Alice Cheng ; Elke LoichingerPOPULATION RESEARCH AND POLICY REVIEW, pp1-26
132014Changing Partner Choice and Marriage Propensities by Education in Post-industrial Taiwan, 2000-2010Yen-hsin Alice Cheng DEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH 31: 1007-1042
142013New Cohort Fertility Forecasts for the Developed World: Rises, Falls, and ReversalsMyrskyla, Mikko; Goldstein, Joshua; Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT REVIEW 39(1): 31-56
152011Adolescent Overweight, Social Relationships, and the Transition to First Sex: Gender and Racial VariationsCheng, Yen-hsin Alice ; Landale, Nancy S.PERSPECTIVES ON SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH 43(1), 6-15
162011Adolescent Precursors of Early Union Formation among Asian American and White Young AdultsCheng, Yen-hsin Alice ; Landale, Nancy S.JOURNAL OF FAMILY ISSUES 32(2), 209-236
172010Longitudinal Predictors of Change in Number of Sexual Partners across Adolescence and Early AdulthoodKan, Marni L.; Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice ; Landale, Nancy S.; McHale, Susan M.JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH 46(1), 25-31
182009Social Background Differences in Early Family BehaviorSchoen, Robert; Landale, Nancy S.; Daniels, Kimberly; Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 71(2), 384-395
192006Partner Choice and the Differential Retreat of MarriageSchoen, Robert; Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 68(1), 1-10