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12021Spatial Effects on Individual Social Capital: Differentiating the Constraints of Local Occupational StructuresKuo, Hui-Ju; Yang-chih Fu SOCIAL NETWORKS 64, 194-211
22020Daily Contacts Under Quarantine amid Limited Spread of COVID-19 in TaiwanFu, Yang-chih ; Lee, Hsuan-WeiInternational Journal of Sociology 50(5), 434-444
32020Global Convergence and National Disparities in the Structure of Environmental Attitudes and Their Linkage to Pro‐Environmental BehavioursKuo, Hui-Ju; Yang-chih Fu ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES 29(3), 261-291
42019社群媒體與大學生的網絡界限:伴遊圈、談話圈、接觸圈張明宜; 傅仰止 台灣社會學 第37期,頁1-46
52018大型面訪調查的抽樣架構變革:從戶籍抽樣到地址抽樣謝淑惠; 詹大千 ; 劉雪涵; 傅仰止 中國統計學報 第56卷第4期,頁75-97
62018Upward Contacts in Everyday Life: Benefits of Reaching Hierarchical Relations in Ego-centered NetworksFu, Yang-chih ; Thijs A. Velema; Jing-Shiang HwangSOCIAL NETWORKS 54, 266-278
72017Egocentric Complete Networks: Building Versatile Network Structures from Contact Diaries and Social MediaFu, Yang-chih ; Ming-Yi Chang; Jing-Shiang Hwang
82017Contact Preference on Social Media: A Novel Approach to Rank Network PositionsHwai-Chung Ho ; Yang-chi Fu ; Ming-yi Chang; Wei-Chung Liu
92017GIS-aided Address-based Sampling Strategies: Testing a New Sampling Scheme for a Long-Term, Register-Based Survey SeriesTa-Chien Chan ; Pei-Shan Liao; Yang-Chih Fu ; Shu-Hui Hsieh
102017Detecting the Spread of Personal Mood through Networks Using ClickdiaryTa-Chien Chan ; Tso-Jun Yen; Tsuey-Hwa Hu; Yang-Chih Fu ; Jing-Shiang Hwang
112017Inducing Egocentric Networks with Privacy Settings: Evidence from Integrated Social Media and Representative Survey DataFu, Yang-chih ; Ming-Yi Chang
122017Network Structures and Subsequent Contact Size on Social MediaChang, Ming-Yi; Yang-chih Fu ; Po-Chun Lee
132016政府傳統調查資料以開放政府資料型式存於巨量資料中心—方法論問題及社會運用傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 于若蓉 科技部, 152 p.
142016Drawing Network Boundaries in the Social Media Era: Gender Roles in Daily Contacts and Life EventsFu, Yang-chih ; Ming-Yi Chang
152016Attitudes Toward Labor Migrants, Live-in Care Workers, and Skilled Migrants in a New Immigrant Destination: Does Social Contact Matter?Hsin-Chieh Chang; Yang-chih Fu 
162016Handbook of Survey MethodologyWolf, Christof; Dominique Joye; Tom Smith; Yang-chih Fu London
172016The Globalization of surveysSmith, Tom W.; Yang-chih Fu Handbook of Survey Methodology (London : Sage)
182016Survey Methodology: Challenges and PrinciplesJoye, Dominique; Christof Wolf; Tom W. Smith; Yang-chih Fu Handbook of Survey Methodology (London : Sage)
192016Identifying emotional contagion in social networks from contact diaries詹大千 ; 顏佐榕; 傅仰止 ; 黃景祥
202016Analyzing Personal Happiness from Global Survey and Weather Data: A Geospatial ApproachYi-Fan Peng; Jia-Hong Tang; Yang-chih Fu ; I-chun Fan ; Maw-Kae Hor; Ta-Chien Chan PLOS ONE 11(4): e0153638
212016Alters as species: predicting personal network size from contact diariesTso-Jung Yen; Yang-chih Fu ; Jing-Shiang HwangSOCIAL NETWORKS 45, 78-88
222016台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫第七期第一次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 杜素豪 ; 廖培珊科技部, 503 p.
232016Contact Trees: Network Visualization beyond Nodes and EdgesSallaberry, Arnaud; Yang-chih Fu ; Hwai-Chung Ho ; Kwan-Liu MaPLOS ONE 11(2), e0146368
242016Egocentric Contact Networks in Comparison: Taiwan and HungaryDávid, Beata; Éva Huszti; Ildikó Barna; Yang-chih Fu SOCIAL NETWORKS 44, 253-265
252015最小統計區應用於調查研究之初探詹大千 ; 謝淑惠; 廖培珊; 傅仰止 
262015運用跨平台資訊科技進行健康行為與社會網路之長期追蹤研究—點日記詹大千 ; 顏佐榕; 傅仰止 ; 黃景祥
272015Using the Position Generator in Cross-national Surveys: Potentials and ChallengesFu, Yang-chih ; Nan Lin
282015Multilevel Determinants of Receiving the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Vaccine: Contact Patterns and Household StructuresFu, Yang-chih ; Ming-Yi Chang; Jen-Hsiang Chuang; Da-Wei Wang
292015Analysis of ClickDiary Data: Some Initial ResultsTso-Jung Yen; Ta-Chien Chan ; Yang-Chih Fu ; Jing-Shiang Hwang
302015ClickDiary: Online Tracking of Heatlh Behaviors and MoodChan, Ta-Chien ; Tso-Jung Yen; Yang-chih Fu ; Jing-Shiang HwangJOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH 17(6):e147, DOI: 10.2196/jmir.4315
312015台灣社會變遷基本調查第六期第五次調查計畫傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 杜素豪 ; 廖培珊科技部, 436 p.
322015台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫第六期第五次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 杜素豪 ; 廖培珊科技部
332014運用網路平台—點日記探討健康行為與個人社會網絡的關係詹大千 ; 黃景祥; 顏佐榕; 傅仰止 
342014性別化的社會資本與配偶網絡傅仰止 ; 張心潔社會科學論叢 第8卷第2期,頁125-165
352014Social Determinants in Health and Happiness across 29 Societies: Age Patterns, Socioeconomic Gradients, and Geographical VariationsChang, Hsin-Chieh; Yang-chih Fu 
362014The Wedding Banquet: The Presentation of Social Capital in China, Hong Kong, and TaiwanFu, Yang-chih ; Nan Lin; Chih-jou Jay Chen; Gina Lai
372014Constructing the Strength of Ties Index from Comparative Contact DiariesDavid, Beata; Eva Huszti; Ildiko Barna; Yang-chih Fu 
382014台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫第六期第四次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 杜素豪 ; 廖培珊國科會
392014How Social Capital Changes during one's Current Job: Work Conditions and Contact PatternsFu, Yang-chih ; Ray-May Hsung; Szu-Ying LeeSocial Capital and Its Institutional Contingency: A Study of the United States, China and Taiwan. (London : Routledge Press)
402013Drawing Network Boundaries from Daily Contacts: Stability in Implied and Realized Ego-alter TiesFu, Yang-chih ; Hwai-Chung Ho; Chih-Yao Chang
412013Alters as Species: Predicting Personal Network Size with Accumulation CurvesYen, Tso-Jung; Fu, Yang-chih ; Hwang, Jing-Shiang
422013Social Capital and Its Institutional Contingency: A Study of the United States, China and TaiwanLin, Nan; Fu, Yang-chih ; Chen, Chih-jou JayLondon
442013An Interactive Visualitzation Framework for Studying Egocentric, Categorical, Contact Diary Datasets.Bryan, Chris; Ma, Kwan-Liu; Fu, Yang-chih 
452013Drawing Network Boundaries Using Relationships and Interactions: A Longitudinal Study of Three-Wave Contact Diaries.Fu, Yang-chih ; Ho, Hwai-Chung; Chang, Chih-Yao
462013ContactTrees: Egocentric Visualization of Social InteractionsSallaberry, Arnaud; Fu, Yang-chih ; Ho, Hwai-Chung; Ma, Kwan-LiuWorking paper, Department of Computer Science, University of California at Davis
472013Weak Ties and Contact Initiation in Everyday Life: Exploring Contextual Variations from Contact DiariesFu, Yang-chih ; Ho, Hwai-Chung; Chen, Hsiu-ManSOCIAL NETWORKS 10.1016/j.socnet.2013.02.004
482012Representative Contact Diaries for Modeling the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Taiwan.Fu, Yang-chih ; Wang, Da-Wei; Chuang, Jen-HsiangPLoS One 7(10): e45113. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045113
492012台灣的社會變遷1985-2005:社會階層與勞動市場,台灣社會變遷基本調查系列三之3謝雨生; 傅仰止 台北
502012Network Boundaries and Tie Strength between Ego and Alter: Diary data on Personal Networks.Chang, Chih-Yao; Ho, Hwai-Chung; Fu, Yang-chih 
512012陌生人互動的社會期望反應:外在情境與個人屬性傅仰止 ; 陸洛台灣的社會變遷1985~2005:  心理、價值與宗教,台灣社會變遷基本調查系列三之2 (台北 : 中央研究院社會學研究所)
522012附錄:台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫的演變(1985-2011)章英華 ; 傅仰止 ; 張苙雲; 瞿海源台灣的社會變遷1985~2005:家庭與婚姻,台灣社會變遷基本調查系列三之1 (台北 : 中央研究院社會學研究所)
532012Social Capital and Normative Perceptions of Good Citizenship: A Daily Contact Approach.Fu, Yang-chih 
542011Social Isolation around the World: An Empirical Exploration of Actual vs. Desired Solitary Being. (Keynote paper)Fu, Yang-chih 
552010類流感散佈的相關社會混合型態:接觸日誌的建構與應用,行政院衛生署疾病管制局研究計畫報告 (計畫編號 DOH99-DC-1004)傅仰止 ; 王大為中央研究院社會學研究所
562010社會關係的類型和效應:台灣、美國、中國大陸的三地比較林南; 陳志柔; 傅仰止 台灣社會學刊 第45卷,頁117-162
572010台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫第五期第五次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 杜素豪 國科會,355p.
582010台灣社會變遷基本調查計畫第五期第五次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 杜素豪主編 中央研究院社會學研究所
592009Differentiating Personal Facilitators of Leisure Participation: Socio-demographics, Personality Traits, and the Need for Sociability.Fu, Yang-chih ; Lu, Luo; Chen, Su-YenJournal of Tourism and Leisure Studies 15(3),187-212
602009Internet Use and Academic Achievement: Gender Differences in Early Adolescence.Chen, Su-Yen; Fu, Yang-chih Adolescence 44,797-812
612009獨樂樂不如眾樂樂?休閒社會性與休閒滿意傅仰止 台灣社會學刊 第42卷,頁55-94
622009Happiness and Emotions in Interactions: Examining Psychological Correlates with Network Features in Contact Diaries.Fu, Yang-chih ; Ho, Hwai-Chung
632009The Immediate Returns on Time Investment in Daily Contacts: Exploring the Network-Overlapping Effects from Contact Diaries.Fu, Yang-chih Contexts of Social Capital: Social Networks in Markets, Communities, and Families (London : Routledge)
642008Leisure Participation and Enjoyment Among the Elderly: Individual Characteristics and SociabilityChen, Su-yen; Fu, Yang-chih Educational Gerontology 34(10): 871-889
66200803.知識饗宴系列04電子書翁啟惠總策畫; 許倬雲; 傅仰止 ; 黃樹民 ; 許雪姬 ; 李有成; 陳定信; 伍焜玉; 鄭天佐; 陳力俊; 馬國鳳; 吳金洌; 陳義裕
672008Evaluating Proxies of Ego-centered Networks with Yearlong Contact DiariesFu, Yang-chih 
682008Different Survey Modes and International ComparisonsFu, Yang-chih ; Chu, Yun-hanHandbook of Public Opinion Research (London : Sage Pub)
692008Position Generator and Actual Networks in Everyday Life: An Evaluation with Contact DiaryFu, Yang-Chih Social Capital: Advances in Research (Oxford : Oxford University Press)
702007陌生人互動的社會期望反應:外在情境與個人屬性傅仰止 ; 陸洛
712007Civic Discussion, Political Participation, and Performance Assessment of Government: The Case of TaiwanLee, Zong-rong; Fu, Yang-chih 
732007External Resources and Internal Ties in Intergenerational Network ClosureFu, Yang-Chih 
742007台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第五期第二次調查計畫執行報告傅仰止 ; 張晉芬主編
752007Contact Diaries: Building Archives of Actual and Complete Personal NetworksFu, Yang-chih Field Methods 19(2), 194-217
762007資料分析:從個人差異到跨國比較傅仰止 調查研究方法 (臺北 : 三民書局)
772006台灣地區社會變遷基本調查計畫第五期第一次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會,458p.
782006台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第五期第一次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止主編 
792006Sociability of Leisure and a Composite Measure of Leisure SatisfactionFu, Yang-chih ; Lu, Luo
802006Overlapping Social Networks: How Couples Manage Family Expenditure in TaiwanHsung, Ray-May; Yi, Chin-Chun ; Fu, Yang-Chih Current Sociology 54(2), 187-208
812006台灣性容忍態度的結構背景:人口組成、都市性與全球化效果伊慶春 ; 傅仰止 社會發展的趨勢與挑戰:香港與台灣的經驗 (香港 : 香港中文大學香港亞太研究所)
822006台灣原住民的弱勢意象與位階:比較我群與他群觀點傅仰止 社會發展的趨勢與挑戰:香港與台灣的經驗 (香港 : 香港中文大學亞太研究所)
832005The Structural Principles behind the Forbidden Triad and Structural HolesFu, Yang-Chih ; Wu, Chyi-In 
842005The Forbidden Triad and Structural Holes in Youth's Confidant Networks: Their Relevance to Depression and Academic AchievementFu, Yang-chih 
852005工作與生活:社會變遷調查與國際社會調查之配合規畫傅仰止 ; 章英華 
862005台灣地區社會變遷基本調查計畫第四期第五次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會,330p.
872005Measuring Personal Networks with Daily Contacts: A Single-item Survey Question and the Contact Diary.Fu, Yang-chih Social Networks 27(3), 169-186
882005社會資本的概念化與運作:論家人重疊網絡中的「時間投資」機制傅仰止 台灣社會學 第9卷,頁165-203
892005台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第四期第五次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止主編 
902005人際接觸測量的一致性與正確性:比較問卷調查與接觸日誌傅仰止 ; 林亦之調查研究 第17卷,頁19-63
912005Daily Contacts as A Proxy Measure of Personal Networks: Data from 46 Surveys in Nine SocietiesFu, Yang-Chih 
922005Perceived quality of life in Taiwan and Hong Kong: An intra-culture comparisonPei-shan Liao ; Yang-Chih Fu ; Chin-Chun Yi Journal of Happiness Studies 6(1), 43-67
932005社會變遷第五期規畫報告章英華 ; 傅仰止主編 
942005社會變遷計畫第五期規畫章英華 ; 傅仰止 中央研究院社會學研究所
952005台灣民眾的社會意向(2004) : 地震、族群、SARS、色情和政治信任瞿海源; 傅仰止 ; 伊慶春 ; 章英華 ; 張晉芬 台北
962004Network Closure and Expressive Returns on Time Investment in Social Interactions: Evidence from 52 Contact DiariesFu, Yang-Chih 
972004Gender Differences in the Relationship Effects on Happiness: Close versus Broad Social ConnectionsFu, Yang-Chih ; Chang, Ying-hwa ; Yi, Chin-Chun 
982004Tolerance toward Sexual Deviants in Taiwan: Population Composition, Urbanism and Globalizing Effects ComparedYi, Chin-Chun ; Fu, Yang-Chih 
992004行為問項的一致性與正確性:比較問卷調查與日誌法中的日常接觸對象傅仰止 ; 林亦之
1002004Gender Differences in the Relationship Effects on Happiness: Connecting to Others Closely or Broadly?Fu, Yang-Chih ; Chang, Ying-hwa ; Yi, Chin-Chun 
1012004台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第四期第四次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止主編 
1022004Daily Contact and Mental Health among the ElderlyFu, Yang-Chih 
1032004台灣地區社會變遷基本調查計畫第四期第四次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會,430p.
1042004The Effects and Structural Conditions of Network Closure between Adolescents and ParentsFu, Yang-Chih 
1052004The Evolution of the Taiwan Social Change SurveysChang, Ying-Hwa ; Fu, Yang-Chih JGSS Symbosium 2003: Birth of JGSS and Its Fruit: Social Surveys in Different Countries and Areas and JGSS (East Osaka City : Institute of Regional Studies, Osaka University of Commerce)
1062004社會經濟地位、生活型態與生活滿意章英華 ; 傅仰止 
1072003Urban Unconventionality and Changing Attitudes toward Marriage in Japan and TaiwanFu, Yang-Chih ; Chang, Ying-hwa ; Tu, Su-hao 
1082003婚姻價值的非慣俗觀:日本與台灣的城鄉性別差異傅仰止 ; 章英華 ; 杜素豪 
1092003台灣地區社會變遷基本調查計畫第四期第三次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會,406p.
1102003台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第四期第三次執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止主編 
1112003The Overlap of Couple's Social Networks: Gender Role and Family Finance ManagementHsung, Ray-May; Yi, Chin-Chun ; Fu, Yang-Chih 
1122003Position Generator and Personal Networks in Everyday Life: An Evaluation with Diary LogFu, Yang-Chih 
1132003台灣原住民的邊緣處境:客觀指標與主觀意識傅仰止 華人社會中的社會排斥與邊緣性 (香港 : 香港理工大學社會政策研究中心)
1142002Time Investment in Social Capital: Preliminary Evidence from Daily ContactsFu, Yang-Chih 
1162002The Wedding Banquet: Social Capital in Action in the Chinese ContextLin, Nan; Fu, Yang-Chih ; Chen, Chih-jou; Lai, Gina
1172002Quality of Life Comparison: Determinants in Taiwan and Hong KongPei-Shan Liao; Yang-Chih Fu ; Chin-Chun Yi 
1182002Tolerance Toward Deviants in Taiwan and Mainland ChinaYi, Chin-Chun ; Fu, Yang-Chih 
1192002Tolerance toward Deviants in Taiwan and Mainland ChinaYi, Chin-Chun ; Fu, Yang-Chih 
1202002社會變遷基本調查運作方式之調整規劃報告傅仰止 ; 謝雨生; 張晉芬
1212002社會意向電話調查90年度執行報告傅仰止 ; 伊慶春編 
1222002個人網絡中他人聯繫強度的結構原理傅仰止 台灣社會學 第3卷,頁163-209
1232002Dining Out in Taiwan and Hong Kong: Lifestyles, Subjective Well-being, and Social OutlooksFu, Yang-Chih 
1242002社會變遷調查加入ISSP國際社會調查計畫。章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會人文及社會科學簡訊 第4卷第2期
1252002社會變遷調查公開徵求新增問項之初步成果。章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會人文及社會科學簡訊 第4卷第2期
1262002台灣地區社會變遷基本調查計畫第四期第二次調查計畫執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止 國科會,376p.
1272002台灣地區社會變遷基本調查第四期第二次執行報告章英華 ; 傅仰止編 
1282002In Search of the Master Witness in the Wedding Banquet: A Pilot Study of Social Capital in the Chinese SocietyLin, Nan; Fu, Yang-Chih 
1292002Measuring Personal Networks with Daily Contacts: Comparison of a Single Survey Item and a Diary LogFu, Yang-Chih 
1302001大學BBS的陌路聯繫與情感效應傅仰止 ; 王為蒨
1312001東部國中生的原住民優惠政策立場:比較原漢接觸效應傅仰止 東台灣研究 第6卷,頁69-104
1322001台灣東部原住民的原漢位階意識傅仰止 台灣社會學刊 第26卷,頁105-161
1342001社會變遷基本調查第四期主題檢討及規劃章英華 ; 傅仰止 ; 喻維欣
1352001從「成果共享」到「過程公開」:社科中心規劃下的變遷調查改革。傅仰止 ; 章英華 國科會人文及社會科學簡訊 第4卷第1期,頁13-18
1362001台灣原住民優惠政策的支持與抗拒:比較原漢立場傅仰止 台灣社會學刊 第25卷,頁55-109
1372001電訪樣本資料庫的再利用:以社會意向原住民專題調查為例。傅仰止 ; 簡文吟; 伊慶春 調查研究 第9卷,頁109-118
1382001網路人口的樣本特性:比較網頁調查追蹤方法與個人網絡抽樣方法傅仰止 調查研究 第9卷,頁35-72
1392001調研室訪問體系之初期建置計畫。孫凡茹; 杜素豪 ; 傅仰止 調查研究 第9卷,頁133-140
1412001第九章(結論):都市原住民與原漢關係的歷史新頁傅仰止 台灣原住民史都市原住民篇 (南投市 : 台灣省文獻委員會)
1422001第一章:都市原住民概說傅仰止 台灣原住民史都市原住民篇 (南投市 : 台灣省文獻委員會)
1432001The Position Generator: Measurement Techniques for Investigations of Social CapitalLin, Nan; Fu, Yang-chih ; Hsung, Ray-maySocial Capital: Theory and Research (New York : Aldine de Gruyter)
1442000社會意向電話調查88-89年度執行報告伊慶春 ; 傅仰止 
1452000社會意向調查執行報告八十八年度至八十九年度伊慶春 ; 傅仰止等 
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