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12022Globalization and Social Distance: Multilevel Analysis of Attitudes toward Immigrants in the European UnionMing-Chang Tsai ; Rueyling Tzeng PLOS ONE 17(10), e0274988
22022Youths and Varieties of Globalism in Asia: an editorial introductionMing-Chang Tsai ; Chin-Chun Yi Youth and Globalization 4(1), 1-9
32022快樂、自我與主修科系對受高等教育人口成年初期的職位與收入之影響蔡明璋 ; 陳良瑋; 詹智涵; 蔡明樹人口學刊 第64期,頁51-100
42022Singlehood and Childlessness: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Changing Attitudes toward Family in Taiwan (2005-2020)Ming-Chang Tsai ; Ssu-Chin Peng; Wen-Ben KuoJournal of Family Studies
52022Protecting Farmers and Workers in Socialist Market Transitions: Mass Attitudes Toward Imports in AsiaMing-Chang Tsai ; Hsin-Hsin PanSAGE Open
62022Relative Economic Position and Female Marriage Migration: Marrying Men in Taiwan across Borders and BoundariesZhenchao Qian; Ming-Chang Tsai Population Research and Policy Review 41, 1451-1470
72022How Does the Young Generation Become More Cosmopolitan? Evidence from TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai ; Chin-Han ChanYouth and Globalization 4(1), 82-107
82021Retirement Timing and Post-retirement Employment in TaiwanYu, Ruoh-Rong ; Ming-Chang Tsai Employment, Retirement and Lifestyle in Aging East Asia (Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan)
92021臺灣民粹主義者與反菁英情緒:世界價值觀調查臺灣資料的分析蔡明璋 ; 潘欣欣臺灣社會學刊 第69期,頁101-140
102021Ming-Chang Tsai: A Pioneer in Comparative Quality of Life ResearchMing-Chang Tsai APPLIED RESEARCH IN QUALITY OF LIFE 16, 2279-2282
112021The Global, the Local, and the Chinese: Vying Cultures in TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai CHINESE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW 53(5), 473-495
122021Kin, Friend and Community Social Capital: Effects on Well-being and Prospective Life Conditions in Japan, South Korea and TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 154, 489-510
132021Will You (Still) Love Me Tomorrow: Pro-Americanism and the China Factor in AsiaMing-Chang Tsai ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE 49, 21-30
142021When Economic Growth is Gone: The Global Generation and Disparities in Happiness in TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai ; Liang-Wei ChenSocial Well-Being, Development, and Multiple Modernities in Asia (Singapore : Springer)
152021Prospective well-being, relative income and tolerance of inequality in JapanMing-Chang Tsai The Pope of Happiness - A Festschrift for Ruut Veenhoven (Cham, Switzerland : Springer Nature)
162020Good for the Common Good: Sociotropic Concern and Double Standards toward High- and Low-skilled Immigrants in Six Wealthy CountriesRuelying Tzeng ; Ming-Chang Tsai Social Indicators Research 152(2), 473-493
172019The Good, the Bad, and the Ordinary: The Day-of-the-Week Effect on Mood across the GlobeMing-Chang Tsai JOURNAL OF HAPPINESS STUDIES 20, 2101-2124
182019Fairness and the Perceived Economic Condition of Family in Asian SocietiesMing-Chang Tsai SOCIAL INDICATORS NETWORK NEWS 139, 1-2
192019Quality of Life in Japan: Contemporary Perspectives on HappinessMing-Chang Tsai ; Noriko IwaiDordrecht
202019Intimacy, Similarity, and Equality Among Married People in East AsiaMing-Chang Tsai Quality of Life in Japan: Contemporary Perspectives on Happiness (Dordrecht : Springer)
212019An Introduction to Quality of Life in Japan: Contemporary ApproachesMing-Chang Tsai ; Noriko IwaiQuality of Life in Japan: Contemporary Perspectives on Happiness (Dordrecht : Springer)
222019Intergenerational Exchanges in East Asia: A New Look at Financial TransfersMing-Chang Tsai ; Ying-Ting WangCOMPARATIVE SOCIOLOGY 18(2), 173-203
232019Border Crossing and Interfacing in Asia: Approaches, Patterns and ConsequencesMing-Chang Tsai New Frontiers of Globalization Research - Theories, Processes and Perspectives from the Global North and Global South (Dordrecht : Springer)
242018亞太研究論壇第65期蔡明璋主編 亞太研究論壇 
252018International Comparative Survey on Lifestyle and Values: A Report on the Taiwan SurveyMing-Chang Tsai ; Yow-Suen Sen; Yi-fu Chen; Tsui-o Tai; Hsiu-Jen Yeh; Chin-Hui LiaoThe Senshu Social Well-being Review 5, 105-116
262018How are mothers faring across the globe? Constructing a new Mothers’ Well-being Index and assessing its validityMing-Chang Tsai ; Tsui-o TaiAPPLIED RESEARCH IN QUALITY OF LIFE 13, 647-670
272018Social Indicators Movement and Human Agency: Comment on Land and MichalosMing-Chang Tsai SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 135(3), 991-999
282017Domestic Politics, Cultural Conflict, and Global Exposure: Perceptions of Intergovernmental Organizations Across AsiaMing-Chang Tsai Pacific Focus 32(3), 319-350
292017台灣民眾對社會福利的態度-體制評價、道德經濟、階級與世代的影響葉崇揚; 蔡明璋 ; 呂建德台灣民主季刊 第14卷第2期,頁1-48
302017亞太研究論壇第64期蔡明璋主編 亞太研究論壇 
312017Family, Work and Wellbeing in AsiaMing-Chang Tsai ; Wan-chi ChenDordrecht, The Netherlands
322017Familial Exchange and Intergenerational Contact in East Asian SocietiesMing-Chang Tsai ; Wen-Shan Yang Family, Work and Wellbeing in Asia (Singapore : Springer Nature)
332016風險、信任與福利態度:台灣的檢驗葉崇揚; 蔡明璋 ; 呂建德
342016亞太研究論壇第63期蔡明璋主編 亞太研究論壇 
352016Imagining America: The Origins of Japanese Public Opinion toward the United States in the Cold WarMing-Chang Tsai ; Seio NakajimaModern Japan: Social Commentary on State and Society (Dordrecht, The Netherlands : Springer)
362016亞太研究論壇第62期蔡明璋主編 亞太研究論壇 
372016Do Young People Have A Set Point Of Happiness? Panel Evidence From The TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai Social Indicators Network News, 126, 1-4
382016Does Financial Assistance Really Assist? The Impact of Debt on Wellbeing, Health Behavior and Self-concept in TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai ; Rachel Dwyer; Ruey-Ming TsaySOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 125, 127–147
392015國民幸福指數調查暨主觀幸福感研究于若蓉 ; 廖培珊; 杜素豪 ; 楊孟麗 ; 謝淑惠; 蔡明璋 ; 王千文行政院主計總處, 258 p.
402015亞太研究論壇第61期蔡明璋主編 亞太研究論壇 
412015Imagining America: Public Opinions toward the United States among the Japanese Population in the Cold WarMing-Chang Tsai ; Seio Nakajima
422015Introduction to the Symposium of Manufacturing (Un)Happiness in East Asia: Work, Employment and Well-beingMing-Chang Tsai ; Zhenchao QianSocial Indicators Research 121(1), 1-4
432015Control, commitment and contentment in work: South Korea and TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai Social Indicators Research 121(1), 27-45
442015Happiness and Sociability in a Nonrecursive Model: The US and Taiwan ComparedMing-Chang Tsai A Life Devoted to Quality of Life - Festschrift in Honor of Alex C. Michalos (The Netherlands : Springer)
452015Global Exposure in East Asia: A Comparative Study of Microglobalization (ISBN 978-1-4094-4146-5)Ming-Chang Tsai Surrey, UK
462015Working Overtime in East Asia: Convergence or Divergence?Ming-Chang Tsai ; Michio Nitta; Sang-Wook Kim; Wei-Dong WangJOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY ASIA
472015How Do Institutions Affect Happiness and Misery? A Tale of Two TailsChristian Bjørnskov; Ming-Chang Tsai COMPARATIVE SOCIOLOGY 14(3), 353 – 385
482014晚睡人口的非慣俗性、放鬆與人際關係蔡明璋 ; 郭盛哲社會科學論叢 8(2):37-80
492014Sociability, capacity and activism: How Important are non--‐income factors in happiness among Taiwan people?Ming-Chang Tsai 
502014Exchange and Life Satisfaction: Intergenerational Reciprocations in East AsiaMing-Chang Tsai 
512014Is the Easy Life Always the Happiest? Examining the Association of Convenience and Well-Being in TaiwanChun-Hao Li; Ming-Chang Tsai Social Indicators Research 117, 673-688
522014Beyond Economic Interests: Attitudes Toward Foreign Workers in Australia, the United States and East Asian CountriesMing-Chang Tsai ; Rueyling TzengSociological Research Online 19(3), 15
532013Profiling the Middle Classes in Taiwan TodayTsai, Ming-Chang ; Fan, Gang-Hua; Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Michael ; Wang, Hong-ZenChinese Middle Classes: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China (London & New York : Routledge)
542013Beyond Economic Interests: Attitudes toward Foreign Workers in Australia, the United States and East Asian CountriesTsai, Ming-Chang ; Tzeng, Rueyling 
552013Global Exposure and Openness: Comparative Analysis of Japan, South Korea and TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai ; Noriko Iwai
562013Global Exposure and Openness: Comparative Analysis of Japan, South Korea and TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai ; Noriko IwaiComparative Sociology 12(3), 301-329
572012Overtime's impact on well-being in four East Asia societiesMing-Chang Tsai 
582010China-Bound for Jobs? The Influences of Social Connections and Ethnic Politics in TaiwanTsai, Ming-Chang ; Chang, Chin-fen The China Quarterly 203, 639-655
59200720年來兩岸社會交流現象蔡明璋 ; 曾瑞鈴 
602007人口政策白皮書及實施計畫之研究之子計畫三「我國移民人口政策研究及因應對策」蔡明璋 ; 曾瑞鈴 ; 潘淑滿; 廖培珊; 汪淑娟內政部
612002Taming a Leviathan: Geopolitics, State Power and the Making of a Development Regime in TaiwanMing-Chang Tsai Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement 23(1), 127-153
622000修訂台北縣綜合發展計畫:人文社會部門基礎研究章英華 ; 蔡明璋 ; 林季平 臺北縣政府,446p.
631998東南亞勞工對台灣僱主與台灣社會的觀感:初步的分析蔡宏進; 蔡明璋 台北市