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12017殷虛發掘員工傳石璋如著; 李永迪 ; 馮忠美; 丁瑞茂編校台北市
22015紀念殷墟發掘八十週年學術研討會論文集李永迪主編 台北市
32015“周邊”與“中心”:殷墟時期安陽及安陽以外地區的考古發現與研究李永迪主編 台北市
42013Chapter 18: Archaeology of Shanxi during the Yinxu PeriodHwang, Ming-Chorng ; Li, Yung-Ti A Companion to Chinese Archaeology(Wiley Blackwell Companions to Anthropology Ser) (New York : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated)
52012殷墟發掘照片選輯1928-1937李永迪 ; 馮忠美編; 丁瑞茂; 吳秀玲文字編輯台北市
62010Specialization, Context of Production, and Alienation in the Production Process: Comments and AfterthoughtsLi, Yung-ti Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 17(1) (Special Issue: Rethinking Craft Specialization in Complex Societies: Archaeological Analyses of the Social Meaning of Production), 169-180
72009史語所藏安陽殷墟出土精品圖錄李永迪編 ; 內田純子 ; 李永迪; 黃銘崇 ; 陳光祖 ; 陳昭容撰寫 臺北
82009殷墟出土器物選粹李永迪主編 ; 陳昭容 ; 陳光祖 ; 內田純子 ; 黃銘崇 台北市
92008一九三六年史語所大司空村第二次發掘的殷代遺存與東周時期墓葬李永迪 中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊 第79本第4分,頁749-788
112008大司空村第二次發掘報告高去尋遺稿; 杜正勝 ; 李永迪整理 台北市
122008The Missing Link? Long-Distance Trade and Exchange in Early Bronze Age ChinaLi, Yung-Ti 
132008The Politics of Maps, Pottery, and ArchaeologyLi, Yung-Ti 
142008Urban Centers or City States: Defining Walled Settlements in Neolithic and Bronze Age ChinaLi, Yung-Ti 
152007New Vintage from the Old Winery: Recent Studies of the Shang and Eastern Zhou Metallurgical Remains at the Institute of History and Philology, Academia SinicaLi, Yung-Ti 
162007Co-craft and Multi-craft: Section-mold Casting and the Organization of Craft Production at the Shang Capital of AnyangLi, Yung-ti Craft Production in Complex Societies: Multicraft and Producer Perspectives
172007Bronze Age Interactions between the Yangzi River Valley and the Central Plains: Perspectives from AnyangLi, Yung-Ti 
182007山東日照兩城鎮附近史前遺址劉燿遺稿; 李永迪整理 古今論衡 第16期,頁3-29
192007從孝民屯東南地出土陶范談對殷墟青銅器的幾點新認識李永迪 ; 岳占偉; 劉煜考古 2007年03期,頁52-63
202006Section-mold Casting of the Shang dynasty: A Case Study of Anyang MoldsLi, Yung-Ti 
222005Social and Political Implications of Multiple Craft-Production Areas at YinxuLi, Yung-Ti 
232005追念石老:抵台後的安陽殷墟研究李永迪 古今論衡 第12期,頁107-114
242004Anyang Bronze Casting Technology: A Study of Section-mold TechnologyLi, Yung-Ti 
252004Making Connections: New Perspectives on Technology and Social ChangeLi, Yung-Ti 
262003The Anyang Bronze Foundries: Archaeological Remains, Casting Technology, and Production OrganizationLi, Yung-ti Harvard University, Ph.D. dissertation for Department of Anthropology
272003On the Function of Cowries in Shang and Western Zhou ChinaLi, Yung-Ti Journal of East Asian Archaeology5(1/4), 1-26
282002Xiaotun Revisited: Re-examination of Foundry Remains from the 1930s IHP Excavations, and A New Bronze Foundry Site at AnyangLi, Yung-Ti 
292002談山彪鎮一號墓出土的一件銅鑑及其相關問題李永迪 古今論衡 第8期,頁144-167
302002Craft Production and Mass Production from a Chinese Perspective: Archaeological Implications of Pottery Manufacturing at Jingdezhen and Yixing李永迪 
312001與張光直先生談夏文化考古李永迪 古今論衡 第6期,頁131-138
322000State Control and Craft Production in Late Bronze Age China: Manufacture of Weaponry in the Warring States PeriodLi, Yung-Ti 
331999Cowries in Bronze Age China: Monetary or Ritual ExchangeLi, Yung-Ti 
341994Early State Formation in China: A Critical ReviewLi, Yung-ti University of Arizona, M. A. Thesis