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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang Wei, Liang-Jung章魏良榮 Research Center for Environmental Changes Disaster Management; Promotion and management of mission-oriented interdisciplinary project
Chang, Chih-Chung張志忠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Hazardous/toxic VOCs in science parks and industrial complexes; suburban; PM2.5) in urban; Intelligent aerial monitoring for air pollution and meteorological variables; Characterization of key precursors and their impact on secondary air pollutant formation (O3; High performance VOC and greenhouse gas measurement techniques (on-line and in-lab); and rural environments; 3-D Multicopter UAV Sounding Technique (MUST) Platform
Chen, Wei-Nai陳韡鼐 Research Center for Environmental Changes Non-linear Optics; Aerosol Optics; Small Particle Scattering; Laser Remote Sensing; Atmospheric Optics; Aerosol Hygroscopicity; Laser Spectroscopy
Chen, Yi-Chun陳怡均 Research Center for Environmental Changes Analysis on air quality, atmospheric composition, and aerosols and Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions
Chen, Yi-Hsuan陳毅軒 Research Center for Environmental Changes physical parameterizations; longwave radiation; Planet boundary layer and convection
Chen, Yi-Ying陳奕穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Environmental disturbances and climate change; Land surface processes
Chen, Yue-Gau陳于高 Research Center for Environmental Changes Geochronology developments and their applications; Earth systems and sustainability sciences; Paleoclimate and environmental changes by isotope geochemistry; Kinematics of seismogenic faults and seismic hazard mitigation
Cheung, Hing Cho張慶祖 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Chou, Charles C.-K.周崇光 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air Quality Monitoring; Aerosol Physics and Chemistry; Urban Air Pollution Control
Chuang, Anderin, Chia-Ying莊佳穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Chemical Oceanography; Marine organic biogeochemistry; Marine radiochemistry
Chuang, Ming-Tung莊銘棟 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air quality modeling; Urban pollution; Atmospheric chemistry; Renewable energy assessment; Chemical evolution of ozone and aerosol formation; Validation of emission inventory
Ho, Tung-Yuan何東垣 Research Center for Environmental Changes Marine Environmental Changes; Chemical Oceanography; Marine Biogeochemistry
Hsin, Yi-Chia辛宜佳 Research Center for Environmental Changes Physical Oceanography; Multi-scale Numerical Ocean Modelling; Dynamics of Kuroshio and Equatorial Currents
Hsu, Huang-Hsiung許晃雄 Research Center for Environmental Changes Large-Scale Dynamics; Atmospheric Circulation
Hsu, Shih-Chieh許世傑 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Kuo, Shih-Yun郭士筠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Public Understanding, Communication, and Participation of Science; Environmental and Climate Change Policy; Environmental Sociology
Lan, Yung-Yao藍詠耀 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air-sea interaction in Coupled model; The impact of oceanic initial conditions on the interaction of upper ocean with MJO; Observation and correction of ocean CO2 flux
Lee, Cheng-Shiuan李承軒 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Lee, Shih-Yu李時雨 Research Center for Environmental Changes Climate change of the past and future. I am particularly interested in how different factors
Lee, Wei-Liang李威良 Research Center for Environmental Changes Topographic effect on surface radiation budget; 3-D radiative transfer program and parameterization; Development of general circulation model (GCM); Radiation‒cloud/aerosol/hydrometeor interaction; Radiative transfer in coupled atmosphere-ocean system
Lin, Chuan-Yao林傳堯 Research Center for Environmental Changes Regional Climate Change; Rainfall Mechanisms; Air Pollution; Heat Island Effect; Numerical Modeling
Liu, Chian-Yi劉千義 Research Center for Environmental Changes Meteorological Satellite Remotesing; aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and processes; atmospheric physics
Liu, Shaw Chen劉紹臣 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air Quality; Climate change; Atmospheric chemistry; Biogeochemical cycles; Budgets of trace gases and aerosols
Lung, Shih-Chun Candice龍世俊 Research Center for Environmental Changes Environmental Health Management; Health Adaptation; Organic Aerosols; Heat Vulnerability Assessmen; Exposure and Risk Assessment
Shiah, Fuh-Kwo夏復國 Research Center for Environmental Changes Estuarine Ecology; Microbial Ecology; Biological Oceanography
Shiu, Chein-Jung許乾忠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Development of Earth System Model; Extreme precipitation changes; Cloud physics parameterizations; Aerosol-cloud-radiation-climate interactions; Atmospheric chemistry modeling; Cloud macrophysics and microphysics in GCMs
Tai, Jen-Hua戴仁華 Research Center for Environmental Changes Mooring system and data analysis, flow pattern and hydrographic structure
Tsai, I-Chun蔡宜君 Research Center for Environmental Changes Climate-Chemistry interactions; Aerosol-cloud interactions; Aerosol parameterization and modeling; Cloud Physics; Atmospheric Physical Chemistry
Tu, Chia-Ying杜佳穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Hydrometeorological; Environment Watch; Sea air / sea interaction; Surface Processes
Wang, Pao-Kuan王寳貫 Research Center for Environmental Changes Cloud Physics and Dynamics Meteorology
Wang, Shih-Yu Simon王世宇 Research Center for Environmental Changes applied meteorology and climatology; weather processes and extremes; tropical and monsoon meteorology; Climate diagnostics and prediction
Wang, Yi-Chi王懌琪 Research Center for Environmental Changes Parameterization of moist convection in general circulation models; Global Monsoon Systems
Wong, George Tin-Fuk黃天福 Research Center for Environmental Changes Atmospheric forcing on ocean biogeochemistry; Marine carbon cycle; Processes controlling the speciation of trace elements in the aquatic environment: biological-chemical interactions, photochemical reactions; Analytical chemistry of natural waters
Wu, Chau-Ron吳朝榮 Research Center for Environmental Changes Physical Oceanography; Numerical cean model; Climate variability and impact; Data Assimilation model
Wu, Chi-Hua吳奇樺 Research Center for Environmental Changes Monsoon Evolution and Variability
Yeh, Yih-Hsiung葉義雄 Research Center for Environmental Changes  Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Tectonics
Yuan, Mei-Hua袁美華 Research Center for Environmental Changes Food-Energy-Water Nexus; Sustainability; Environmental Planning and Management; Ecosystem Services Assessment