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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chan, Yang-hao詹楊皓 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Excitonic effects on Nonlinear optical responses; Computational methods of many-body physics; Quantum phenomena in light-driven systems; Real-time simulation of quantum dynamics; Ab initio many-body perturbation theory
Chang, Huan-Cheng張煥正 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Biophotonics; Biophysical Chemistry; Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry; Nanobiotechnology
Chang, Ming-Shien張銘顯 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Sensing and quantum optics studies with nanodiamonds ; Bose-Einstein Condensation, spinor condensates; Quantum computation/simulation with cold atoms
Chang, Ta-Chau張大釗 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Guest-host interaction in the condensed phases, particularly the molecular recognition and the structural dynamics in biological systems; Structure-activity relationship of antitumor agents; Design and synthesis of new compounds for antitumor agents and fluorescence biomarkers; Dye-DNA interaction and conformational changes of telomeric DNA structures; Bioanalytical methods development for the studies of telomere and telomerase in cancer research
Chen, Jen-Chang陳仁彰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Chen, Kuei-Hsien陳貴賢 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Catalysis and energy conversion; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology; New energy technologies
Chen, Szu-yuan陳賜原 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laser-plasma physics and applications; Light-controlled materials fabrication and applications in energy and optoelectronics; Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, therapeutic cancer vaccine
Chen, Ying-Cheng陳應誠 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Nonlinear optics at single-photon-level; High-performance optical quantum memory; Quantum optics and quantum information science; Cooperative radiation phenomena, such as superradiance and subradiance
Chen, Yit-Tsong陳逸聰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Applying field-effect transistors, scanning probe microscopy, and optical microscopy as biosensors to study protein-protein interactions, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interactions; Nanomaterials; Nanodevices
Chiang, Cheng-Tien江正天 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laser-based photoelectron spectroscopy at surfaces; Correlated electron systems; Double photoemission spectroscopy
Chou, Mei-Yin周美吟 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Electronic and structural properties of solids, surfaces, interfaces, and clusters; Theoretical condensed matter physics; Computational materials physics
Chuang, Tung J.莊東榮 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Han, Chau-Chung韓肇中 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Capillary isoelectric focusing for protein profiling ; Proteome-wide profiling aimed for disease-biomarker discovery; Applications biomedical mass spectrometry
Ho, Kuang-Lang何光朗 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Ho, Yew Kam何耀錦 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Studies of few-body systems related to muon catalyzed fusion; Atomic photoionization and resonances in weakly coupled (Debye) and strongly coupled plasmas; Atoms in external electric and magnetic fields; Interactions of positrons and positronium with atoms; Theoretical studies of quantum dots; Develop new computational techniques such as the complex absorbing potential (CAP) method and the stabilization method for atomic structure and collision calculations
Hsieh, Chia-Lung謝佳龍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences High-speed and high-precision optical microscopy; Single-molecule diffusion and nano-structures in biological membranes; Virus-membrane interaction in early stage viral infection
Hsieh, Ya-Ping謝雅萍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Synthesis of new 2D materials; Novel optoelectronics enabled by new 2D materials; Transparent and flexible electronics; Roll to roll large scale system : transfer and electropolishing
Hsu, Liang-Yan許良彥 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Light-Matter Interactions at the Nanoscale (Plasmon-Coupled Exciton Transfer and Spectroscopy); Nanoelectronics (Molecular Electronics); Methodology of Quantum Transport Theory at the Nanoscale (Electron, Exciton, Heat, and Spin Transport); Polariton Chemistry (Applications of Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics in Chemistry)
Hsu, Yen-Chu許艶珠 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Development of new laser spectroscopic technique; Laser spectroscopy of small transient molecules
Huang, Keh-Ning黃克寧 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Jen, Hsiang-Hua任祥華 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Bose-Einstein condensate, spinor BEC; Quantum optics, quantum information processing, and quantum communication; Cooperative spontaneous emission and chirally coupled atomic chain; Strongly interacting ultracold atom
Kung, Andy孔慶昌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Nonlinear Spectrum; Solid state lasers; Laser Physics; Ultrafast optics; Nonlinear optics; Attosecond optics
Kuo, Jer-Lai郭哲來 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Structure and Properties of H-bonded Clusters; First-Principle Studies of Bulk Materials; Order/Disorder Transitions in Ice; Application of Artificial Intelligence in Material Discovery/Design
Lai, Charles Pin-Kuang賴品光 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Genetic Engineering; Molecular Imaging; Cell-to-Cell Communication; Nanobiotechnology
Lee, Yuan-Pern李遠鵬 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lee, Yuan-Tseh李遠哲 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Radical intermediates that are critical in combustion and atmospheric processes; Mechanisms and dynamics for elementary chemical reactions and primary photodissociation processes; Bond-selective, regio-selective or mode-selective means to modify and manipulate chemical reactivity; The nature of intra- and intermolecular energy relaxation.; Structure and chemical behavior of highly reactive polyatomic radicals and unusual transient species
Liao, Jung-Chi廖仲麒 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Interdisciplinary (biology, optics, engineering, and proteomics) research
Lin, Ching-Wei林靖衛 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Single-photon emitters; Photonic nanomaterials; Short-wave infrared spectroscopy and imaging; Single-walled carbon nanotubes
Lin, Jiing-Chyuan林景泉 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Adsorption, self-assembling, and thermally-/photocatalytically induced reactions of organic molecules on surfaces; The kinetics and dynamics of gas-surface interactions in general
Lin, Jim Jr-Min林志民 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Synthesis and characterization of transient species, e.g. radicals and reaction intermediates; Scientific education; Atmospheric chemistry; Instrument design
Lin, King-Chuen林金全 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Single molecule spectroscopy and detection; Kinetics and dynamics of atom-diatom reaction in gas phase; Photodissociation dynamics of small molecules; Application of laser spectroscopy and Fourier transform spectroscopy in analytical chemistry; Reaction dynamics of excited metal atoms with small molecules
Lin, Minn-Tsong林敏聰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Surface Magnetism; Application of Synchrotron Radiation; Nanomaterial; Spintronics; Nanomagnetism
Lin, Shen-Maw林森茂 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lin, Sheng-Hsien林聖賢 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lin, Yen-Chang林彥璋 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laboratory automation; Administration system
Lin, Yu-Ju林育如 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Ultracold quantum gases with synthetic gauge potentials; Bose-Einstein Condensation; Manipulation with optical lattices
Liu, Kopin劉國平 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Mode-, bond-, and stereo-selective chemistry; Ultrafast photochemistry/photophysics; Coherent and correlation in molecular processes
Liu, Shang-Bin劉尚斌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Metal-based zeolites and metal oxides for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx; Synthesis and surface functionalization of porous silicas and their applications in CO2 capture and fuel storage; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and its applications in porosity and acidity characterization of liquid/solid acid catalysts; Organic-Inorganic composites, such as heteropolyacid-ionic liquid s as efficient heterogeneous and/or homogeneous catalysts for biomass conversions; Synthesis and modification of porous carbons and their applications in fuel cells and biomolecule sensing
Luo, Pei-Ling羅佩凌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Real-time and time-resolved spectroscopy; Precision and high-resolution spectroscopy of free radicals; Broadband laser technique and optical frequency comb; Molecular fingerprinting and sensing
Ni, Chi-Kung倪其焜 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Development of new mass spectrometry methods for structural determination of carbohydrates; Energy transfer of highly vibrationally excited molecules studied by crossed molecular beam; Photodissociation of organic molecules in a molecular beam; MALDI ionization mechanism
Song, Ker-Jar宋克嘉 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Self-generated nanostructures and their magnetic properties
Takahashi, Kaito高橋開人 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Reaction dynamics of atmospherically relevant reactions; Interaction in hydrated ionic clusters
Tzeng, Wen-Bih曾文碧 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Molecular beam resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) and mass-analyzed threshold ionization (MATI) spectroscopy; Photophysics and photochemistry of organometallic sandwich complexes; Molecular properties of multiply substituted benzene isomers in the electronically excited and cationic states
Wang, Juen-Kai王俊凱 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Physical studies of organic electronics; Ultrafast nonlinear optics; Ultrafast optical spectroscopy; Nanoscale optical spectroscopy
Wang, Jyhpyng汪治平 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences High-intensity ultrafast laser technology; Laser-driven particle accelerators; Relativistic plasma nonlinear optics; Extreme-UV lasers
Wang, Wei-Hua王偉華 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Fabrication of low-dimensional nano-devices such as graphene field-effect transistors and their transport properties and applications; Spin-dependent transport properties in materials with low spin-orbit coupling such as graphene and carbon nanotubes
Wang, Yuh-Lin王玉麟 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Physics and chemistry of nanostructures, application of nanotechnology to biomedical sciences,focused ion beam (FIB) technology, and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
Wei, Ching-Ming魏金明 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Material simulations using Quantum Monte-Carlo; Electronic and structural properties of solids, surfaces, interfaces, and clusters; Computational materials physics
Wu, Yi-Chun 吳益群 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Application of nanomaterials in biological systems; Programmed cell death and cell migration
Yang, Dah-Yen楊大衍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences material science: nanotube, graphene, pairing mechanism of high Tc, topological insulator; biophysics: protein charge transfer, molecular motor; large scale biomolecular computation: protein-protein interaction, ion channel, enzyme reaction
Yu, Tsyr-Yan余慈顏 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Membrane Protein Research; Molecular Basis of Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy; NMR spectroscopy