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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Canitano, Alexandre亞歷山卓 Institute of Earth Sciences Crustal deformation; Seismology; Natural hazards
Chan, Yu-Chang詹瑜璋 Institute of Earth Sciences Tectonic Geomorphology; Remote Sensing Geology; Structural Geology
Chang, Yun-Yuan張耘瑗 Institute of Earth Sciences Mineral Physics
Chao, Benjamin Fong趙丰 Institute of Earth Sciences Global changes in geophysical fluids; Earth/Planetary rotation dynamics and gravitational variations; Digital data analysis and inverse theory; Global geophysics and seismology
Chen, Chang-Hwa陳中華 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Geochemistry; Volcanology; Isotope Geochemistry
Chen, Horng-Yue陳宏宇 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodesy; Tectonics
Chen, Kou-Cheng陳國誠 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Seismology
Chi, Wu-Cheng戚務正 Institute of Earth Sciences Marine Geophysics; Tectonophysics; Seismic Source
Chiu, Hung-Chie邱宏智 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Chou, Chung-Che周中哲 Institute of Earth Sciences Composite and Self-Centering Structure; Structure Testing; Earthquake-Resisting Design; Steel Structure; Building and Bridge Engineering
Chung, Sun-Lin鍾孫霖 Institute of Earth Sciences Igneous PetrogenesisChemical Geodynamics; East Asia Tectonics
Deschamps, Frédéric戴夏飛 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics
Fu, Ching-Chou傅慶州 Institute of Earth Sciences Gas Geochemistry
Horng, Chorng-Shern洪崇勝 Institute of Earth Sciences Paleomagnetism
Hsieh, Wen-Pin謝文斌 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Experimental high pressure physics; Ultrafast optics
Hsu, Ya-Ju許雅儒 Institute of Earth Sciences Lithosphere rheology; Geodesy; Earthquake cycle deformation; Mechanics of fault zones
Huang, Bor-Shouh黃柏壽 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Seismology
Huang, Cheinway黃金維 Institute of Earth Sciences 衛星海洋學; 統計平差; 衛星大地測量
Huang, Hsin-Hua黃信樺 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismotectonics; Seismology
Huang, Kuo-Fang黃國芳 Institute of Earth Sciences Marine chemistry; Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology; Isotope geochemistry
Huang, Win-Gee黃文紀 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismic array design; Seismic data processing; Seismic observation
Huh, Chih-An扈治安 Institute of Earth Sciences Uranium-series Disequilibrium; Radiochemistry
Hung, Shu-Huei洪淑蕙 Institute of Earth Sciences Inversion of seismic wave observations for mantle structures; Theory and numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation; Earthquake relocation and focal mechanism determination; Mantle dynamics
Hwang, Shyh-Jiann黃世建 Institute of Earth Sciences 鋼筋混凝土結構耐震設計、評估與補強; 預鋼筋混凝土行為學
Iizuka, Yoshiyuki飯塚義之 Institute of Earth Sciences petrology; Experimental geochemistry; bio-mineralogy; archaeological sciences; mineralogy
Jahn, Bor-ming江博明 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry; Isotope & Trace Element Geochemistry
Kuo, Ban-Yuan郭本垣 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Geodynamics
Kuo, Long-Chen郭隆晨 Institute of Earth Sciences GPS Survey; Geodesy
Lan, Ching-Ying藍晶瑩 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Isotope Geochemistry
Lee, Der-Chuen李德春 Institute of Earth Sciences Isotope Geochemistry
Lee, Hao-Yang李皓揚 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochronology; Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS); Geochemistry
Lee, Jian-Cheng李建成 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Geology; Active Tectonics
Lee, Lou-Chuang李羅權 Institute of Earth Sciences Space Physics
Lee, Shiann-Jong李憲忠 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Lee, Teh-Quei李德貴 Institute of Earth Sciences Geomagnetism; Paleomagnetism
Lee, Typhoon李太楓 Institute of Earth Sciences Nuclear Astrophysics; Isotope Geochemistry
Lee, William H. K.李汯鑑 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Liang, Mao-Chang梁茂昌 Institute of Earth Sciences Earth Science; Planetary Science; Isotope Bio-geo-chemistry
Liang, Wen-Tzong梁文宗 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Tectonics
Lin, Cheng-Horng林正洪 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Volcano Observation; Tectonics
Lin, Chin-Jen林欽仁 Institute of Earth Sciences Rotational seismology; Earthquake observation
Lin, Ching-Ren林慶仁 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics Instrumentation; Seismology; Electronics
Lin, Chung-Cherng林忠成 Institute of Earth Sciences Experimental Mineralogy
Lin, Li-Hung林立虹 Institute of Earth Sciences Geomicrobiology
Lin, Yunung Nina林玉儂 Institute of Earth Sciences Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processing; velocity model building; reflection seismology; time-series analysis
Liou, Ya-Hsuan劉雅瑄 Institute of Earth Sciences Environmental Chemistry
Liu, Chi-Ching劉啟清 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodesy; Tectonics
Liu, Chun-Chi劉忠智 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismic Telemetry System; Seismic Instrumentation
Liu, Lin-gun劉玲根 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Geochemistry
Liu, Yi-Wei劉怡偉 Institute of Earth Sciences Biogeochemistry; Paleoclimate; Isotope Geochemistry; Paleo-environmental change
Löwemark, Ludvig施路易 Institute of Earth Sciences Sedimentology; Paleoceanography; Paleoclimatology
Ma, Kuo-Fong馬國鳳 Institute of Earth Sciences Engineering and seismotectonics; Earthquake physics; Earthquake seismology
Pang, Kwan-Nang彭君能 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry; Igneous petrology
Ren, Hao-Jia任昊佳 Institute of Earth Sciences Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Biogeochemical Cycling; Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography
Shen, Jiun-San沈君山 Institute of Earth Sciences Analytical chemistry; Meteorite; Instrumental analysis
Shieh, Yuch-Ning謝越寧 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry
Tan, Eh譚諤 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodynamic
Teng, Ta-Liang鄧大量 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Tsai, Chu-Chuan蔡主權 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Engineering
Wang, Chau-Chang王兆璋 Institute of Earth Sciences Underwater positioning and Mechanical design; Underwater vehicles
Wang, Chung-Ho汪中和 Institute of Earth Sciences Isotope Hydrology and Hydrological Changes in Taiwan; Global Warming and Environmental Changes in Taiwan; Isotope Geochemistry
Wang, Jeen-Hwa王錦華 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Physics
Wang, Kuo-Lung王國龍 Institute of Earth Sciences Igneous Petrogenesis and Petrology; Isotope Geochemistry
Wu, Francis T.吳大銘 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Tectonophysics
Yeh, Hsueh-Wen葉學文 Institute of Earth Sciences Low-tempeture Geochemistry; Isotope Geochemistry
Yeh, Yeong-Tien葉永田 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Yeh, Yih-Hsiung葉義雄 Research Center for Environmental Changes  Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Tectonics
Yen, Horng-Yuan顏宏元 Institute of Earth Sciences Magnetic Exploration; Gravity Exploration
You, Chen-Feng游鎮烽 Institute of Earth Sciences Global environmental changes; Lsotope geochemistry; Chemical oceanography
Yu, Shui-Beih余水倍 Institute of Earth Sciences Crustal deformation; Geophysics; GPS Satellite Survey
Yu, Wen-che郁文哲 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Geophysics
Yui, Tzen-Fu俞震甫 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Mineralogy; Isotope Geochemistry