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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chan, Chi Keung陳志強 Institute of Physics Firing in Neural Net
Chang, Chia-Seng張嘉升 Institute of Physics Surface physics and chemistry; Quantum effects in low-dimensional systems; Principles of atomic manipulation; Nanostructure sciences; Development of SPM
Chang, Chung-Chieh張忠傑 Institute of Physics 
Chang, Wen-Chen章文箴 Institute of Physics Quark Nuclear Physics; Hadron Physics; Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Chang, Yuan-Hann 張元翰 Institute of Physics High Energy Physics Experiments
Chen, Chi-Liang陳啟亮 Institute of Physics 
Chen, Chii Dong陳啟東 Institute of Physics Transport Properties of Nano-Materials; High operating temperature single electron transistors; Fabrication, physics and applications of nanoelectronics; The Physics and applications pf Superconducting/Ferromagnetic nanostuctures
Chen, Yang Yuan陳洋元 Institute of Physics Low temperature specific heat Heavy Fermion; Low temperature physics; Nanoparticle; Ground freezing; Thermoelectricity
Chen, Yen-Chu陳彥竹 Institute of Physics 
Chen, Yeng-Long陳彥龍 Institute of Physics Microscopic liquid state theory of colloidal and nano- particles; Thermodynamics of nanoparticle - polymer mixtures; Polymer physics; Dynamics of complex fluids; Computer simulations of bio-macromolecule physics in confinement
Cheng, Hai Yang鄭海揚 Institute of Physics Particle Physics Phenomenology
Cheung, Chi-Yee張志義 Institute of Physics Medium and High-Energy Physics; Quantum Physics
Chien, Lai Chen簡來成 Institute of Physics Microgravity Fluid Dynamics; Computational Fluid Physics; Space Material Processing
Chiu, Ting-Wai趙挺偉 Institute of Physics quantum field theory and particle physics
Chou, Chia-Fu周家復 Institute of Physics Liquid Crystals; Biophotonics; Biophysics; Nanobiotechnology; Micro/nanofluidics
Chu, Ming-Lee朱明禮 Institute of Physics High energy experiment; Radiation hard electronics/opto-electronics; optical
Chuang, Tien-Ming莊天明 Institute of Physics Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems; Scanning probe microscopy; Electronic and magnetic structure in novel materials; High temperature superconductors
Fedynitch, Anatoli安納托里 Institute of Physics 
Guo, Chin-Lin郭青齡 Institute of Physics cellular mechanisms of self-organization in biological systems, the biomechanics that enhance and stabilize spatiotemporal control
HAINO, SADAKAZU灰野禎一 Institute of Physics Gravitational Waves; Particle Physics
Ho, Tung Min何侗民 Institute of Physics 
Hou, Suen侯書雲 Institute of Physics High Energy Physics; QCD resonances, two-photon interactions, eletroweak interactions, Higgs search; Instrumentation. LEP, B-factory, Tevatron, LHC experiments; Silicon tracking and calorimetry systems, optical data transmission links
Hsu, Chen Hsuan徐晨軒 Institute of Physics 
Hu, Chin Kun胡進錕 Institute of Physics Statistical physics; computational physics; theoretical biophysics; nonlinear science
Huang, Jung-Ren黃仲仁 Institute of Physics rheology; instrument development; physics of interfaces; fluid dynamics; Soft matter physics
Hwang, Ing-Shouh黃英碩 Institute of Physics Mechanism of epitaxial growth on semicronductor surfaces.; electron- and ion-beam technology based on single-atom tips; Semi-conductor physics; Scanning probe microscopy; Surface atomic and molecular dynamics; Surface science
Hwang, Robert R.黃榮鑑 Institute of Physics Vortex dynamics; Fluid dynamics; Wave mechanics; Turbulent diffusion process
Hwu, Yeu-Kuang胡宇光 Institute of Physics Photoelectron Spectromicroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation; Application Research of Synchrotron Radiation
Jen, Shien Uang任盛源 Institute of Physics Electron transport properties of ferromagnetic materials; Magnetic domains and domain walls; Magnetic anisotropy; Magnetostriction and application
Jon, Guo-Ching仲國慶 Institute of Physics 輻射防護; 實驗原子核物理
Ke, Chung-Ting柯忠廷 Institute of Physics quantum phase transition; quantum transport; topological superconductivity; 1D and 2D quantum system
Lee, Ping-Chung李秉中 Institute of Physics 
Lee, Shang-Fan李尚凡 Institute of Physics Experimental solid state physicist; Quatum Phenomenon in Metallic Thin Films and Nano-Structures
Lee, Shih Chang李世昌 Institute of Physics Particle physics; field theory; nonlinear physics
Lee, Ting-Kuo李定國 Institute of Physics High temperature superconductivity; Strongly correlated electron physics; Theoretical condensed-matter physics; Computational physics and optimization methods; 3D image reconstruction for x-ray diffraction microscopy
Lee, Wei-Li李偉立 Institute of Physics Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems; Graphene-Based Electronics and Microcrystal Devices; Spin-Related Transport in Topological Material Systems; Transport Properties in Novel Materials; Complex Oxides and Their interfaces
Leung, Kwan-Tai 梁鈞泰 Institute of Physics modeling of complex dynamical phenomena, including fracture in disordered media, earthquakes, and self-organizing systems; Statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium phase transitions and critical phenomena
Li, Hsiang-Nan 李湘楠 Institute of Physics Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics; Heavy Quark Physics
Li, Sai-Ping李世炳 Institute of Physics Theoretical physics
Lin, Chih-Hsun林志勳 Institute of Physics 粒子物理
Lin, Hsin林新 Institute of Physics 第一原理計算; 自旋電子學; 拓樸/二維/超導材料; 表面物理與掃描穿隧顯微鏡模擬
Lin, Keng-hui 林耿慧 Institute of Physics Nano- and micro- material Assembly; Mechanics of Solid Foam; 3D Cell Culture; Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Biophysics; Microfluidics; Tissue Engineering
Lin, Kung-Hsuan林宮玄 Institute of Physics Ultrafast Optics; Laser Spectroscopy; Ultrafast Phnonics; Laser Microscopy
Lin, Simon C林誠謙 Institute of Physics Computational Physics; Statistical Mechanics; Scalable Algorithm in Simulated Annealing, Cluster Computing; Internet Strategic Planning, Digital Library/Museum; Digital Library System; Computational Sciences; Grid Computing
Liou, Yung劉鏞 Institute of Physics Films and Surface Physics; Nanotechnology and Magnetism
Mazini, Rachid馬茲尼 Institute of Physics Particle Physics
Ng, Kin-Wang 吳建宏 Institute of Physics  Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics early universe; inflationary cosmology and quantum fluctuations; Particle astrophysics and cosmology; cosmic microwave background; dark matter
Ou, Min-Nan歐敏男 Institute of Physics Condensed Matter Physics; Superconductor and magnetic materials; Strongly Correlated Electron Systems; High efficiency thermoelectric materials; Low temperature physics; Nano Science
Raman, Sankar 雷曼 Institute of Physics 
Shih, Hong-Yan 施宏燕 Institute of Physics turbulence; evolutionary ecology; Statistical physics in living systems
Shiue, Jessie 薛韻馨 Institute of Physics Instrumentation
Su, Wei-Bin蘇維彬 Institute of Physics Surface Science; Nanoscience; Scanning probe microscopy; Epitaxial growth of metal on semiconductor; Observation of surface electronic structure
Teng, Ping-Kun鄧炳坤 Institute of Physics Nuclear & Particle Physics
The ATLAS CollaborationThe ATLAS Collaboration Institute of Physics 
To, Kiwing 杜其永 Institute of Physics Physics of Fluids, Electrorheological Fluids; Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomenon, Polymer Physics; Physics of Granular Materials
Tsai, Jih-Chiang (JC)蔡日強 Institute of Physics 
Tse, Wan Sun謝雲生 Institute of Physics Laser and Nonlinear Crystals; Raman and Infrared Spectrocsopy
Tzeng, Yiharn曾詣涵 Institute of Physics 
Wang, Chang Wan王建萬 Institute of Physics ion beam applications; Experimental nuclear physics
Wang, Kuan王寬 Institute of Physics  Institute of Biological Chemistry Mechanobiology: Giant Elastic Proteins and Elastic Myofilaments in Striated Muscles; Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Interplay of Form, Function and Force; Combination Drugs and Targeted Drug Delivery at the Nanomedicine Program
Wang, Song Ming王嵩銘 Institute of Physics particle physics
Wen, Yu-Chieh溫昱傑 Institute of Physics Surface physical chemistry; Laser spectroscopy; Ultrafast spectroscopy for quantum materials; Nonlinear optics
Wong, Henry Tsz King王子敬 Institute of Physics Cross-Strait Academic Collaboration; Sono-Luminescence; Particle Physics Instrumentation; Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics; Astro-Particle Physcis
Wu, Maw-Kuen吳茂昆 Institute of Physics Superconductivity and Magnetism; Low Temperature Physics; High Pressure Physics
Wu, Meng-Ru吳孟儒 Institute of Physics Nuclear astrophysics; Supernovae; Nucleosynthesis; Particle astrophysics; Neutrino physics; Binary neutron star mergers
Yang, Chih-Wen楊志文 Institute of Physics 
Yang, Di-Lun楊廸倫 Institute of Physics chiral and spin transport; Relativistic kinetic theory; Relativistic hydrodynamics; Quantum field theories (in extreme conditions); High-energy nuclear collisions
Yao, Yeong Der姚永德 Institute of Physics Condensed Matter Physics; Nano-Science; Magnetism, Low Temperature Physics, Superconductivity, Electrical Optics, Thin Films, and Nanosize Structures and their Physical Properties
Yen, Eric 嚴漢偉 Institute of Physics 
Yeung, Wai Bong楊維邦 Institute of Physics Elementary Particle Physics; Field Theory; Theory of Gravitatin; Physics of Ferrofluid
Yip, Sungkit葉崇傑 Institute of Physics Quantum fluids; Strongly correlated electron systems; Superconducting phenomena
Yu, Hoi Lai余海禮 Institute of Physics Digital Physics and Digital Cosmology; Field Theories, Cosmology; Particle Physics; Non-equilibrium Physics
Yu, Yueh-Chung余岳仲 Institute of Physics Accelerator based atomic physics and materials characterization
Yuan, Tzu-Chiang阮自強 Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Phenomenology, Dark Matter, etc