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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chai, Chok-Yung蔡作雍 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-cardiovascular Functions of CCI; Central cardiovascular Integration (CCI); Central Integration of Defense Reactions
Chang, Chen張程 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neuroscience; Functional MRI/S
Chang, Ya-Jen張雅貞 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Allergy and asthma; Innate immunity and mucosal immunology; Immunopharmacology
Chang, Yao-Ming張耀明 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Regultory Network; Computational Biology; Transcriptome Analysis
Chang, Yi-Cheng張以承 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic epidemiology; Diabetes and Obesity
Chau, Lee-Young趙麗洋 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular/Cancer Disease; Inflammation
Chen, Chien-Chang陳建璋 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Disease; Calcium Channel; Chronic Pain
Chen, Chien-Hsiun陳建勳 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic Statistics; Genetic Epidemiology
Chen, Chih-Cheng陳志成 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Neurosensory Mechanotransduction; Pain
Chen, Chinpan陳金榜 Institute of Biomedical Sciences NMR; Structural Biology
Chen, Huan-Yuan陳煥源 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Galectins; Skin Inflammation
Chen, Jin-Jer陳錦澤 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Disease; Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
Chen, Joanne Jeou-Yuan張久瑗 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Tumor Biology; Cancer Genomics; Molecular Oncology
Chen, Shih-Yu陳世淯 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Single cell analysis
Chen, Steve S.-L.陳士隆 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Retrovirology; HCV; Virus Assembly and Budding; Virus-host Interactions
Chen, Yen-Hui陳燕輝 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Animal Science; Mouse phenotyping; Cardiovascular disease
Chen, Yuan-Tsong陳垣崇 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Human Genetics; Genomic Medicine
Cheng, Andrew Tai Ann鄭泰安 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Psychiatric Epidemiology; Translational Psychiatry; Genomic Psychiatry
Cheng, Ching-Feng鄭敬楓 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Cardiology; Integrative Physiology
Cheng, Sin-Jhong鄭信忠 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Electrophysiology; Neurophysiology
Chern, Yijuang陳儀莊 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Gene Regulation; Signal Transduction; Neurodegeneration Disease
Fann, Cathy S.-J.范盛娟 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic Statistics; Genetic Epidemiology
Ho, Mei-Shang何美鄉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Virology and Epidemiology
Hsieh, Patrick Ching-Ho謝清河 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Translational Research; Stem cells and regenerative medicine; Nanoscience and nanomedicine
Hsu, Ching-Lung徐經倫 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Dendritic integration; Computational modeling; Synaptic transmission and plasticity; Ion channels; In-vitro and in-vivo patch-clamp recording
Hu, Che-Ming 胡哲銘 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Vaccine Development; Nanotechnology for Drug; Biomaterials
Huang, Tai-huang黃太煌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Structural Biology; Biophysics; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Huang, Yi-Shuian黃怡萱 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Translational Control; Molecular Neuroscience
Hung, Shih Chieh洪士杰 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Signaling & Molecular Mechanism; Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering; Cancer Stem Cells
Hwang, Dennis W黃聖言 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Neuroscience; MRI method development
Hwang, Ming-Jing黃明經 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational Structural/Systems Biology; Bioinformatics
Jou, Yuh-Shan周玉山 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Cancer Genomics; Bioinformatics; Molecular Cancer Biology
Kannagi, Reiji神奈木玲兒 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer-associated Glycans; Lymphocyte Homing; Selectins, Siglecs and CD44
Ko, Tai-Ming柯泰名 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Pharmacogenetics; Genomic medicine; Immunogenomics
Kwok, Pui-Yan郭沛恩 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Biotechnology; Pharmacogenetics; Complex trait analysis; Genomics; Human genetics; DNA sequence variation
Lai, Shih-Lei賴時磊 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiac repair and regeneration; Developmental genetics using fish models; Cardiovascular development and diseases
Lee, Eminy H.Y.李小媛 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Alzheimer's Disease; Neuroprotection against; Learning and Memory
Lee, Ming Ta Michael李明達 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Pharmacogenetics; Genomic Medicine; Translational Medicine
Lee, Te-Chang李德章 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Genetic and Molecular Toxicology; Cancer Biology; Pharmacology
Lee, Yu-Ru李育儒 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-coding RNAs; Post-translational Modifications; Cancer Signaling; Cancer Biology; Cancer Genetics; Targeted/Immunotherapy
Lee, Yungling Leo李永凌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Clinical Immunology; Precision Medicine
Li, Chia-Wei李家偉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Antibody discovery; Cancer metastasis; Cancer immunotherapy
Li, Fu-An李福安 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Proteomics; Mass spectrometry
Li, Ling-Hui李玲慧 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer Genomics; Human Molecular Genetics
Liao, Fang廖楓 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Chemokine Receptors; Chemokines
Liao, You-Di廖有地 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Antitumor Ribonucleases; Protein Chemistry; Antimicrobial Protein/Peptides
Lim, Carmay林小喬 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational Biophysics; Bioinformatics; Computational Chemistry
Lin, Jung-Hsin林榮信 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Research Center for Applied Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Molecular Simulations; Pharmacoinformatics; Structural Biology; Computational Biophysics; Bioinformatics
Lin, Teng-Nan林天南 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurochemistry; Angiogenesis; Cerebral Ischemia
Lin, Wan-Chen林宛蓁 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurotransmitter Receptors and Ion Channels; Chemical Biology; Optogenetics
Lin, Wen-chang林文昌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Tumor Biology; Bioinformatics; MicroRNA Regulation
Lin, Yi-Ling林宜玲 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Virology; Viral Pathogenesis; Viral Immunology
Liu, Fu-Tong劉扶東 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Allergic Inflammation; Immune-mediated dermatoses; Galectins
Mou, Yun牟昀 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational protein design; Immunotherapy; CRISPR screening; Antibody engineering; Cancer proteomics
Pan, Wen-Harn潘文涵 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Epidemiology; Nutrition Survey and Intervention; Food Omics Signature
Roffler, Steve R.羅傅倫 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Antibody Engineering; Prodrugs; Directed Molecular Evolution
Shen, Chen-Yang沈志陽 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Epidemiology; Personalized Medicine; Cancer Genetics
Shieh, Sheau-Yann謝小燕 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer Cell Biology; Cell Cycle Signaling
Shih, Chiaho施嘉和 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Viral Hepatitis and Hepatoma; Molecular Biology; Cancer
Shih, Hsiu-Ming施修明 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Transcriptional Control; Cancer Cell Signaling; Protein-protein Interaction & Modification
Shui, Jr-Wen徐志文 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Host defense; Colitis pathogenesis; Mucosal immunology
Shyu, Bai Chuang徐百川 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neuroimaging; Pain; Electrophysiology; Neurophysiology
Shyue, Song-Kun徐松錕 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Caveolin-1; Protein Degradation; PGs & Cardiovascular Diseases
Su, Chun-Kuei蘇俊魁 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Autonomic Neuroscience; Electrophysiology
Su, Tsann-Long蘇燦隆 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Medicinal Chemistry; Phytochemistry; Organic Chemistry
Tai, Jung-Hsiang戴榮湘 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Biology
Tang, Tang K唐堂 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Centrosome Duplication; Neural Stem Cell Division; Mitosis and Meiosis
Tao, Mi-Hua陶秘華 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Viral and Cancer Immunology; Viral and Cancer Immunotherapy; Gene Therapy
Tarn, Woan-Yuh譚婉玉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences post-transcriptional control; mRNA metabolism
Tsai, Kevin蔡松智 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Epitranscriptomic RNA modifications; Virus-host interactions
Wang, Danny Ling王寧 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Regulation; Oxidative Stress; Vascular Biology
Wang, Guey-Shin王桂馨 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurodegeneration; Cardiovascular disease; Neurodevelopmental disorder
Wang, I-Hsuan王宜萱 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Virus entry and egress; Cell biology of viral infections
Wang, Shu-Ping王書品 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular oncology, Cancer epigenetics; Biochemically defined cell free system; CRISPR-based genetic/epigenetic editing
Wu, Cheng-Wen吳成文 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Transcription; Gene & Stem Cell Therapy; Cancer Metastasis
Wu, Jer-Yuarn鄔哲源 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Human Genetics; Pharmacogenetics; Genome Medicine
Yan, Yu-Ting顏裕庭 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Genetics; Cardiovascular Development; Myofibrillogenesis
Yang, Kai-Chien楊鎧鍵 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-coding RNA biology; Cardiac oxidative stress and arrhythmias; Cardiac regeneration; Ion channel regulation and electrophysiology; Organ fibrosis and stromal biology
Yang, Pan-Chyr楊泮池 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cell and Molecular Biology; Cancer genomics
Yang, Ruey-Bing楊瑞彬 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Signal transduction; Receptor biology; Vascular biology
Yang, Shi-Bing楊世斌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Energy Metabolism; Neural circuits; Neurophysiology
Yen, Jeffrey J.Y.嚴仲陽 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Mouse Disease Model/Phenotyping; GVHD/SJS Therapy; Cytokine Receptor Biology
Yen, Pauline H.蕭百忍 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Spermatogenesis; Human Molecular Genetics; Male Infertility