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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Chin-Huei張清煇 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Chen, Yi-Chiuan陳怡全 Institute of Mathematics Chaotic Dynamical Systems
Cheng, Jih-Hsin 鄭日新 Institute of Mathematics Geometric Analysis; Geometry of Several Complex Variables; low-dimensional topology
Cheng, Miranda C. N.程之寧 Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics
Cheng, Shun-Jen程舜仁  Institute of Mathematics Lie superalgebras; Lie algebras; Representation Theory
Chiang, Tzuu-Shuh姜祖恕 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Chou, Mo-Hong周謀鴻 Institute of Mathematics CFD; Scientific computing
Chou, Wun-Seng周文賢 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory; Discrete Mathematics
Chow, Yunshyong 周雲雄 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Du, Bau-Sen杜寶生  Institute of Mathematics Discrete Dynamical Systems
Duncan, John F. R.傅約翰 Institute of Mathematics finite simple groups; vertex algebra; automorphic forms; conformal field theory; Moonshine; quantum gravity; arithmetic of algebraic varieties
Elling, Volker艾沃克 Institute of Mathematics Fluid Dynamics; Partial Differential Equations
Ho, Ching Wei何政衞 Institute of Mathematics Random matrix theory; Probability theory; Free probability theory
Hsiao, Chin-Yu蕭欽玉 Institute of Mathematics Microlocal Analysis; Complex Geometry and Cauchy-Riemann Geometry
Hsieh, Chun-Chung謝春忠 Institute of Mathematics Geometry; Partial Differential Equations
Hsieh, June謝仲 Institute of Mathematics Dynamical Systems; Image Analysis
Hsieh, Ming-Lun謝銘倫 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory
Huang, I-Chiau黃一樵 Institute of Mathematics Commutative Algebra; Algebraic Geometry
Hui, Kin Ming許健明 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Hwang, Chii-Ruey黃啟瑞 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Hwang, Jenn Fang黃振芳  Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Kan, Su-Jen康素珍 Institute of Mathematics Complex Geometry
Khan, Adeel Ahmad韓善瑜 Institute of Mathematics Symplectic Geometry; Algebraic Geometry
Lai, Chun-Ju賴俊儒 Institute of Mathematics Algebraic combinatorics; Representation theory; Quantum groups
Lam, Ching Hung林正洪 Institute of Mathematics Algebra
Lee, Hsuan-Pei李宣北 Institute of Mathematics Several Complex Variables
Lee, Jyh-Hao李志豪 Institute of Mathematics Inverse Scattering; Partial Differential Equations
Lee, Yuan-Pin李元斌 Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics; Algebraic Geometry
Liang, Fei-tsen梁惠禎 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Lih, Ko-Wei李國偉 Institute of Mathematics Combinatorics
Lin, Yu-Tuan林玉端 Institute of Mathematics Numerical Analysis; Computer Science; Polynomial Chaos Expansion
Liu, Fon-Che劉豐哲 Institute of Mathematics Real Analysis; Functional Analysis
Liu, Tai-Ping劉太平 Institute of Mathematics Nonlinear partial differential equations; shock wave theory; kinetic theory
Lyu, Su-Ling呂素齡 Institute of Mathematics 
Miyamoto, Masahiko宮本雅彦 Institute of Mathematics Finite group theory
Roan, Shi-Shyr阮希石  Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics ; Algebraic Geometry
Tsai, Cheng-Chiang蔡政江 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory; Representation Theory
Wang, Julie Tzu-Yueh王姿月 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory
Wu, Derchyi吳德琪 Institute of Mathematics Integrable Systems
Yeh, Yeong-Nan葉永南 Institute of Mathematics Combinatorics; Mathematical Chemistry
Yu, Chia-Fu余家富 Institute of Mathematics Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry; Representation Theory