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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Angata, Takashi安形高志 Institute of Biological Chemistry Glycobiology
Chang, Ching-Jin張瀞仁 Institute of Biological Chemistry Molecular Biology
Chang, Chung-I張崇毅 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Structure and Mechanism
Chang, Mau-Sun張茂山 Institute of Biological Chemistry Cancer Biology; Cell Biology
Chang, Tshining張俊英 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Wen-Chang張文章 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Yea-Sha張月霞 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Yuan-Chih (Kondo)張淵智 Institute of Biological Chemistry Carbon Nanotube Probe; UHV-TEM; AFM; CryoEM
Chen, Guang-Chao陳光超 Institute of Biological Chemistry Molecular Genetics; Signal Transduction; Autophagy
Chen, Hung-Lin陳宏霖 Institute of Biological Chemistry Metagenomic Data analysis; Glycobiology and Immunology
Chen, Hungwen陳宏文 Institute of Biological Chemistry Adult stem cell biology; Signaling transduction
Chen, Rita P.-Y.陳佩燁 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Structural Biology; Biophysics
Chen, Ruey-Hwa陳瑞華 Institute of Biological Chemistry Cancer Cell Biology; Cancer Metabolism; Cancer Immunity
Chen, Shui-Tein陳水田 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Shui-Tsung陳水聰 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Shun-Wen陳順文 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Yee-Hsiung陳義雄 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chiou, Thomas S.-H.邱式鴻 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chu, Sin-Tak朱善德 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Ho, Chewn-Lang何純郎 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Ho, Meng-Chiao何孟樵 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Crystallography; Drug Design; Structure-Activity Studies of Pharmaceutically Important Enzymes
Ho, Meng-Ru何孟儒 Institute of Biological Chemistry Quantitative measurement of binding kinetic rate constants, affinities and thermodynamic basis of biomolecular interactions; Maintain IBC Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory (BIL) and provide training courses and technical supports to BIL users; Using biophysical technologies to characterize protein folding, stability, conformation, protein aggregation and oligomeric state of the native protein
Hseu, Ming-Jhy許明智 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Hsu, Shang-Te Danny徐尚德 Institute of Biological Chemistry NMR Spectroscopy; Molecular Biophysics; Protein Folding and Misfolding
Huang, Chang-Jen黃銓珍 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Huang, Fu黃馥 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Post-Translational Modification; Epigenetics; Transcriptional Regulation
Huang, Kai-Fa黃開發 Institute of Biological Chemistry Structure-based Drug Optimization; Structure-based Protein Analysis; Protein X-ray Crystallography; Synchrotron X-ray Data Collection; Structure Biology
Hung, Chin-Chun洪金俊 Institute of Biological Chemistry Maintenance of the instrumentation and associated infrastructure; Providing training and technical expertise to IBC investigators interested in using microscopy, flow cytometer and scientific imaging in their research; Modalities and techniques including laser scanning confocal microscopy, wide-field fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging; In depth collaboration on select projects involving advanced microscopy techniques and methodologies; Assistance with educational microscopy courses conducted at IBC
Jao, Shu-Chuan (Chris)饒淑娟 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Web Design; Manager of Biophysics Core Facility (BCF); Computational Chemistry
Khoo, Kay-Hooi邱繼輝 Institute of Biological Chemistry Glycobiology; Mass Spectrometry; Glycomics; Proteomics
Lee, Ming-Ting李明亭 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Sheng-Chung呂勝春 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Yu-May李玉梅 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Yuan Chuan李遠川 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Genomics Research Center Carbohydrates (analysis, synthesis); Glycoconjugates (glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans); Glyco-nanotechnology; Carbohydrate-protein interactions (lectins)
Liang, Po-Huang梁博煌 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Chemical Biology; Enzymology; Drug Discovery
Liao, James C.廖俊智 Institute of Biological Chemistry Metabolic Engineering; Bioengineering; Synthetic Biology; Bioenergy
Lin, Chun-Hung林俊宏 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Glycobiology; Glycochemistry; Enzymology; Drug Discovery
Lin, Hsiao-Ching林曉青 Institute of Biological Chemistry Synthetic Biology; Natural Product Chemistry; Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis; Biocatalysts; Drug Discovery
Lin, Sheng-Wei林聖偉 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Biophysical Instrument
Lin, Shu-Yu林淑妤 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lin, Steven凌嘉鴻 Institute of Biological Chemistry CRISPR/Cas9 Mechanism and Technology Development, Genome Engineering
Liu, Chen-Sheng劉振盛 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lo, Tung-Bin羅銅壁 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lowary, Todd L.呂桐睿 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Glycobiology; Glycomics; Carbohydrate Chemistry; Carbohydrate Biochemistry; Organic Chemistry
Meng, Tzu-Ching孟子青 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Protein post-translational modifications in human health and diseases; Gut microbiome and human cancers
Shih, Yu-Ling史有伶 Institute of Biological Chemistry Cell Division and Cytoskeleton; Membrane Biology; Bacterial Physiology and Antibiotic Resistance
Tsai, Inn-Ho蔡蔭和 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Tsai, Ming-Daw蔡明道 Institute of Biological Chemistry 化學生物學; 酵素學; 結構生物學
Tu, Zhijay凃智傑 Institute of Biological Chemistry Organic synthesis; Manager of synthesis core facility (SCF); Carbohydrate chemistry; Laboratory design
Tzeng, Mu-Chin曾木金 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Wang, Andrew H.-J.王惠鈞 Institute of Biological Chemistry Structural enzymology
Wang, Kuan王寬 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Institute of Physics Mechanobiology: Giant Elastic Proteins and Elastic Myofilaments in Striated Muscles; Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Interplay of Form, Function and Force; Combination Drugs and Targeted Drug Delivery at the Nanomedicine Program
Wang, Kung-Tsung王光燦 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Wang, Yane-Shih王彥士 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Biocatalysis; Protein Drug Discovery; Expanding Genetic Codes
Wen, Jung-Kun温榮崑 Institute of Biological Chemistry System Biology; Molecular Cell Biology; Genetics; Biochemistry
Weng, Jui-Hsia翁瑞霞 Institute of Biological Chemistry Systems Immunology; Inter-Organ Communication; Chemical Biology; Drug & Biomarker Discovery
Wu, Kuen-Phon吳昆峯 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Structural Biology; Biophysics; Protein ubiquitination
Wu, Shih-Hsiung吳世雄 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Chemical Biology; Natural Biomolecules
Wu, Wen-Jin吳文晉 Institute of Biological Chemistry DNA repair and mutation; Structural Biology; Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
Yang, Wei Yuan楊維元 Institute of Biological Chemistry optogenetics; cell imaging; Autophagy; Organelle damage responses
Yao, Chi-Kuang姚季光 Institute of Biological Chemistry Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases; Neuron-Neuron and Neuron-Glia communication
Yen, Hsin-Yung嚴欣勇 Institute of Biological Chemistry Native mass spectrometry; Drug discovery; Membrane protein biology; Structural biology
Yu, Lung-Chih余榮熾 Institute of Biological Chemistry Glycobiology; Molecular Biology