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12022Interference of Arabidopsis N-acetylglucosamine-1-P uridylyltransferase expression impairs protein N-glycosylation and induces ABA-mediated salt sensitivity during seed germination and early seedling developmentYa-Huei Chen; Hwei-Ling Shen; Shu-Jen Chou ; Yasushi Sato; Wan-Hsing Cheng FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 13, 903272
22022New structural and mechanistic insights into functional roles of cytochrome b559 in photosystem IIYi-Fang Chiu; Hsiu-An Chu Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 914922
32022Rampant nuclear-mitochondrial-plastid phylogenomic discordance in globally distributed calcifying microalgaeTzu-Tong Kao; Tzu-Haw Wang; Chuan Ku NEW PHYTOLOGIST Early View
42022Blimp-1 molds the epigenetic architecture of IL-21–mediated autoimmune diseases through an autoregulatory circuitLiu, YW; Fu, SH; Chien, MW; Hsu, CY; Lin, MH; Dong, JL; Lu, RJ; Lee, YJ; Chen, PY ; Wang, CH; Sytwu, HKJCI insight 7(11), e151614
52022Noise reduction by upstream open reading framesWu, Ho-Wei; Fajiculay, Erickson; Wu, Jing-Fen; Yan, Ching-Cher Sanders; Hsu, Chao-Ping; Wu, Shu-Hsing Nature Plants 8, 474-480
62022A streamlined tandem tip-based workflow for sensitive nanoscale phosphoproteomicsChia-Feng Tsai; Yi-Ting Wang; Chuan-Chih Hsu ; Reta Birhanu Kitata; Rosalie K Chu; Marija Velickovic; Rui Zhao; Sarai M Williams; William B Chrisler; Marda L Jorgensen; Ronald J Moore; Ying Zhu; Karin D Rodland; Richard D Smith; Clive H Wasserfall; Tujin Shi; Tao LiubioRxiv
72022Revision of the ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma’ species description guidelinesBertaccini, A; Arocha-Rosete, Y; Contaldo, N; Duduk, B; Fiore, N; Montano, HG; Kube, M; Kuo, CH ; Martini, M; Oshima, K; Quaglino, F; Schneider, B; Wei, W; Zamorano, AInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 72(4), 005353
82022Aberrant overexpression of HOTAIR inhibits abdominal adipogenesis through remodelling of genome-wide DNA methylation and transcriptionKuo, FC; Huang, YC; Yen, MR; Lee, CH; Hsu, KF; Yang, HY; Wu, LW; Lu, CH; Hsu, YJ; Chen, PY Molecular metabolism 60, 101473
92022BSImp: Imputing Partially Observed Methylation Patterns for Evaluating Methylation HeterogeneityChang, YT; Yen, MR; Chen, PY Frontiers in Bioinformatics 2, 815289
102022CFM6 is an essential CRM protein required for the splicing of nad5 transcript in Arabidopsis mitochondriaWei-Chi Lin; Ya-Huei Chen; Shin-Yuan Gu; Hwei-Ling Shen; Kai-Chau Huang; Wen-Dar Lin ; Men-Chi Chang; Ing-Feng Chang; Chwan-Yang Hong; Wan-Hsing Cheng PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY 63(2), 217-233
112022An improved repertoire of splicing variants and their potential roles in Arabidopsis photomorphogenic developmentHuang, CK; Lin, WD ; Wu, SH Genome Biology 23, 50
122022Comparative Genome Analysis of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma luffae’ Reveals the Influential Roles of Potential Mobile Units in Phytoplasma EvolutionHuang, CT; Cho, ST; Lin, YC; Tan, CM; Chiu, YC; Yang, JY; Kuo, CH Frontiers in Microbiology 13, 773608
132022Size and activity of the root meristem: a key for drought resistance and a key model of drought-related signalingVerslues, PE ; Longkumer, TPHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 174(1), e13622
142022Maize Golden2-like transcription factors boost rice chloroplast development, photosynthesis, and grain yieldYeh, Su-Ying; Lin, Hsin-Hung; Chang, Yao-Ming ; Chang, Yu-Lun; Chang, Chao-Kang; Huang, Yi-Cin; Ho, Yi-Wen; Lin, Chu-Yin; Zheng, Jun-Ze; Jane, Wann-Neng ; Ng, Chun-Yeung; Lu, Mei-Yeh ; Lai, I-Ling; To, Kin-Ying ; Li, Wen-Hsiung ; Ku, Maurice S BPlant physiology 188(1), 442-459
152022Modular evolution of secretion systems and virulence plasmids in a bacterial species complexChou, L; Lin, YC; Haryono, M; Santos, MNM; Cho, ST; Weisberg, AJ; Wu, CF; Chang, JH; Lai, EM ; Kuo, CH BMC Biology 20, 16
162022Tandem gene amplification restores photosystem II accumulation in cytochrome b(559) mutants of cyanobacteriaYi-Fang Chiu; Han-Yi Fu; Petra Skotnicov´a; Keng-Min Lin; Josef Komenda; Hsiu-An Chu NEW PHYTOLOGIST 233(2), 766-780
172022Spatial differences in stoichiometry of EGR phosphatase and Microtubule-associated Stress Protein 1 control root meristem activity during drought stressLongkumer, T; Chen, CY; Biancucci, M; Bhaskar, GB; Verslues, PE PLANT CELL 34(2), 742-758
182022Transcriptomic Analysis Suggests Auxin Regulation in Dorsal-Ventral Petal Asymmetry of Wild Progenitor Sinningia speciosaPan, ZJ; Nien, YC; Shih, YA; Chen, TY; Lin, WD ; Kuo, WH; Hsu, HC; Tu, SL ; Chen, JC; Wang, CNInternational journal of molecular sciences 23(4), 2073
192022Voltage-dependent anion channel proteins associate with dynamic Bamboo mosaic virus-induced complexesLee, HC; Huang, YP; Huang, YW; Hu, CC; Lee, CW; Chang, CH; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHPLANT PHYSIOLOGY 188(2), 1061-1080
202022Genomically Hardwired Regulation of Gene Activity Orchestrates Cellular Iron Homeostasis in ArabidopsisHsieh, EJ; Lin, WD ; Schmidt, W RNA biology 19(1), 143-161
212022MiR398-regulated antioxidants contribute to Bamboo mosaic virus accumulation and symptom manifestationLin, KY; Wu, SY; Hsu, YH; Lin, NS PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 188(1), 593-607
222022Wulingshen, the massive Xylaria sclerotia used as traditional Chinese medicine, is produced by multiple speciesJu, Y-M ; Hsieh, H-M; He, X-SMycologia 114(1), 175-189
232022Ecological generalism drives hyperdiversity of secondary metabolite gene clusters in xylarialean endophytesFranco, M; Wisecaver, J; Arnold, AE; Ju, Y-M ; Slot, J; Ahrendt, S; Moore, L; Eastman, K; Scott, K; Konkel, Z; Mondo, S; Kuo, A; Hayes, R; Haridas, S; Andreopoulos, B; Riley, R; LaButti, K; Pangilinan, J; Lipzen, A; Amirebrahim, M; Yan, J; Adam, C; Keymanesh, K; Ng, V; Louie, K; Northen, T; Drula, E; Henrissat, B; Hsieh, H-M; Youens-Clark, K; Lutzoni, F; Miadlikowska, J; Eastwood, D; Hamelin, R; Grigoriev, I; U'Ren, JNew Phytologist 233(3), 1317-1330
242022What’s unique? The unfolded protein response in plantsYu, CY; Cho, Y; Sharma, O; Kanehara, K JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 73(5), 1268-1276
252022Glutamate: A multifunctional amino acid in plantsLiao, HS; Chung, YH; Hsieh, MH Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 318, 111238
262022A PSTAIRE-type cyclin-dependent kinase controls light responses in land plantsBao, Liang; Inoue, Natsumi; Ishikawa, Masaki; Gotoh, Eiji; Teh, Ooi-Kock ; Higa, Takeshi; Morimoto, Tomoro; Ginanjar, Eggie Febrianto; Harashima, Hirofumi; Noda, Natsumi; Watahiki, Masaaki; Hiwatashi, Yuji; Sekine, Masami; Hasebe, Mitsuyasu; Wada, Masamitsu; Fujita, TomomichiScience Advances 8(4), 1-12
272022Nitrogen deficiency- and sucrose-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis is modulated by HISTONE DEACETYLASE15 in ArabidopsisLiao, HS; Yang, CC; Hsieh, MH Journal of experimental botany 73(11), 3726-3742
282021Profiling of associated proteins reveals dual functions of the phosphatase ABI1 in abscisic acid signalingChen Zhu; Yi Wang; Zhen Lin; Rongxia Li; Bei Jia; Yubei Wang; Guochen Qin; Chuan-Chih Hsu ; Chun-Peng Song; Pengcheng WangbioRxiv
292021Genetic differentiation of Xylella fastidiosa following the introduction into TaiwanCastillo, AI; Tsai, CW; Su, CC; Weng, LW; Lin, YC; Cho, ST; Almeida, RPP; Kuo, CH Microbial Genomics 7(12), 000727
302021Unraveling Gene Content Variation Across Eukaryotic Giant Viruses Based on Network Analyses and Host AssociationsTsu-Wang Sun; Chuan Ku Virus Evolution 7(2), veab081
312021Closer vein spacing by ectopic expression of nucleotide-binding and leucine-rich repeat proteins in rice leavesLo, SF; Chatterjee, J; Akshaya, K; Biswal, AK; Liu, IL; Chang, YP; Chen, PJ; Wanchana, S; Elmido‑Mabilangan, A; Nepomuceno, RA; Bandyopadhyay, A; Hsing, YI ; Quick, WPPlant Cell Reports 41, 319-335
322021Accelerating complete phytoplasma genome assembly by immunoprecipitation-based enrichment and MinION-based DNA sequencing for comparative analysesTan, CM; Lin, YC; Li, JR; Chien, YY; Wang, CJ; Chou, L; Wang, CW; Chiu, YC; Kuo, CH ; JY YangFrontiers in Microbiology 12, 766221
332021Zophobihabitans entericus gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the family Orbaceae isolated from the gut of a superworm Zophobas morioKuo, CH ; Huang, PY; Sheu, SY; Sheu, DS; Jheng, LC; Chen, WMInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 71(11), 005081
342021Multi-omics approaches explain the growth-promoting effect of the apocarotenoid growth regulator zaxinone in riceWang, JY; Alseekh, S; Xiao, T; Ablazov, A; Perez de Souza, L; Fiorilli, V; Anggarani, M; Lin, PY; Votta, C; Novero, M; Jamil, M; Luisa, L; Hsing, YIC ; Ikram, B; Alisdair, RF; Salim, A.Communications biology 4, 1222
352021Convenient Auto-Processing Vector Based on Bamboo Mosaic Virus for Presentation of Antigens Through Enzymatic CouplingYang, MH; Hu, CC; Wong, CH; Liang, JJ; Ko, HY; He, MH; Lin, YL ; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHFrontiers in immunology 12, 739837
362021NbPsbO1 Interacts Specifically with the Bamboo Mosaic Virus (BaMV) Subgenomic RNA (sgRNA) Promoter and Is Required for Efficient BaMV sgRNA TranscriptionHuang, YW; Sun, CI; Hu, CC; Tsai, CH; Meng, M; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHJOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 95(20), e0083121
372021NbSOBIR1 Partitions Into Plasma Membrane Microdomains and Binds ER-Localized NbRLP1Li, Y.-H.; Ke, T.-Y.; Shih, W.-C.; Liou, R.-F.; Wang, C.-W. FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 12, 721548
382021Parasitic modulation of host development by ubiquitin-independent protein degradationHuang, W; MacLean, A; Sugio, A; Maqbool, A; Busscher, M; Cho, ST; Kamoun, S; Kuo, CH ; Immink, RGH; Hogenhout, SACell 184(20), 5201-5214.e12
392021Diversification of the Type VI Secretion System in AgrobacteriaWu, CF; Weisberg, AJ; Davis, II, EW; Chou, L; Khan, S; Lai, EM ; Kuo, CH ; Chang, JHmBio 12(5), e01927-21
402021DDX3 modulates the tumor microenvironment via its role in endoplasmic reticulum-associated translationChen, HH; Yu, HI; Rudy, R; Lim, SL; Chen, YF; Wu, SH ; Lin, SC; Yang, MH; Tarn, WY iScience 24(9), 103086
412021Giant virus-eukaryote interactions as ecological and evolutionary driving forcesChuan Ku MSYSTEMS 6(4), e00737-21
422021Exploring the Multifunctional Roles of Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus P126 in Facilitating Cymbidium Mosaic Virus Cell-to-Cell Movement during Mixed InfectionLee, SC; Pai, H; Huang, YW; He, MH; Song, YL; Kuo, SY; Chang, WC; Hsu, YH; Lin, NS VIRUSES-BASEL 13(8), 1552
432021A plant endophytic bacterium, Burkholderia seminalis strain 869T2, promotes plant growth in Arabidopsis, pai tsai, Chinese amaranth, lettuces and other vegetablesHwang, HH; Huang, FC; Chien, PR; Hung, SH; Kuo, CH ; Deng, WL; Chiang, EPI; Huang, CCMicroorganisms 9(8), 1703
442021A Novel Core Effector Vp1 Promotes Fungal Colonization and Virulence of Ustilago maydisCuong V. Hoang; Chibbhi K. Bhaskar; Lay-Sun Ma Journal of Fungi 7(8), 589
452021Modulation of Rice Leaf Angle and Grain Size by Expressing OsBCL1 and OsBCL2 under the Control of OsBUL1 PromoterJang, S; Cho, JY; Do, GR; Kang, Y; Li, HY; Song, J; Kim, HY; Kim, BG; Hsing, YI International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(15), 7792
462021Genetic screening of salt hypersensitive (sahy) mutants reveals important roles of ribosome biogenesis in response to salt stressWan-Hsing Cheng ; Hwei-Ling Shen; Wei-Chih Lin; Kai-Chau Huang
472021A cell type-specific multiomics uncovers a guard cell-specific RAF15-SnRK2.6/OST1 kinase cascadeWang, Hongliang; Li, Rongxia; Ren, Weiwei; Rong, Jingkai; Sang, Tian; Kim, Chanhong; Song, Chun-Peng; Dai, Shaojun; Hsu, Chuan-Chih ; Wang, PengchengbioRxiv
482021Genome analysis traces regional dispersal of rice in Taiwan and Southeast AsiaAlam, O.; Gutaker, R.M.; Wu, C.C.; Hicks, K.A.; Bocinsky, K.; Castillo, C.C.; Acabado, S.; Fuller, D.; d’Alpoim Guedes, J.A.; Hsing, Y.I. ; Purugganan, M.D.MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 38(11), 4832-4846
492021A cell surface-exposed protein complex with an essential virulence function in Ustilago maydisLudwig, N.; Reissmann, S.; Schipper, K.; Gonzalez, C.; Assmann, D.; Glatter, T.; Moretti, M.; Ma, L.S. ; Rexer, K.H.; Snetselaar, K.; Kahmann, R.NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 6, 722-730
502021Complete genome sequence of Xylella taiwanensis and comparative analysis of virulence gene content with Xylella fastidiosaWeng, LW; Lin, YC; Su, CC; Huang, CT; Cho, ST; Chen, AP; Chou, SJ ; Tsai, CW; Kuo, CH Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 684092
512021Stable Display of Artificially Long Foreign Antigens on Chimeric Bamboo mosaic virus ParticlesChen, T. H.; Hu, C.C.; Lee, C. W.; Feng, Y. M.; Lin, N. S. ; Hsu, Y. H.Viruses 13(4), 572
522021Argonaute 5 family proteins play crucial roles in the defence against Cymbidiummosaicvirus and Odontoglossumringspotvirus in Phalaenopsisaphrodite subsp. formosanaKuo, S. Y.; Hu, C.C.; Huang, Y. W.; Lee, C.W.; Luo, M.J.; Tu, C. W.; Lee, S. C.; Lin, N.S. ; Hsu, Y. H.Molecular Plant Pathology 22(6), 627-643
532021Transcriptome Analysis of Dnmt3l Knock-Out Mice Derived Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells During Osteogenic DifferentiationYang, CY; Lu, RJ; Lee, MK; Hsiao, FS; Yen, YP; Cheng, CC; Hsu, PS; Tsai, YT; Chen, SK; Liu, IH; Chen, PY ; Lin, SPFrontiers in cell and developmental biology 9, 615098
542021Diversity of Fungal DNA Methyltransferases and Their Association With DNA Methylation PatternsNai, YS; Huang, YC; Yen, MR; Chen, PY Frontiers in microbiology 11, 616922
552021ATACgraph: Profiling Genome-Wide Chromatin Accessibility From ATAC-seqLu, JH; Liu, YT; Huang, CW; Yen, MR; Lin, CY; Chen, PY FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 11, 618478
562021Agrobacterium tumefaciens Deploys a Versatile Antibacterial Strategy to Increase its CompetitivenessYu, Manda; Wang, Yi-Chieh; Huang, Ching-Jou; Ma, Lay-Sun ; Lai, Erh-Min Journal of Bacteriology 203(3), e00490-20
572021Chromatin enrichment for proteomics in plants (ChEP-P) implicates the histone reader ALFIN-LIKE 6 in jasmonate signallingVélez-Bermúdez, Isabel Cristina; Schmidt, Wolfgang BMC Genomics 22, 845
582021IRONMAN tunes responses to iron deficiency in concert with environmental pHGautam, Chandan Kumar; Tsai, Huei-Hsuan; Schmidt, Wolfgang Plant Physiology 187(3), 1728-1745
592021The U1 snRNP component RBP45d regulates temperature-responsive flowering in ArabidopsisChang, P; Hsieh, HY; Tu, SL The Plant cell 34(2), 834-851
602021Test of Wheat Lr34 Multi-pathogen Resistance Gene in Rice to Rice Blast in TaiwanNai, NC; Hsing, YIC ; Chen, YN; Li, CP; Lai, MHCrop, environment and bioinformatics
612021Investigating the Viral Suppressor HC-Pro Inhibiting Small RNA Methylation through Functional Comparison of HEN1 in Angiosperm and BryophyteSanobar, N; Lin, PC; Pan, ZJ; Fang, RY; Tjita, V; Chen, FF; Wang, HC; Tsai, HL; Wu, SH ; Shen, TL; Chen, YH; Lin, SSViruses 13(9), 1837
622021From simple and specific zymographic detections to the annotation of a fungus Daldinia caldariorum D263 that encodes a wide range of highly bioactive cellulolytic enzymesLin, MC; Kuo, HW; Kao, MR; Lin, WD ; Li, CW; Hung, KS; Yang, SC; Yu, SM ; Ho, TD Biotechnology for biofuels 14, 120
632021Crucispora rhombisperma newly recorded in TaiwanChou, W-N; Yang, B-H; Hsieh, H-M; Ju, Y-M Fungal Science 36(1), 33-36
642021Notes on Stilbohypoxylon (Sordariomycetes, Xylariales)Petrini, LE; Ju, Y-M Nova Hedwigia 113(Heft 3-4), 471-490
652021Polyketides with Anti-neuroinflammatory Activity from Theissenia cinereaHsieh, M-H; Hsiao, G; Chang, C-H; Yang, Y-L ; Ju, Y-M ; Kuo, Y-H; Lee, T-HJournal of Natural Products 84, 1898-1903
662021A complex resistance locus in Solanum americanum recognizes a conserved Phytophthora effectorKamil Witek; Xiao Lin; Hari S. Karki; Florian Jupe; Agnieszka I. Witek; Burkhard Steuernagel; Remco Stam; Cock van Oosterhout; Sebastian Fairhead; Robert Heal; Jonathan M. Cocker; Shivani Bhanvadia; William Barrett; Chih-Hang Wu ; Hiroaki Adachi; Tianqiao Song; Sophien Kamoun; Vivianne G. A. A. Vleeshouwers; Laurence Tomlinson; Brande B. H. Wulff; Jonathan D. G. JonesNATURE PLANTS 7, 198-208
672021A comparative overview of the intracellular guardians of plants and animals: NLRs in innate immunity and beyondZane Duxbury; Chih-hang Wu ; Pingtao DingAnnual Review of Plant Biology 72, 155-184
682021Plant pathogens convergently evolved to counteract redundant nodes of an NLR immune receptor networkLida Derevnina; Mauricio P. Contreras; Hiroaki Adachi; Jessica Upson; Angel Vergara Cruces; Rongrong Xie; Jan Skłenar; Frank L. H. Menke; Sam T. Mugford; Dan MacLean; Wenbo Ma; Saskia A. Hogenhout; Aska Goverse; Abbas Maqbool; Chih-Hang Wu ; Sophien KamounPLOS Biology 19(8), e3001136
692021Dynamic localization of a helper NLR at the plant–pathogen interface underpins pathogen recognitionCian Duggan; Eleonora Moratto; Zachary Savage; Eranthika Hamilton; Hiroaki Adachi; Chih-Hang Wu ; Alexandre Y. Leary; Yasin Tumtas; Stephen M. Rothery; Abbas Maqbool; Seda Nohut; Toby Ross Martin; Sophien Kamoun; Tolga Osman BozkurtPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 118(34), e2104997118
702021The mop1 mutation affects the recombination landscape in maizeZhao, Meixia; Ku, Jia-Chi; Liu, Beibei; Yang, Diya; Yin, Liangwei; Ferrell, Tyshawn J.; Stoll, Claire E.; Guo, Wei; Zhang, Xinyan; Wang, Dafang; Wang, Chung-Ju Rachel ; Lisch, DamonProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118(7), e2009475118
712021The nucleolar protein SAHY1 is involved in pre-rRNA processing and normal plant growthPei-jung Hsu; Mei-Chen Tan; Hwei-Ling Shen; Ya-Huei Chen; Ya-Ying Wang; San-Gwang Hwang; Ming-Hau Chiang; Quang-Vuong Lea; Wen-Shuo Kuo; Ying-Chan Chou; Shih-Yun Lin; Guang-Yuh Jauh; Wan-Hsing Cheng Plant Physiology 185(3), 1039-1058
722021The Enigma of Environmental pH Sensing in PlantsTsai, HH; Schmidt, W NATURE PLANTS 7, 106-115
732021The Physcomitrella patens chromatin adaptor PpMRG1 interacts with H3K36me3 and regulates light-responsive alternative splicingWang, C.-C.; Hsieh, H.-Y.; Hsieh, H.-L.; Tu, S.-L. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 185(3), 1229-1241
742021Surfactant-assisted one-pot sample preparation for label-free single-cell proteomicsTsai, Chia-Feng; Zhang, Pengfei; Scholten, David; Martin, Kendall; Wang, Yi-Ting; Zhao, Rui; Chrisler, William B.; Patel, Dhwani B.; Dou, Maowei; Jia, Yuzhi; Reduzzi, Carolina; Liu, Xia; Moore, Ronald J.; Burnum-Johnson, Kristin E.; Lin, Miao-Hsia; Hsu, Chuan-Chih ; Jacobs, Jon M.; Kagan, Jacob; Srivastava, Sudhir; Rodland, Karin D.; Steven, Wiley H.; Qian, Wei-Jun; Smith, Richard D.; Zhu, Ying; Cristofanilli, Massimo; Liu, Tao; Liu, Huiping; Shi, TujinCommunications Biology 4, 265
752021The phospho-base N-methyltransferases PMT1 and PMT2 produce phosphocholine for leaf growth in phosphorus-starved ArabidopsisNgo, AH; Angkawijaya, AE; Lin, YC; Liu, YC; Nakamura, Y Journal of experimental botany 73(9), 2985-2994
762021Non-specific phospholipases C2 and C6 redundantly function in pollen tube growth via triacylglycerol production in ArabidopsisBose, D; Ngo, AH; Nguyen, VC; Nakamura, Y The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 106(2), 409-418
772021A pair of DUF538 domain-containing proteins modulates plant growth and trichome development through the transcriptional regulation of GLABRA1 in Arabidopsis thalianaYu, CY; Sharma, O; Nguyen, PHT; Hartono, CD; Kanehara, K The Plant Journal 108(4), 992-1004
782021Headgroup biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine in seed plantsNakamura, Y Progress in lipid research 82, 101091
792021Subcellular localization of biomolecules and drug distribution by high-definition ion beam imagingRovira-Clave, X; Jiang, S; Bai, Y; Zhu, B; Barlow, G; Bhate, S; Coskun, AF; Han, G; Ho, CK ; Hitzman, C; Chen, SY; Bava, FA; Nolan, GPNature communications 12(1), 4628
802021Characterisation of rapid alkalinisation factors in Physcomitrium patens reveals functional conservation in tip growthGinanjar, Eggie Febrianto; Teh, Ooi‐kock ; Fujita, TomomichiNew Phytologist 233(6), 2442-2457
812021Misregulation of MYB16 expression causes stomatal cluster formation by disrupting polarity during asymmetric cell divisionsYang, SL; Tran, N; Tsai, MY; Ho, CK The Plant cell 34(1), 455-476
822021Transcriptional profiling reveals signatures of latent developmental potential in Arabidopsis stomatal lineage ground cellsHo, Chin-Min Kimmy ; Bringmann, Martin; Oshima, Yoshimi; Mitsuda, Nobutaka; Bergmann, Dominique C.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(17), e2021682118
832020Mycena genomes resolve the evolution of fungal bioluminescenceKe, Huei-Mien; Lee, Hsin-Han; Lin, Chan-Yi Ivy; Liu, Yu-Ching; Lu, Min R.; Hsieh, Jo-Wei Allison; Chang, Chiung-Chih; Wu, Pei-Hsuan; Lu, Meiyeh Jade ; Li, Jeng-Yi; Shang, Gaus; Lu, Rita Jui-Hsien; Nagy, László G.; Chen, Pao-Yang ; Kao, Hsiao-Wei; Tsai, Isheng Jason Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(49), 31267-31277
842020Disrupting the Homeostasis of High Mobility Group Protein Promotes the Systemic Movement of Bamboo mosaic virusAlazem, M; He, MH; Chang, CH; Cheng, N; Lin, NS Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 597665
852020Host Range and Coding Potential of Eukaryotic Giant VirusesTsu-Wang Sun; Chia-Ling Yang; Tzu-Tong Kao; Tzu-Haw Wang; Ming-Wei Lai; Chuan Ku VIRUSES-BASEL 12(11), 1337
862020Fusion of a Novel Native Signal Peptide Enhanced the Secretion and Solubility of Bioactive Human Interferon Gamma Glycoproteins in Nicotiana benthamiana Using the Bamboo Mosaic Virus-Based Expression SystemJiang, Min-Chao; Hu, Chung-Chi; Hsu, Wei-Li; Hsu, Tsui-Ling ; Lin, Na-Sheng ; Hsu, Yau-HeiuFrontiers in Plant Science 11, 594758
872020Role of Recipient Susceptibility Factors During Contact-Dependent Interbacterial CompetitionLin, Hsiao-Han; Filloux, Alain; Lai, Erh-Min Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 603652
882020Membrane lipid remodeling is required for photosystem II function under low CO2Haruhiko Jimbo; Taichi Izuhara; Takashi Hirashima; Kaichiro Endo; Yuki Nakamura ; Hajime WadaThe Plant Journal 105(1), 245-253
892020Loss of the seipin gene perturbs eggshell formation in Caenorhabditis elegansBai, X; Huang, LJ; Chen, SW; Nebenfuehr, B; Wysolmerski, B; Wu, JC; Olson, SK; Golden, A; Wang, CW DEVELOPMENT 147(20), dev192997
902020pH-Dependent Transcriptional Profile Changes in Iron-Deficient Arabidopsis RootsTsai, HH; Schmidt, W BMC Genomics 21, 694
912020ZmMTOPVIB enables DNA double-strand break formation and bipolar spindle assembly during maize meiosisJing, JL; Zhang, T; Kao, YH; Huang, TH; Wang, CJR ; He, YPlant Physiology 184(4), 1811-1822
922020The expression of long non-coding RNAs is associated with H3Ac and H3K4me2 changes regulated by the HDA6-LDL1/2 histone modification complex in ArabidopsisHung, FY; Chen, C; Yen, MR; Hsieh, JW; Li, CL; Shih, YH; Chen, FF; Chen, PY ; Cui, YH; Wu, KQNAR Genomics and Bioinformatics 2(3), lqaa066
932020SpiroplasmaGasparich, GE; Kuo, CH ; Foissac, XBergey's Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria (USA : Bergey’s Manual Trust)
942020A High-throughput Interbacterial Competition PlatformHsiao-Han Lin; Erh-Min Lai Bio-protocol 10(17), e3736
952020Epigenomic regulation of OTU5 in Arabidopsis thalianaHsieh, JW; Yen, MR; Chen, PY GENOMICS 112(5), 3549-3559
962020C-Type Lectins Link Immunological and Reproductive Processes in Aedes aegyptiLi, HH; Cai, Y; Li, JC; Su, MP; Liu, WL; Cheng, L; Chou, SJ ; Yu, GY; Wang, HD; Chen, CHiScience 23(9), 101486
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