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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Batto, Nathan F.鮑彤 Institute of Political Science legislative organization; electoral systems
Chang Liao, Nien-Chung張廖年仲 Institute of Political Science Cross-Taiwan Strait Relation ; Northeast Asian Relation; International Trust; Chinese Foreign Policy
Chang, Alex C. H.張傳賢 Institute of Political Science Formal Modeling; Legislative Studies; Political Methodology; Electoral Systems and Party Systems
Chiou, Fang-Yi邱訪義 Institute of Political Science Game Theory; Methodology; Comparative Political Institutions; Taiwanese Legislative and Bureaucratic Politics; American Political Institutions
Chu, Yun-Han朱雲漢 Institute of Political Science political institution; political methodology; quantitative methods; comparative politics; survey research; voting behavior
Fu, Ronan Tse-Min傅澤民 Institute of Political Science Chinese politics and foreign policy; East Asian security; International relations theory; Political psychology
Hsu, Szu-Chien徐斯儉 Institute of Political Science Comparative politics; international relations
Lai, Christina賴潤瑤 Institute of Political Science Chinese Foregin Policy; International Relations Theory; East Asian Security
Leng, Tse-Kang冷則剛 Institute of Political Science Politics of Globalization; Cross-Straits Relations; Urban Political Economy
Lin, Nick林政楠 Institute of Political Science Legislative Behavior; Comparative Political Institutions; Party Competition and Electoral Behavior
Muraoka, Taishi村岡大志 Institute of Political Science Social Media; Electoral Politics; Political Institutions
Tsai, Tsung-Han蔡宗漢 Institute of Political Science 政治學方法論; 民意調查方法; 比較政治制度
Tsai, Wen-Hsuan蔡文軒 Institute of Political Science Comparative Authoritarian Regimes; Political Institutions in the CCP; Comparative Politics; Political Reform in the CCP
Wu, Chin-En吳親恩 Institute of Political Science institutional analysis; Income and class; contentious politics; the political economy of development in East Asia; comparative political economy
Wu, Chung-Li吳重禮 Institute of Political Science Electoral Studies; International Relations; Comparative Politics; Urban and Minority Politics; American Politics (Political Institutions)
Wu, Wen-Chin吳文欽 Institute of Political Science Comparative/International Political Economy; Political Methodology; Comparative Authoritarianism; Comparative Political Institutions
Wu, Yu-Shan吳玉山 Institute of Political Science international and cross-Strait relations; constitutional engineering; Comparative transition of formerly socialist countries; Russian and East European studies