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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Joanne J.L.裘兆琳 Institute of European and American Studies International Organizations; American Foreign Policy, U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations; International Negotiation
Chen, Chern陳郴 Institute of European and American Studies Modern Military History of Germany; History of German-Taiwan Relation
Chen, Hsiang-Yun陳湘韻 Institute of European and American Studies Philosophy of Language; Analytic Feminism; Philosophical Semantics
Chen, Hung-Ju陳弘儒 Institute of European and American Studies AI and Law; Fundamental Theories of Contract Law; Political Philosophy; Jurisprudence; Theories of Constitutional Interpretation
Cheng, Lee-Joy鄭麗嬌 Institute of European and American Studies Immigration Policy Studies; Social Welfare Policy Studies; Gender and Equality Studies; Maternity Leave Policy Studies; Family Policy Studies
Chi, Yuan-Wen紀元文 Institute of European and American Studies Theory of the Novel; Joyce Carol Oates and Twentieth-century American Literature; Daniel Defoe and Eighteenth-century English Literature
Chiao, Cing-Kae焦興鎧 Institute of European and American Studies Comparative Labor Law; Globalization and Worker Rights; Employment Discrimination Law; American Labor and Employment Law
Chiu, Chi-Tsun邱紀尊 Institute of European and American Studies Healthy life expectancy, health disparities, mortality
Chou, Shiuhhuah Serena周序樺 Institute of European and American Studies urban studies; biopolitics; transnational and postcolonial studies; environmental literature and culture (U.S., ethnic American, Taiwan, and Japan); environmental ethics; ecocriticism; food and agricultural studies
Fang, Wan-Chuan方萬全 Institute of European and American Studies Philosophy of Language; Later Wittgenstein's Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind; Donald Davidson's Philosophy
Feng, Pin-chia馮品佳 Institute of European and American Studies 
Hauser, Robert M.Hauser, Robert M. Institute of European and American Studies Sociology
Ho, Chih-hsing何之行 Institute of European and American Studies Big Data, Privacy and Data Protection Law; Law, Medicine and Global Health; Legal Aspects of Translational Medicine and Biobanking; Law and Development: Theories of Colonisation and Political Economy; Law and Anthropology
Ho, Jih-Ching何志青 Institute of European and American Studies Knowledge and Perception; Neo-Pragmatism: Sellars, Davidson, Rorty, McDowell, and Brandom; Reason and Nature
Ho, Wen-Ching何文敬 Institute of European and American Studies Toni Morrison; Kate Chopin; American fiction; William Faulkner; Chinese American literature
Horng, Der-Chin洪德欽 Institute of European and American Studies European Union Law, ECB Law and Policy, Euro, EU Banking Union, EU Food Law, Brexit; EU Biotechnology Law, International Biotechnology Law; International Economic Law, WTO Law and Policy
Hsia, Ronnie Po-chia夏伯嘉 Institute of History and Philology  Institute of European and American Studies History
Huang, David W. F.黃偉峰 Institute of European and American Studies European Union; Election Studies; Comparative Politics
Huang, Min-Hsiung黃敏雄 Institute of European and American Studies Sociology of Education; Social Stratification
Huang, Wen-Ling黃文齡 Institute of European and American Studies Women's Voluntary Association in the U.S.; American Women's History; Afro-American Study
Hung, Tzu-Wei洪子偉 Institute of European and American Studies Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of Language; Taiwanese Philosophy; Philosophy of Psychology
Hung-Dah Su蘇宏達 Institute of European and American Studies European Union; Transnational Integrations in comparison Integration theory; Diplomatic and International History
Hwang, Richard Ruey-Chyi黃瑞祺 Institute of European and American Studies Philosophy of Science; Sociology of Knowledge; Critical Social Theory; Contemporary Sociological Theory; Modernity and Postmodernity; Marxism; History of Social Thought
Jian, Jay簡士傑 Institute of European and American Studies Ethics; Meta-ethics; Rationality and Normativity; Philosophy of Action
Ko, Chyong-Fang柯瓊芳 Institute of European and American Studies Sociology; Social demography
Kuo, Shih-Yu郭實渝 Institute of European and American Studies 教育哲學; 生態文化研究; 環境教育
Lane, Timothy Joseph藍亭 Institute of European and American Studies 
Lee, James李語堂 Institute of European and American Studies U.S.-Taiwan Relations;Geoeconomics and Economic Statecraft; U.S. Grand Strategy (Europe and East Asia); Great Power Competition
Lee, Yu-cheng李有成 Institute of European and American Studies Contemporary British Fiction; Cultural Studies; Literary Theory; Asian/African American Literature
Lin, Cheng-Yi林正義 Institute of European and American Studies International Relations; Sino-American Relations; National Security Policy
Lu, Chien-Yi盧倩儀 Institute of European and American Studies Regional Integration and Democratic Deficit; Climate Change; Immigration Policy; Neoliberalism; Animal Rights; EU Politics; European Debt Crisis
Ma, Herbert H.P. (Ma, Han-pao)馬漢寶 Institute of European and American Studies Legal Philosophy,; Conflict of Laws; Jurisprudence; Law and Social Change; Constitutional Law
Peng, Thomas C.P.彭錦鵬 Institute of European and American Studies Public Personnel Administration; Public Administration; Electronic Government
Shan, Te-Hsing單德興 Institute of European and American Studies Translation Studies; Cultural Studies; English and American Literature; Asian American Literature
Shaw, Yung-Djong邵允鍾 Institute of European and American Studies EU Law, EU Federalism, EU's Political Nature, Safeguard Mechanisms of EU's Constitutional Values; Transitional Justice
Sheu, Jia-You許嘉猷 Institute of European and American Studies Sociology of Development; Social Stratification and Social Mobility; Sociology of Art
Song, Yann-Huei宋燕輝 Institute of European and American Studies Maritime Security; National Ocean Policy; The International Law of the Sea
Su, Hui-chieh蘇慧婕 Institute of European and American Studies Freedom of Expression in Germany, USA and Europe; Theory of Fundamental Rights; Theory of State, Constitutional Theory
Sun, Tung Hsun孫同勛 Institute of European and American Studies 史學史; 美國史; 魏晉南北朝史
Tam, Tony譚康榮 Institute of European and American Studies 
Teng, Norman Y.鄧育仁 Institute of European and American Studies philosophy of mind and language; metaphor; political philosophy; philosophy of cognitive science
Tsai, Cheng-Hung蔡政宏 Institute of European and American Studies virtue theory; epistemology; philosophy of mind & language
Tsao, Jiun Han曹俊漢 Institute of European and American Studies Public Policy and International Law; Globalization
Tzeng, Rueyling曾瑞鈴 Institute of European and American Studies Migration of Highly Skilled Professionals; Economic Sociology; Foreign Investment from Developing Countries to Developed Countries; Influences of European Integration on Multinationals; Sociology of Organization
Wang, Chih-Ming王智明 Institute of European and American Studies Cultural Studies; Transnational American Studies; Asian American literature
Wang, Lydia Yu-Yeh王玉葉 Institute of European and American Studies 美國民權法; 歐洲人權法; 美國法制史; 歐洲聯盟法
Wei, Chi-hung韋奇宏 Institute of European and American Studies U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations; International Relations Theory; Economic Statecraft; Ethnic Politics in Latin America
Wei, Liang-Tsai魏良才 Institute of European and American Studies 
Wu, Chien-Huei吳建輝 Institute of European and American Studies European Union Law, EU External Relations Law; the reshaping and reformulating of global economic governance; Multilevel governance and multilevel constitutionalism; the impact of global/regional legal order upon domestic legal order; Comparative regional integration between the EU and ASEAN
Wu, Chin-Tao吳金桃 Institute of European and American Studies Cultural Studies; Contemporary Art & Culture
Wu, Huijing吳慧靖 Institute of European and American Studies Cross-national comparative study; Demography; Quantitative research methods; Aging and the Life Course; Family Studies; Gender
Yu, Kathy Yen-chuan俞彥娟 Institute of European and American Studies